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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

first day of school

The first real day of school, not transition, for my son was always going to be recorded. I've used black gesso through an alphabet stencil and then used chalk to further enhance the background. The photo strip was the best way to showcase a number of the pics taken that morning he went to school for his first time.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

easter 2011 - annie

Using the same idea for the background as Sean's Easter LO, but with a different mask (a home made one) and drawing the colour combination from the colours of the pyjamas, this one is for Annie's album.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

escape2create 2011

The fourth escape2create scrapbooking retreat was all about Buzz Lightyear on our table. He was found in Amy's tote and became our table mascot. He started our tradition of a table mascot for every retreat we've been to ever since.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

harry potter stats

Some layouts don't require any embellishing at all.
Journaling says: Harry Potter. 3407 pages. 7 Books. Read in 6 months @ age 8.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

climbing Mt Greenly

Today the kids and I climbed a mountain.

Its only a little one, but its called Mount Greenly and so I'm calling it a mountain.  

I've been wanting to do it for quite some time but didnt think I could with my knee issues and being overweight. Recently I've been on a Winter Warrior Fitness program, and I'm now onto my second 10 week Spring Warrior challenge.  As a result I've dropped 12.5 kgs and I'm the fittest I've been since giving up equestrian sports.

So today was the day. It was a cooler day than yesterday and before the warmer forecasted day tomorrow. Being aware that snakes are on the move I popped into my backpack compression bandages for possible bites, band aids for blisters, Ventolin and the spacer for asthma as all three of of us are asthmatic, water bottles each of us, choccie treats for the kids up at the top, Annie's little compact camera, and my phone for GPS recording of the trip for the elevation.

I wanted to miss the warmer part of the day and chose to start off from the base carpark with the kids at 9am. The kids took the lead and found a well trodden path right from the get go through the scrub at the bottom of the foothills before climbing our way up onto the slope.

It took us an hour of steady pacing and frequent water stops so the kids could help lessen the weight in my backpack.  I only saw one little snake on the way up and it was between the kids further up the slope and me. It scooted off into the rocks as quick as a whip.  I do wonder how close the kids came to it though.

Sean's goal when he made it to the top was to pee of the side of the mountain. Such a boy thing. Annie wanted to yodel out into the atmosphere. I just wanted to make it to the top.

You know when you've made it to the highest point as there is a stone cairn there. The kids and I added a rock each to leave something of ourselves other than our footsteps there.

The kids had their snacks, and I took a few shots and the kids took a few shots too.

Coming down was definitely harder than going up for me. My knees are really crap and while the kids scooted on down, I took each step with concentration and deliberation.  They very kindly waited for me to catch up every five minutes or so before they took off again. They were like mountain goats and I happened to mention that to them. Then every time Sean noticed I was falling further behind he'd call to Annie out in front of him in his best goat noise as a signal to stop and wait for a bit. Classic.  I was a little chuffed that he was considerate enough to do the wait stops and often asked if I was ok.

It took us about an hour to come down and I was so damn proud of them. Not once did they hesitate, or complain. They were as keen as I was to give it a shot.  And I think they were just a little proud of me too, and I love that.

We drove to Dutton for a look, onwards to Little Douglas as I've never been there and I've heard lots about it, and finished up in Coffins so the kids could have an ice cream. By this time it was about 12.30pm. We took the scenic way home from the bottom of Settlers Rd because its dried up now at this time of year and can be accessed. Its a dry weather road and its terribly chopped up by people attempting to get through it when its underwater.

By the time we got home, the kids were tired and I was just a little puffed. Not muscle sore, just puffed from many days on the go, so we all had a little quiet time.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


As soon as Annie uttered those words back in 2011 I wrote them down. Those little moments of wisdom should be recorded for ever.  Its taken me 5 years to get to the moment to scrap her LO and I am so glad I wrote that little nugget of gold on paper back then to use them now.