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Sunday, December 30, 2012

annie bw

you just can't beat a clear clean BW portrait.

But I am rather smitten with this treatment as well.   I can't make up my mind!!!  What do you think??

love that girl!!

tumby bay holidays 2010 (annies)

A double double LO of our time in Tumby Bay during Summer 2010. This one will go in Annie's album with the hinged page protectors so it folds out to show all four pages.

There are 22 pages of journaling in the booklets. All the text has been copy pasted and arranged for print from my blog. This is primary reason why I blog in detail when we/I are away on our trips.

blogged with parental permission from respective parents. thank you.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 manifesto

The very generous Sharon Manning gave me permission to share her manifesto for 2013 with me.
It resonated with me.
Especially 'I will Dance'.
All of it, truth be told, rocks my socks.

Thank you Sharon.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas 2012

I made a point of documenting our Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day with the Camera. Just snaps to remember our festive season.

Christmas Eve evening was spent with Paige, Dion and her parents at their home near Tumby Bay. It was wonderful to catch up with them as a family. Its been a while and its great to reconnect.

When we came back home we all pitched in to set up the Firth Runway 001. Dad and Sean sorted out the tealights in the jars.while Annie and I set up the strip and placed the landing lights. And then the kids, bless their socks, had to sit perfectly still for 25 seconds so I could capture this shot.

I woke up during the night and noticed that Father Christmas had visited (wink) and I took this shot with the Christmas tree lights blinking away and just one little light for ambience. This shot took 1 minute to capture.

There was other evidence of Father Christmas's visit.

And the reindeer let the kids know they had used the runway the night before hahahhaha.

The mayhem of our lounge room Christmas morning.

After our traditional pancake breakfast, the kids played with their gifts and I got things together to head to Grandma and Grandpa's for the rest of the day and overnight.

This was our spread for lunch

Our lunch table

The hugs of love to say thank you for Grandma and Grandpa's gifts.

Annie's started writing a book. And she wanted to read her first chapter to Grandma and Grandpa. So just I had capture her recital.

There's a bit of a back-story to the saxophone, and it wonderful to see them have fun with it.

Christmas arvo saw everyone take a little quiet time.

And then the backyard cricket begun

When we were back inside Annie decided that Grandpa's shiny (her words) spot needed covering up with the popper streamers.

And then she wanted to take a pic of me.

After tea we played Annie's new game, Junior Masterchef. For a kids game, its very complex

By 9.30 the kids were sent to bed, the big boys played crib and the girls offered helpful advice while sipping Bailey's on ice.

Boxing Day was a Bacon and Egg Breakfast before we left Grandpa and Grandma's. Grandma and us headed to Farm Beach to wet the Kayaks and give Miff, Grandma's Labrador.  Of course I took a few pics of the family. And some others as well. here. here. here. here. here.

We were home by 2.30 and it was perfect to chill, catch up on lost sleep, unpack and start thinking about what we need to pack for our time away in Tumby

Monday, December 24, 2012

firth runway 001

firth runway 001 is open to any and all aerial visitors tonight. Very excited kiddos. We had Christmas Eve with Paige and her family. Fantastic to touch base with them again.

Late evening before we came home and then we set up the Firth Landing Strip. We soon discovered that Vegemite jars are not quite tall enough to stop the tea lights blowing out in the gentle breeze. Lucky there was only 2 of those jars. Pavers held the runway down for just in case.....

Annie's put a piece of her Brownie cake out for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer. 

I think we are all set.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

haircut sir?

Hooray. I've made it. I'm scrapping 2010. I'll have to turn my date stamp forward one year and I'll have to get used to not typing 2009 in my journaling on the LO's


Photographed the LO in the late afternoon sun to have the shadows to give the LO dimension.

happy new year 2010

Another idea that I dreamt about for Scrapbooking. And the fireworks look pretty much how I dreamt them lol

Friday, December 21, 2012

slippery slide

He's put his Father Christmas gift to good use this week on the front lawn. I'm rather chuffed that he actually asked me to bring out the camera and take his photos as he slides on his water slide.

This gift is definitely a winner!!!

this is the face of fun. (and a little bit of mischief in those eyes)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

let your light shine

There's something of an 'old soul' look in her eyes in this shot. I loved it as soon as I took it.

A bit of ombre masking with 4 shades of ink around the image.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cummins Christmas Tree

Father Christmas came on Sunday to the Rambler Footy Club for the Cummins Christmas Tree.

I love this shot of Mother and Father Christmas driving away in the Old Jalopy. 

 When we got home I asked the kids for just one photo of their gift from Father Christmas.

got 'em!!!

the lore of the land

Its so nice to have the time to down the camera and get stuck into a bit of scrapping.

Lots of use with the EK Success Binder Edge Punch, using up odds and ends and wash tape. Even a rub on or two.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Amy and her kids came up for the Cummins Trader's Night, the Christmas Wonderland and to scrap into the wee hours and catch a few winks of sleep on Friday night. Trish came out for some of the scrap action.

A lot of chat, a few cold glasses of Moscato and lots of laughs later, I had 'suncatcher' all done.

(you can see my silhouette in the 2009 tin pin lol)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peacock chicks update

We lost two peacock chicks during the nasty heat during the week  :(
I'm not in the habit of nursing sick chicks as I really do believe that Mother Nature lets the strong ones survive. Probably sounds a bit harsh, but that's the way it is here.

I stalked Celia, the Pea Hen for a little while today. I think she must be thinking 'whatever' by now when she sees me hanging around. I certainly don't get in her face or become a pest to her. That's why I use the 300mm lens to keep out of her space.

The kids are slowly gaining the Pea Hen's trust by daily feeding with a small amount of grain. I feel a bit sad that ultimately we have to betray her trust when we need to relocate the chicks to their new homes when they are ready. 16.12.12

2 week old Peachick. The comb is just starting to rise from its head. 16.12.12

Peacock on display.
Ben, our 4 year old male peacock, in full glory. 16.12.12

I found the Pea Hen roosting about 6 foot off the ground this evening. This means the 4 chicks are flying as they all unde

r her. I would have thought this a precarious perch and open to the weather. But she must feel safe there at night from nocturnal predators. 16.12.12

christmas day (annie) 2009

The last of Christmas 2009 is done. Yay. I had hoped that scrapping  Christmas pics would put me more in the Christmas spirit.

....nup. It didn't. 

We had such an amazingly fun Christmas Day with the Firth side of the family last year at Black Point on Yorke Peninsula. I know that one will be hard to top, so this year's is just going to such a ho hum day in comparison.

We do turn about with our Families each year. And this year its with my family. And that's complicated. And the kids are the only kids involved,  so its not as much fun for them.

I'm hoping to get to the beach in the arvo with the family to 'christian' their gifts from Kym and I. All depending on the weather of course.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

father christmas letters 2012

The letters to Father Christmas were written on Sunday afternoon and the kids had them in the North Pole Express bag on Monday morning.

She writes: Dear Santa. I know you are really busy on Christmas Eve, but if possible, may I please have the 'The Floods' series (books). Have a Merry Christmas. Love Annie xox

He writes: Dear Father Christmas. I have tried really hard to be the best I can be this year. I hope I am in your good boy book. I would really love a Trash Pack Scum Drum please. Love Sean Firth