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Sunday, December 16, 2012

christmas day (annie) 2009

The last of Christmas 2009 is done. Yay. I had hoped that scrapping  Christmas pics would put me more in the Christmas spirit.

....nup. It didn't. 

We had such an amazingly fun Christmas Day with the Firth side of the family last year at Black Point on Yorke Peninsula. I know that one will be hard to top, so this year's is just going to such a ho hum day in comparison.

We do turn about with our Families each year. And this year its with my family. And that's complicated. And the kids are the only kids involved,  so its not as much fun for them.

I'm hoping to get to the beach in the arvo with the family to 'christian' their gifts from Kym and I. All depending on the weather of course.

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