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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Slightly different colour tones with this one....and yes the suitcase that Annie was sitting on was no worse for wear. That little bow in the lid popped itself out as soon as she stood up.

It's going to a week of crazy chasing my tail and flat out doing it.

1. A large scrapping project with a self imposed deadline of THIS Friday. I think I have it in hand after this weekend but I'll be putting in as much of my time that I possibly can.

2. School canteen Monday, Camera Club Monday night. Scrap during the gaps. Print photos for camera club. Start processing a photo shoot that must be completed by Thursday.

3. A trip to Lincoln at some stage this week for a vehicle service which is over due before we head away next week.

4. Sean with me. Kid'sGym on Tuesday afternoon. Scrap and process in any time gaps.

5. Photo shoot at our local Kindy for the annual class photo. Kids footy and netball training after school. Processing both shoots and scrap.

6. By Thursday evening I need to deliver the 1st photo shoot disc to my client. I'll have Sean with me all day. I hope to mow the house yard on the ride on mower (normally takes a couple of hours). Nearly finish the scrapping project. Lincoln scrapping that night.

7. Finish the scrapping project and post it with a sigh of relief. Annie has gym comp training Friday night. Start packing for our trip. I think the kids have Xroads too this week. Process the second shoot.
8. Do anything that I couldn't get done during the week (mowing maybe).

9. Annie has a dance comp over in Tumby on Sunday so there is hair, makeup (eeeek) requirements, and for her to enjoy her moment. Come home and pack up the vehicle so we can leave at sparrow fart next morning.

10. Monday. Drive. Spotlight. Drive, Drive, Drive.

11. Go under the knife.

So if I am asked to do anything this week, please forgive me and don't take it the wrong way when I say, "sorry I just can't squeeze it in."

Then I have 6 weeks of recovery (I'll be a one armed bandit for a while) which means very little in the way of scrapping or photo shoots. I'll hope to be back in it by mid September, and by heck, my little book is just about chock a block with spring photo shoots. I'll put it out there when I'm back in the game and start confirming time slots and following up on enquiries.

So this week is a matter of deep breathing, tuck down and launch into it.


Kylie :) said...

Phew, I am pooped just reading that post Tiff ... you have such a busy time ahead !
Good luck with it all esp. your op ! We'll pay you a visit during your 6 wk resting time !! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gunna take Sean tomorrow so you can have a kiddy free day to hopefully get lots of stuff done. Excited to see you all! :D Love Paige. xx

Anonymous said...

Whoah, = I'm just stressing reading it - let alone what you must be feeling.... good luck with the surgery. Tx Michelle