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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Peacock babies update

Celia, our Pea Hen, still has all 6 chicks after her first week out and about with them. She's got used to me sitting quietly not far away with the camera in hand to take a few candid shots. And she and the chicks come when I call them for a little bit of grain in my hand. Not quite at picking up a chick yet, but close.

Nana nap. When the chicks fall deeply asleep, the beaks are on the ground and the head rolls over. Tis a bit funny to watch when they first face plant.

Run. They don't like being left behind and run like mad things to catch up. Sometimes they flap for a turbo charge burst. They nearly out run their feet when they do this.

The Clutch. One of them ducked just as I took the shot. Damn.

There's actually 5 other pea chicks under her, and this was the last one making its way in. I'm unsure how long she'll be able to fit all 6 of them. She does fluff up a lot to cover them all.

I've been researching how to sex them, and at this stage there's not a lot of tell signs until they are about 2 months apparently. All the chicks have homes to go to so that is wonderful.

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