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Monday, April 24, 2017

my heart is full

I can't seem to scrap unless there's a little, or a lot, of Wilna on my page.   I do LOVE how the floral wreath turned out.

Monday, April 17, 2017

reader leader

He loves to read, and for that he has been rewarded.  He was one of a few students asked to read books that have yet to be published for the Scholastic Book Club, and review them. He gets to keep the books as an added bonus.  How cool is that!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

australian navy cadets 2016 encouragement award

TS Flinders had their 2016 Presentation night the other night and three awards were given out. AB Firth won the Encouragement Award. 

I'm so thrilled for her. She's shown so much enthusiasm, had a lot of personal growth and developed her leadership skills during 2016. She has a solid group of friends outside of school and its a tight knit group who all support each other. And that's just brilliant. 

This last 12 months has seen them at Sailing Camp at Port Adelaide, Errappa camp, Port Augusta camp and several camps on base. There's been lots of bookwork working towards her next rank and just enjoying being herself. 

So I am just bursting with pride that AB Firth has been recognized for all her endevours, but most of all, for just being herself.  No one else from her hometown goes to Cadets and I loudly applaud her not being a sheep and just doing whatever everybody else does. Its a round trip of 150km round trip each week, sometimes twice a week, which is mostly me driving her. And I don't regret a single km of it.

 As a parent, watching from the outside, the feeling of 'family' within this group of cadets is very strong. Everyone is there to help each other out. No one is left out. A lot of the cadets call me Mum, both male and female, and for them to feel comfortable to do that, is just bloody brilliant.

She's amazing and I'm so very proud of her.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

orange is the new black

It was Harmony Day recently and the kids always look great in orange, so a quick 5 min shoot in the front garden before the school bus arrived was asked for.   And bless them, they paid me with these little gems ( and a few extras)


with her we are 5. x

Sunday, March 26, 2017


The background for this LO was a combination of Impasto and a lot of glitter mixed into it through a mask. It felt like gritty sand when I was applying it and the result is just so impressive. I love it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

wizard of oz

Such a pretty feminine background using pastel acrylic paints, a silhouette cut file as a stencil and whipped spackle.  One of my favourites from #scrapshack2017

Monday, March 20, 2017


Ohh the fun, the laughs and the 'in my active wear' one liners.  As Bec mentioned, she laughed so hard she broke something on  the inside.

Thursday to Sunday twice a year a core bunch of us organise a girls long weekend away for ourselves. Scrapbooking really is just a side benefit.

This time around we went to Tumby for a change and stayed at the shack. Perfect and idyllic with the water just metres from the front lawn.

Saturday was the biggest day scrappy wise for me, with lots of cocktails consumed and the creativity just flowed like honey.  The cocktails followed no recipes. They were produced on the fly with whatever we had. And the names were made to suit them as well.  The time out on the sandbar in (and out) of the kayak with Bec and Amy was nothing short of sensational.

The next #scrapshack2017mkII is booked and we are all looking forward to that so much.

On way and just a bit excited. I hardly slept a wink the night before. I was still looking at the clock at 5am. I was going to go to gym beforehand but decided the extra hour of sleep was of more benefit so I could get through the first day/night of #scrapshack2017.

the gang.  Wendy, Amy, Moi, Bel, Bec. 

the location - The Shack. 

This is what started off the whole 'active wear' thing for our time away. Every sentence after seeing this had to finish with "in my active wear". It was just outrageous. You had to be there.


Paige and Noah visited.

 Friday morning walk to burn off the cocktails.

Friday bar opened with Jelly shots.

Friday lunch was sushi

The Bagshaw

Friday dinner was chicken lasagna

Serena. strong and powerful

late night entertainment. 

Saturday morning. just divine.

Pancakes and berries for breakfast

Wendy's Fruity Elixir

Saturday morning walk stats

Saturday bar opened with vodka marinated Gummie Bears.

Watermelon wine slushie

part of the creation station aka The Scrap Table

 Pizza for Saturday lunch.

Friends with benefits

Waving not drowning.

getting some much needed Vit D.

The Lamington

just making sure I could get the very last drop.

 Saturday dinner at The Seabreeze.  (just can't trust your mates with your phone on the table can you??!!)

Saturday night dessert back at The Shack ... Sticky Date pudding. lush.

Sunday morn dawn.

As we started to pack up lunchtime Sunday, I wanted to move my ute a bit closer and that's when I discovered I had a totally flat battery. I had noticed during the week that it was a bit slower to start and hoped it would last me until after the weekend to have a good look at it. Alas this was not to be.  So after a few phone calls I had jump leads dropped around and that's when I noticed the positive terminal was all but off. Meaning the battery wasn't charging at all during the last week, hence the slower and slower to start. Once I had the terminal back on, and jump started the ute, I dared not turn off, just in case the battery hadn't charged enough to turn itself over again.  I also needed to get to Lincoln to pick up Annie and Sean after her Navy Cadet commitment with the First Landing Ceremony.   So without turning off the ute, I had the kids picked up and we were on our way home.  The little legends helped me unpack the ute of all the scrappy gear in 38 degree heat as it was hot hot hot at home. It was only 27 when I left Tumby. So I was very thankful to the kids to help me out so we could all be inside sooner.

And that's a wrap.

Sneak peeks to come.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

ready --> set --> go

Not long after Sean started school back in 2011, the school had a fun run. He ran hard at the beginning but blew out before the end. He did run just for this shot and with a big smile, even tho he was totally pooped. Bless him.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

love this moment

Finally had a chance to scrap a little the other night with Amy. Felt wonderful to get the scrappy itch back again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


So with my One Little Word in mind (Stop), when I was asked if I would give a Spartan Run a go, I didn't dismiss the idea right away. I hesitated, and said let me research it a bit. And I did.

Spartan is the top quality obstacle race around, and if there are 2000 pre race regos, then it will be in SA for the first time.  Its somewhere 50mins of Adelaide on Saturday April 8th. AND I'VE REGISTERED.

I'm doing the 7km sprint which has around 20 obstacles in it. I won't be sprinting it, not even jogging it as I don't have the knees to let me do that. I can powerwalk 7k no worries so that's my plan. I will need to run up to, at or down into obstacles but I'll powerwalk in between.

There's also a kids Spartan Race with kid size obstacles and Sean is super keen to be in that.

I'm excited and quietly shitting myself at the same time.   I've started a strength and grip training regime at the gym to prep myself for it. And I'm having some rope climb training with a friend shortly.

If you have 16 mins of time and the data, this is what I'm facing in April.

If you'd like to watch the kids Spartan race, watch this one.

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 one little word - stop

For the last few years I've been adopting Ali Edwards 'One Little Word' concept to live by, rather than make New Years Resolutions.  One Little Word (OLW) becomes a mantra to live by. It needs to fit who you are, it needs to make you stretch to achieve it, not forget about it in a months time or quit because it just didn't work for you. So I take a bit of time to find the right word.

2014 was No.   To be able to say no, and not feel guilty for it.
2015 was Seek. To seek new horizons, seeking grace while under fire,
2016 was Prune. The garden, the weight, the time wasters.

Every one of those words was dead on perfect for that particular year.  Over the last couple of weeks I tried a number of different words and none of them seemed to fit, until this one popped into mind. Immediately it felt right. It fits.

2017 is STOP.  Stop and take a moment to breathe. Stop to enjoy the kids while I still have 2 at home, Stop and think before responding. Stop and slow down, just a little. Stop and cut the out the crap. Stop procrastinating and just bloody do it.   And stop, just stop.