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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sunset over Mt Greenly

This is the magnificent sight Maryanne and I witnessed on Sunday from Nth Block. Not a breath of wind and clear as a bell.

Untouched except for a little sharpening. I used HDR to get all the tonal range of colour.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

gpa smart's photo wallet

Its my Dad's birthday in a few days time and as he's currently in the top end of WA I need to post this photo wallet ASAP to him. Choosing colours for a bloke who's red/green colour blind ruled out all my stripy papers as they all had those two colours in them. So I settled on the faithful brown/blue combination with a dash of orange for the spot of colour. I'm really pleased how these turned out.

Please excuse the background that the wallet is against. As this must go in the mail Monday I had to take the shots tonight so I just had to do it on the floor in my office rather than something nice and contrasty. Not to worry as I'm sure you get the essence of it all. :O)


ps. D.O.D. is an acronym for Dear old Dad. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

the runaways photo wallet

Funny how a good thing always keeps turning up.

Meredith taught an OTP class at the E2C retreat earlier on this year. Her inspo for it came from here. I have seen several of these wallets being created since then. 2 more only last week in fact.

When I saw what papers Nat had used on the one she made, they reminded me of my Mum. Mum's into pink and roses so how perfect is the Girls' Paperie Range. And Mum loved the vintage photos of the kids 'running away from home'.   I changed mine a bit to include pockets to slide in the tags the kids had written on for her.

With things about to get crazy busy in the photography department, now was the time to make one for her Birthday. Its not until December, but if its going to be anything like last year, I wont have time to scrap at all!!!!

If you see Mum, shhhhh, she has no idea so don't spoil the surprise


click on the images to enlarge them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

your eyes are so mesmerising

A challenge answer...albeit very late for E2C -June colour challenge, large picture and vertical title. I've added powder blue to it as it was looking fairly bland until then.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

adding a bit of colour to the day

What a dull, grey, wet and cold day.

I thought I'd throw a little bit of colour in it for you.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


final sneak peek that I know of for a while..... believe me I will be glad to show you a whole page too in the not to far future.

I've just been asked to do a photography assignment that means having a very tight seatbelt, no fear of heights  and the wind rushing thru my hair..... and seeing that I do like an adrenalin hit now and then, this is right up my alley!! Can't tell you yet, but believe me you'll be hearing me squeal when I get it in the bag.

Monday, August 23, 2010

a vision splendid

I headed up North Block today with a couple of challenges in mind.

1. Bracketed shooting.
2. Learning HDR in Photoshop (which is a snap in CS5 by the way).

And as a bonus I pulled out my macro on the heaps of native flora up there (on the lee side of the hill out of the breeze.)

I hope to head up again with a couple of shutter sisters on the weekend so today was a bit of a reccie as well.

 One thing I did learn was to carry a lens cloth in my pocket to wipe the drops of mist off the lens. Oh, and to wear some sort of jacket/parka so I can throw it over the camera when a scud comes over. Doesn't matter if I get a tiny bit damp but it does matter so much more with the camera!! I nearly treat that tool better than I do Kym ;o)

Looking North West.  Lake Greenly overlooked by Mount Greenly

Looking north. Lake Malata

Looking South West. Marble Range

Looking South. South Block on left. Marble Range on right. Rain Scud moving thru the valley.

I've learnt so much today and with the peace of nature all around, really soothed the soul.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

upon reflection

I've been eyeing of this view for a while since its been raining. So on the way into town tonight the kids very kindly agreed that I could stop, set up the camera, tripod, remote trigger, slip on the sexy purple rubber boots and shoot this shot.

Did cost me an ice cream each tho. Bless 'em.

Thank you to all the car honkers and tooters

vanishing point

just mucking around today while the sun was warm and the breeze was light.

Trying out different things in CS 5 and Bridge. Learning every day!


second to last sneak peek.

Thanks for bearing with me. This one was so much fun as I tried to put a bit of humour into it.

all will be revealed soon enough. *wink*

And a huge thanks to Karola. I have been admiring her beautiful works of art for a while. So amazingly colour  coordinated and delicately stunning. (No wonder she's on the Webster's, Prima, Melissa Francis, TwiddleyBitz Design Teams to name a few). I've been eyeing 3 punches that she has used extensively for a while. I've been looking in different shops for a bit but I didn't know the name them. I did Google Image Martha Stewart Punches. Have you?? There are sooooo many. Anyway I ended up emailing Karola to ask if she kindly let me know the name of the punches that took my fancy. Not only did she email me back so very promptly, she even located an Australian online shop that had all 3 of the ones I desired. Go here. Great prices too!!

Thank you so much Karola. You are a gem.
ps. She has just launched her own range of papers too.

I've used the Doily Lace Trim punch along with paper doilies within this LO

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hair yesterday. gone today.

chop chop.
'tis done.
am so much happier with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Janice for the photo shoot. mwah.

Monday, August 16, 2010

curl or cut

the back story.....

Just on 2 years ago I had my annual perm. Yep. That's right. A perm would last a year in my hair. Up until this particular perm I had no hassles at all.

Well then disaster struck with VENGEANCE! Every hair that the cotton wool rested on to absorb the drips, broke off, right down to the scalp. I lost so much hair it was scary. And to make matters even worse, at one point the cotton wool dropped onto my eyebrow and I flicked it back up to my hair. It wasn't even on my eyebrow for a second, but that was enough. I lost half my eyebrow too. It didn't happen overnight. It took a week, my brush was overflowing with hair and my eyebrow thinned out and half disappeared.

I have always had curly hair, never had it straight. So after the year when the perm grew out I didn't get it redone. It was so thin with new hair slowly growing back into it and I just didn't dare.

I've always want boob length hair every since I could remember. Now that its there I detest it. When my hair is down it gets caught under my arm or I'm pinned by it when i sit in a chair. Its thin, flat and lifeless. It does look healthy, shiny and I haven't found one grey hair yet (YET!!) but it gives me angst.

I've been debating what to do with it all. Curl it again (with caution) or cut it off.

The front story....

So today I had a test curl done. Totally different chemical base, and the softest solution they had. No cotton wool. And it was disaster. Half of the hair rolled onto that one roller is gone. Disappeared. Just like that.


Thank goodness that it was only one roller.

So now I'm looking at the second option.... to cut it off.... something that I'm determined to do, but need to find a style that I like and dig deep for courage.....

I can't be stuffed using curling tongs or heat rollers. I'm just not into fuss with my hair. I'm more a wash- and- wear- it type of chick

hay hay sneak peek

another assignment done. another sneak peek.

I'm such a teaser pmsl.

Friday, August 13, 2010

the bee's knees

We had such lovely light this arvo for taking photos. So while Kym and Sean played with trucks and planes (spreading fertilizer by plane) I into it.

I should have worn knee pads to save me getting green knees, but my first serious Macro attempt was so worth it. This will be my bench mark to see where I can better myself.

***Edited to add***....I've been playing around with the original image and I like this one better. I'm getting bloody fussy these days!!

I also want to give a BIG shout out to Laura (one of the girls I've been shooting with) who has just won the Centre State Photo comp with her very worthy image of the Kapinnie Lakes. Wahu to girl. So deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beach angel (sneak peek)

Yahooo. Another assignment done and dusted. BUT I can't show you very much of it until its reveal. So this is just a little teaser.......

Thank you to the people who have spoken to me re the last post. It's gratifying to hear that my thoughts on one's body image is mirrored by other people's opinions too. ;o)


Monday, August 9, 2010

body image

Why is it that everyone is so hung up on their size of shape of their body? Is the magazine industry pushing the 'skinny' image or is it by one's own peers? Is it all those ads on TV promoting exercise gear to get into that 'perfect shape with those rock hard abs for the new you' or is it personal shame or lack of self confidence?

Whatever it is, the pressure to conform to the perfect size is smothering. It's everywhere. I am so over it. So what if my butt and tum has grown a bit since I've stopped horse riding, had two ops and taken a bit of a new direction with life in this last year. I am happy with who I am. I glow from the inside, not the outside.

I guess I am fortunate to have self confidence and not really give a toss for what people think. Black's black, White's white and stuff the grey area, that where miscommunication happens.

Like me for who I am, not what I am.

It's with this attitude I had some photographs taken about this time last year. I have always wanted some skin shots done, but not had the means to be in front of the camera. Glamour Photography came to town and I was lucky enough to have won a free sitting. So I grabbed at this chance with two hands and swung two feet straight into it.

It was tastefully done with nothing exposed but most of all I felt comfortable with the photographer (and he was a bloke).

This is one of those shots of that day.

To me it says 'Yes, look at me. I am woman, I am comfortable in my own skin and I have nothing to hide'

I am proud of myself finally getting this sort of shot done and when I look back on it over the years I'll still be proud of it. My body shape will change over time, of that there is no doubt, and I hope I'll be able to say to myself  'dang it girl, you were one hot mumma!!!'

note: this is not meant as a swipe at anyone, just me airing my thoughts and opinions. That's all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

on the beach

sneaky peeky......
cant show you much of this one as it was created for Scrapbook Creations Issue 85 sketch challenge.

lovin that macro lens that's in my kit!!

book your family photo session now.

I am now accepting photography bookings as from 16th August 2010. I have recovered from my shoulder op much sooner than I expected so I can get back into it much sooner than later. I have quite a list of interest for spring sessions. May I strongly suggest you book in sooner than later so you are able to choose the time slot that best suits you. First in, best dressed ;o)
With many thanks

reception 2008

This is one of a two page LO. I cant show the other page as it has Annie's class photo and I haven't asked permission from any of the children's parents to post it here. The title is Reception in case you hadn't guessed lol

The glossy red apple was a chip shape that I heat embossed a few times to get the rich gloss on it. On the other page has apples that Karen D made. She uses a plasticine type product to create what ever takes her fancy. Thanks Karen. They are perfect!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

show prince (again)

I finished this one just before I had the op and only got round to photographing it today. I'm not totally chuffed with it, but tuff, its done!

the details. I hand wrote this one to get it done quick. I think this may be why I'm not overly enthralled with this one. sigh.

Kapinnie Golden Hour

Headed out with Laura tonight to a different spot on the Kapinnie Lakes with my new filter in hand. I had been reading up on different camera tricks and wanted to pull it all together tonight. I'm pretty chuffed with the results.

A couple more over at Tiff Firth Photography on FaceBook

Thursday, August 5, 2010

thank you

I made a card. Egad. yes I made a card.... lol. 

The kids catch a new school bus on Friday with a new driver (new to the kids). So I wanted to say a thank you to our former driver who looked after my kids on her run. And for her friendship too. A couple of times Sean has turned around from getting off the bus, got back on, gave the driver a big hug, a kiss and a thank you for dropping him off. Needless to say he melted her heart. Mine too, truth be known.

On another occasion Kym and I miscommunicated. I thought he was picking up Annie, and he thought I was picking her up. Neither of us were home. We had an arrangement with our driver that if no one was at the stop to pick her up she was to kept on the bus instead of leaving her on her own to find her way home. (she was only just 5 back then). Annie found out that day just how far her bus travels each day. By the time Kym and I twigged that neither of us had Annie, I had rung the driver and she waited with Annie in her car at our stop on her way home from the end of the bus route.

So its the little things, the little considerations that mean so much. So this is a little card to say a big thank you to her.

ps. We have never been late to meet the bus since then either lol.

the trip

phew. busy last week leading up to us heading over to Adelaide for my shoulder op. Drove over on Monday, shoulder op Tuesday arvo, left Adelaide and stayed with my Grandmother Wednesday night and back home by mid arvo today.

The shoulder op was only minor day surgery. To put it fairly basically, I have a bursar in both shoulders, but the one in my left shoulder had calcified. So it needed to be scrapped out. No big deal really, but I really wasn't sure of the recovery time. As it turned out, I had the sling on that evening when I came out of SportsMed, slept in it and had it off the next day. I can lift my arm up to 90 degrees already, which accordingly to the paperwork I should be able to achieve after 2 weeks, not 2 days. Lol. Over achiever.

Anyway, it feels pretty good, I can do up my own bras at the back, (phew thank goodness for that) I can do up the button on my jeans, (really dont like trackie daks) and do most things on my own. Just a little bit slower is all.

Off to the hair dressers tomorrow to get my hair washed, and I'm contemplating a new do, whether I get it all cut off, or do something with curl, I'm just not sure. We'll see.....wont happen tomorrow tho.... need to book in a much bigger time slot lol.

So all in all, I am feeling really really good, and more than a bit surprised in myself. Oh and Kym's been wonderful too.



home and feeling great!!! will post more later!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

just dance 2010 comp

With a lot of pride we watched Annie and her ballet troupe compete today in the Ra Na Just Dance 2010 Competition. Our girls performed so well, didn't forget any steps and looked so confident up there on the stage. Congratulations to each one of you for coming second.

Annie's Granny came along too. Kym held the video camera that Annie insisted upon and I had the camera in hand (of course). I can't post most of the pics as they have other children, but I can show these ones.

the hair

the costume and makeup.

the Troupe 2nd place trophy.

I'm not really all that happy with the pics during the comp. I do find large halls a big challenge and this one  was no exception. It ticks me off that I know I can do better, and I pull some crap ones. grrrr.