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Monday, August 16, 2010

curl or cut

the back story.....

Just on 2 years ago I had my annual perm. Yep. That's right. A perm would last a year in my hair. Up until this particular perm I had no hassles at all.

Well then disaster struck with VENGEANCE! Every hair that the cotton wool rested on to absorb the drips, broke off, right down to the scalp. I lost so much hair it was scary. And to make matters even worse, at one point the cotton wool dropped onto my eyebrow and I flicked it back up to my hair. It wasn't even on my eyebrow for a second, but that was enough. I lost half my eyebrow too. It didn't happen overnight. It took a week, my brush was overflowing with hair and my eyebrow thinned out and half disappeared.

I have always had curly hair, never had it straight. So after the year when the perm grew out I didn't get it redone. It was so thin with new hair slowly growing back into it and I just didn't dare.

I've always want boob length hair every since I could remember. Now that its there I detest it. When my hair is down it gets caught under my arm or I'm pinned by it when i sit in a chair. Its thin, flat and lifeless. It does look healthy, shiny and I haven't found one grey hair yet (YET!!) but it gives me angst.

I've been debating what to do with it all. Curl it again (with caution) or cut it off.

The front story....

So today I had a test curl done. Totally different chemical base, and the softest solution they had. No cotton wool. And it was disaster. Half of the hair rolled onto that one roller is gone. Disappeared. Just like that.


Thank goodness that it was only one roller.

So now I'm looking at the second option.... to cut it off.... something that I'm determined to do, but need to find a style that I like and dig deep for courage.....

I can't be stuffed using curling tongs or heat rollers. I'm just not into fuss with my hair. I'm more a wash- and- wear- it type of chick


Louise Williams said...

I so hear you, i stopped having perms years ago after a particularly bad one that ended up like candyfloss. I also wanted long, luxurious locks and had it down past my waist, but it was lank, thin and lifeless. I ended up cutting it off and have had it cut off even short now, it's just above shoulder length and I love it. So easy to look after and finally my fine, boring hair has some body and structure to it. All I can say is don't hesitate hon, it's sooooo much easier to manage (and looks more modern!)!! :D

Gina B said...

Bite the bullet Tiff, do it. I think a bob would look stunning on you. Have you thought of a concave bob? You can still wear it up if you want to. Remember the special bday is coming up, I think it would look very stylish

maryanne said...

oh dear tiff, thats way scary!
can reccomend karli at libelay or jess at aveda if you need help with the style!both fantastic hairtylists just a bit pricier than the local hairdressers!

sandra said...

starting a chant
ditto to what the girls said above ..
That curl business is just TOO scary!!