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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peacock chicks update

We lost two peacock chicks during the nasty heat during the week  :(
I'm not in the habit of nursing sick chicks as I really do believe that Mother Nature lets the strong ones survive. Probably sounds a bit harsh, but that's the way it is here.

I stalked Celia, the Pea Hen for a little while today. I think she must be thinking 'whatever' by now when she sees me hanging around. I certainly don't get in her face or become a pest to her. That's why I use the 300mm lens to keep out of her space.

The kids are slowly gaining the Pea Hen's trust by daily feeding with a small amount of grain. I feel a bit sad that ultimately we have to betray her trust when we need to relocate the chicks to their new homes when they are ready. 16.12.12

2 week old Peachick. The comb is just starting to rise from its head. 16.12.12

Peacock on display.
Ben, our 4 year old male peacock, in full glory. 16.12.12

I found the Pea Hen roosting about 6 foot off the ground this evening. This means the 4 chicks are flying as they all unde

r her. I would have thought this a precarious perch and open to the weather. But she must feel safe there at night from nocturnal predators. 16.12.12

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