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Friday, July 30, 2010

The N ladies

The camera just loved these 3. And I think they loved the camera. Just beautiful. Thanks ladies and enjoy your sneak peak. More over at Tiff Firth Photography

Check out those chocolate brown eyes. That is her real colour with no enhancements what so ever. Divine!!

second thoughts.....

I have an album of this style of vintage photos over at Tiff Firth Photography on Face Book

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Slightly different colour tones with this one....and yes the suitcase that Annie was sitting on was no worse for wear. That little bow in the lid popped itself out as soon as she stood up.

It's going to a week of crazy chasing my tail and flat out doing it.

1. A large scrapping project with a self imposed deadline of THIS Friday. I think I have it in hand after this weekend but I'll be putting in as much of my time that I possibly can.

2. School canteen Monday, Camera Club Monday night. Scrap during the gaps. Print photos for camera club. Start processing a photo shoot that must be completed by Thursday.

3. A trip to Lincoln at some stage this week for a vehicle service which is over due before we head away next week.

4. Sean with me. Kid'sGym on Tuesday afternoon. Scrap and process in any time gaps.

5. Photo shoot at our local Kindy for the annual class photo. Kids footy and netball training after school. Processing both shoots and scrap.

6. By Thursday evening I need to deliver the 1st photo shoot disc to my client. I'll have Sean with me all day. I hope to mow the house yard on the ride on mower (normally takes a couple of hours). Nearly finish the scrapping project. Lincoln scrapping that night.

7. Finish the scrapping project and post it with a sigh of relief. Annie has gym comp training Friday night. Start packing for our trip. I think the kids have Xroads too this week. Process the second shoot.
8. Do anything that I couldn't get done during the week (mowing maybe).

9. Annie has a dance comp over in Tumby on Sunday so there is hair, makeup (eeeek) requirements, and for her to enjoy her moment. Come home and pack up the vehicle so we can leave at sparrow fart next morning.

10. Monday. Drive. Spotlight. Drive, Drive, Drive.

11. Go under the knife.

So if I am asked to do anything this week, please forgive me and don't take it the wrong way when I say, "sorry I just can't squeeze it in."

Then I have 6 weeks of recovery (I'll be a one armed bandit for a while) which means very little in the way of scrapping or photo shoots. I'll hope to be back in it by mid September, and by heck, my little book is just about chock a block with spring photo shoots. I'll put it out there when I'm back in the game and start confirming time slots and following up on enquiries.

So this week is a matter of deep breathing, tuck down and launch into it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

magic fairy potion

Annie came home from school the other day with a letter she had written to the magic fairy. It seems to be what all the kids are doing atm. She asked if the fairy could make her some magic potion. With the fairy being so busy *wink* she plum forgot all about it until she saw a wall post on Face Book from another 'fairy' tonight.

Annie's fairy has made a pink bubble potion and left her a lovely note!!

That fairy looks like a left hander *wink wink*

for you

leaving home

rehashed  this one so it's more in keeping with the tones of the others on the railway line.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Had another go tonight with the kids and their yesteryear clothes. The sky was perfectly overcast without being too dull and the kids were keen. Keen for their banana paddle pop afterwards that is.

Bless them. they are sooo good for me.

oh shit moment

have you ever had one of those "oh SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" moments.

I had one this morning. After spending literally hours on the desktop 'puter last night doing stuff for a rather large scrapping project with a deadline of next week, the monitor shat itself on boot up this morning. Well I hoped it was the monitor and not the video card in the hard drive. That would mean a couple of days of downtime that I just don't have to spare.

I called out for help on Face Book via my mobile and had a response in 2 mins flat. I asked if anyone locally could lend me a monitor if they happened to have a spare one to test my system. Thank you so very much  Macayla T and Jayne T for trusting me with your 'big arse' monitor while your hard drive is at the Docs.

And, thank goodness, it is my monitor that has died and not the video card. It has been difficult to start up for the last week, so I knew something was up, just not what. So after a number of phone calls to business in Lincoln, googling specs and having the wonderful Leonie pick it up for me, I will have this baby in my hot little hands tonight when I go down her way to scrap.

LED seems to be the way technology is going these days and the 23 inch screen should stop me squinting at the damn thing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

she is woman!!

This shoot was all about Miss S. She is now of 'age' Happy 18th chick for the other day!!!!!!!  Even Dad came along (under protest, but I'm pretty sure he was just trying to wind me up lol)

This family is very very special to me and my children.
Enjoy your sneak peek
ps. this is a photo heavy post.

bag of tricks

My new backpack has arrived along with the macro lens and some filters. I have transferred the body and lenses from the other back pack (which I'll keep as a little day pack if I need it). I have room to boot, and more if I acquire anything else. Its very very comfy to wear and tbh it feels like it weighs less than the other bag, even tho there is another lens in it. Must be better weight distributed.

Its looking half serious now lol

Sunday, July 18, 2010

P,L, B & B

These guys were a blast to have fun with. Mr B is such an imp and his infectious nature really shows in his eyes. L, thank you so much for opening your home to me for the Lincoln Location last week. It worked perfectly. Enjoy your sneak peek!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dusk on the water...Kapinnie lakes

I had a blast tonight with Tanya and Laura. We pulled on our gumboots, shouldered our cameras, tripods and gear to the Lakes about 10 mins from here.

What a treat. the gentle breeze dropped out, it wasn't cold and we all caught some absolute gems on camera. I'm am getting a bit hooked on long exposures with sunsets reflecting in the water..... I already have our next project in mind!!!!

Thanks heaps to both the girls who are fonts of information and help. Between the 3 of us, all our images are improving out of sight.... if I may say so!!

her day of firsts

proud parent moment.

Her very first Netball match.
Her first position - Goal Shooter
Her first attempt at goal = her very first goal.

Man, I cheered pretty loud. So did a lot of other parents. She was so chuffed and it really settled her nerves. This game will live in her mind forever, and in mine too.

And before you ask...... yes I did have the camera out, and the video camera too. Did I get her significant moment?? Alas no, I saw it with my own eyes, and not through a view finder. This shot is of another moment when she punched the air and really enjoyed her moment!!

and they won too.

color room #15 - sunroom

Colour Codes

Deep Fuscia pink R- 172 G- 70 B- 110 HEX- ac466e
Warm Buttery Yellow R- 247 G- 206 B- 152 HEX- f7ce98
  Bright Aqua Blue R- 132 G- 210 B- 220 HEX- 84d2dc
Total Grape R- 179 G- 139 B- 178 HEX- b38ab2

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the R ladies

Lots of giggles, posing and all round good fun with this lot. Thanks heaps ladies. You made my job easy. Big thanks to Leonie B for providing a central location for the 3 photo shoots on this particular day.

a couple more over at Tiff Firth Photography

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

H of 5

I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with this family last Sunday. We travelled out to the back of her family farm and used the door frame of her Grandmother's stone home, which is now a ruin. It was an awesome backdrop for these shots that have lots of sentimental value. And then up to a special rock that is meaningful to her.

Thanks for having me guys. You are one very gorgeous family. And thanks to J for setting it all up.

Few more over at Tiff Firth Photography on Face Book

Monday, July 12, 2010

my runaways

I've been very trigger happy today. I was in Lincoln this morning for 3 photo shoots that went awesomely well. Big thanks to Leonie for providing a central location for everyone. Mwah.

Then I was in Woolies with the camera for a scrapping project. I did ask the lady in the aisle if it was OK and was given the thumbs up. So I started snapping away. I didn't dare look up as different people walked past as I'm sure they would have the WTF look on their face. LOL. It wasn't until I heard a man's voice behind me saying "Excuse me, do you have permission to do that?" that I just about shat myself and looked over my shoulder. Mr B (Maryanne's son) was standing there with the cheekiest grin on his face. I love the fact that he is so comfy in shit stirring me. Not bad at all for a teenager bloke. Mind you, it goes two ways :o)  He did have me pooping myself tho!!

I was in Lincoln without the kids which is nearly unheard of, so I stopped several times on the way home for different photo opps.

And then just as if that wasn't enough, I thought the light was good enough and it was just warm enough to dress the kids in some old vintage clothes that I found in 'The Big Wardrobe' (our local dress up hire shop). I borrowed a couple of old suitcases from Sandra last week and pulled a long stem fabric rose out of large floor urn in my bedroom and we were good to go.

I've only fiddled with one shot as I have a heap of processing from the shoots from yesterday, today and one more tomorrow to get through. I'll be burning the midnight oil for sure this week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

more clobber

I've been tossing this one around for a while.

Macro or no Macro??

Do I or don't I??

Hesitate more or say 'what the hell??'
'What the Hell?? Why not!!!'  I'm about to turn 40 (soonish) so Happy Birthday pressie to me from me.

Canon 100mm f2.8 USM Macro

now I can work on capturing shots like this..... with a lot of practise!!!

and a new camera backpack to fit it all in

Lowepro Flipside 400 AW Backpack
ps. that's not my bag and thats not my gear. I'm a Canon girl and that's Nikon hardware. Looks very full doesn't it!!

Cant wait for my happy mail.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

my long exposure attempt....

... isn't a pinch of salt on Laura's. This really was my first attempt and I didn't have the filter to capture the full impact of the 'milked out' sea or the midnight blue of the sky. But at least I now have a yard stick to measure my next attempt by.

this was taken 49mins after sunset, shutter speed of 5 seconds at f9 on iso 200 with spot metering. Some sharpening and curve adjustment in Camera Raw with slight colour saturation.

Friday, July 9, 2010

making magic

Laura has so kindly given me permission to post one of her images from last night in Coffins. This one was taken nearly an hour after sunset with long exposure, wide angle lens and a filter that I adore. I wish mine would hurry up in the mail.

Thanks mate. You truely have a gift.

can you see the evening star?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

glorious winter light

I've felt like I'm about to implode for the last couple of days. I have been very tired and finding it tricky to find my zing. I am not able to pinpoint anything in particular other than some commitments that I have to meet (scrapping and financial year stuff), nothing too overwhelming tho.... so where is my zest???????????

I needed to find some time away from the kids, not they are difficult or naughty, far from it, but just some time for little ol' me. Kym's been off farm working every day so they haven't had a lot of Dad time lately, so I arranged with him to have the kids on Thurs mid afternoon so I could take off for a while.

Shutter sister, Laura Smith, and I headed to Coffins with cameras, tripods, filters and a few ideas to capture. We have been planning this around weather patterns and husbands. Tonight was our night.

And didn't Mother Nature put on a show!!  Love the clear winter light.

sunset looking to the head of the channel

I've been shooting stills with the Camera Club sections in mind for the next couple of months. With my op due in 3 weeks or so, I won't be able to do a lot for a bit, so I need to get onto it them now. 


Laura and I sat on a little beach and played around with long exposures, filters and different settings to catch the very last rays of the day. Mine turned out mostly crap (I'm waiting on a particular filter to arrive to explore long exposures further) but Laura, who has a nine stop filter, caught the magic of the moment.

We went to the pub after and had a lovely tea before we came back home.

This afternoon was just the break away I needed. Great company, great location, awesome light and a lovely meal. Thanks Laura. I'm checking out our next location for the 3 of us (Tanya C) over the weekend.