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Friday, November 27, 2009

a couple of personal goals achieved and Photo Session give away!!

Not that I want to shout from the rooftops at all, but I have just reached a couple of personal goals.

  • I have just had a LO accepted for SBT (UK). It does feel wonderful that someone else happens to like what I come up with.

I dont scrap for submission calls, and I certainly dont scrap just to get published. NOT AT ALL.

I scrap for me. If they like it - great! If they dont - tough. It was for me in the first place anyway, but it sure does give me warm fuzzies when I see that email drop into my inbox.

I've had to remove the LO, but the post for it is here.

  • The other personal goal is I am about to shoot my 50th photo session. And wowsers, that number sure came up fast. I started taking photos a bit more seriously back in May I think (didnt keep a diary then, but I have to now LOL), and started taking client bookings after encouragement from a couple of good friends. In 6 short months I have reached this milestone. In no way am I a professional and I certainly do not claim to be so. I just really enjoy playing with kids and cameras.
To celebrate I would like to offer a

free family studio session.

That's right. A free studio sitting for you and your family.

***leave a comment with this post and I'll use a random number generator to select the winner. If you already have an upcoming session booked with me, still leave a comment as you just never know your luck.
I'll leave this open until Tuesday December 1st until 6pm. Please pass the word around so anyone who is interested gets a chance to leave a comment here. Then I'll announce who will be the lucky recipient.
You may like to have a look at my work on Facebook at Tiff Firth Photography, go thru the different albums and you'll get a feel of my style. Become a fan on my Facebook page or become a follower here on my blog.***

So good luck and check back here Tuesday night to see if your name came up.

His choice

Following on from the last post, I did ask Kym which photo dd he like. And he said none of them :o( , but he did choose this one has his fave. I asked him why and he said it showed him more personality. So I'll take that as a positive thing (I think) and leave it as that.

have a great weekend. And instead of staying cool, stay dry wont you LOL.


While waiting for a client to arrive I pulled out the remote control for the timer and had a play with some self portraits. I did have a few bummer shots (delete is a girls best friend) but managed to jag a couple that I am happy with. Of course I am my own worst critic, but none the less, I don't cringe too much with these two.

So, freckles and wrinkles and all, TA DA.

I really hope the one on right doesn't come across too vampy. I tried a come-hither look at the camera (so glad no one was there to see what other faces I was pulling). I forgot about the red top and black lace singlet that was covering my 'd├ęcolletage' lol.

ah well. I actually don't mind it. I should ask Kym for his opinion. LOL.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


This stunning lady had a specific project in mind for this photo shoot. She's in the throes of making a 2010 calender for her family members and needed photos for it. So with everyone in stunning red and grey, I captured a swag of shots for her to choose from.

thanks guys and enjoy your sneak peek. more photos for your viewing pleasure at Tiff Firth Photography on Face Book

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

its offically....

...one month, 4 weeks or 30 days until Christmas Day.

Didn't that year just whiz by.....

So I would really like to wish you all a very happy festive season, stay safe, and lots of time spent with family and friends leading up to that big day.

Thank you for a wonderful blog year. Your encouragement and enthusiasm is AWESOME for moral and I appreciate it very very much.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

coffee anyone??

just a couple of sneak peeks from a business photo-shoot. These, among others, are to be used on their upcoming web site. I will post the link when its constructed, up and running. Thanks to the owners, staff and some of their patrons who had their order photographed before they were able to get it. ;o)

latte praps??

mmmm. ice coffee for me please!!

and a sour dough roll to take home.

these ones are the 'popped' copies. Each client gets a choice of BW, Pop, sometimes a Sepia, sometimes a Vintage, a correctly exposed copy of the original and of course the original.

As I'm certainly not a professional by any means, I dont enforce copyright and I dont do the printing side of it. I just charge for my time, travel, the shoot and the processing. That way, in my mind, its affordable for everyone. And then the client saves by only printing what they really want. I have heard of quite a few canvas orders happening, which is so flattering.

With many thanks to you all

Monday, November 23, 2009

Easter @ Coffin Bay - Sean

Had a bit of hybrid fun with this one. I still need the photos and the journaling to be centre stage without being overwhelmed by other stuff on the page. And I still wanted to draw the eye from left to right. The brush strip across the pages I think does that. Inspired by Jessica Sprague.

I think I like this one more than Annie's.

the details

Same journaling as Annie's, but this one is destined for Sean's album.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Easter @ Coffin Bay - Annie

Just to stretch myself a bit, and because there were so many photos from this weekend I doubled up on a double LO. So instead of being 2 pages, there's 4. I have some double hinged page protectors that I have put aside a while ago especially for this one. I really wanted the pages to be tied in together and to draw the eye from left to right, so I hope the strips of PP do that. Does it??
I haven't embellished overly much as I really want the focus to be on the journaling and the photos.

the details

not photographed especially well, but tough, tis done.

Friday, November 20, 2009


This one came together so quick.

can now reveal after publication in Scrapbooking Memories Vol 12. No 8. Pg 110.

muggy, smokey day today. I can hear the thunder outside so I'm about to turn the 'puter off in a tick.
have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

pot of gold

We had a pretty ordinary day today. It wasn't too bad until about 11am when the wind kicked in. Then it was just crap.
I had Sean at the community pool at 1pm for his swim lesson and on the way into town for it, I was constantly scanning the horizon for smoke.
By 3.30p the sky had turned black and just had that ominous feel to it. Lots of thunderheads and then the lightening started. I reckon within 10 mins tops there was a fire. And it wasn't that far from home. Only 5 mins away as the grow flies but moving away from me. It was very close to Meredith's house and I would have been shit scared if i was her.
Kym took off like a bat out of hell with his fire fighting gear on the back of his bus. 3 bomber planes came in and they nailed it pretty quick. And thank goodness too. According to Kym it was getting a bit hairy there for a bit.
Just as the sun was going down he rang and asked me to come out there with the camera. On my way there I spotted this PINK rainbow in our eastern sky. It was just incredible. It stood up so high and it was so pink. I have never seen anything like it.

so at the end of this rainbow really was a pot of gold. albeit a field bin full of golden wheat.

And I tried to capture lightening. ha bloody ha. missed everyone of them. sigh. next time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my man

This is his time of year whereby he reaps what he sows. Its in his blood, and I could never tear him away from it. He has great satisfaction seeing a crop in head waving gently in the breeze, seeing it feeding into the comb of the header and seeing full road-trains of it pull away from our farm on its way to the silos.

It is who he is. He is a farmer and I wouldn't change him for the world.

u r a tosser

Sean was a bit of a ratbag as far as tossing the toys around when he was little. So I hid in the bedroom one day with the camera and caught him red handed.

the details

Miss C, Miss C and Miss C

I had 3 little ladies come play with me today. It took a little while for Miss C (3) to warm up to me, but it's amazing what a yoyo biscuit can do. *wink* Thanks Mum, I really had fun with your girls today and enjoy your sneak peek.

There's a few more over on Facebook at Tiff Firth Photography. Swing by for a look (become a fan *wink wink*)

Monday, November 16, 2009


this is one very special chick to our family. And she's the apple of Sean's eye. The journaling says it all.
mwah. we love you Paige. Even Kym liked this one even if it was a bit soppy (his words, not mine lol)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


can now reveal after publication in SBM Vol 2 no. 6. pg 134

I really wanted to reflect the rich hues of the dirt at Broken Hill. And to remind you of the dryness of the area I used a cracked brush on the PP. (thanks Sandra)

The Prima bloom catches the subtle greenery in the distant scrub line.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

tumby time

The kids and I had the best day today. We visited a couple of families here in town and there was a fair bit of playing going on. Can always count on having a good time and air con in their homes. Thanks guys. It helped the morning fly and gave the kids a wonderful distraction (me too, truth be told).

Later this arvo we headed over to Tumby to frolic on the beach. Paige (our bestest friend ever) met us there and spent some time with the kidlets.

Its just so good to spend some time with her. A few more people joined our group and we had tea together on the beach. The kids were still in the water at sunset as it was just so darn lovely.

Tomorrow will be another stinker. I'm not sure of our plans yet, but no doubt something will happen. It usually does!!!!

Sean's clock

I've been getting Sean ready to start Kindy next year. As well as the alphabet, I've been teaching him numbers. So I altered him a clock so he can count them and begin to understand how to tell time.

This one was so rewarding to make. Ornamental as well as educational.

PS the pic was taken by Kym on his phone ages ago and I'm surprised how well it come up as an 8x10.

Friday, November 13, 2009

the 3 r's

I just love scrapping Annie's achievements. This one is a bit of a tribute to her love of school and her Merit Award. The journaling says it all.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

it's official.

Today it officially reached 40.9 degrees according to BOM. That officially made it the hottest day this week. I'm sure it was much hotter the further north you went. I was in Lincoln this morning and it was just lovely down there, but it sure smacked me in the face when I got out of the car back home just after lunch. And then it got hotter still.

Very fortunately, the local pool was able to open this afternoon. Due to one thing and another, it hasn't been able to open until now. So of course we made our way into town for a dip. Our community is very blessed to have a fantastic pool and surrounds for our enjoyment. The lawns are manicured and the water is just so clean and inviting. So I'm very thankful that we have this wonderful resource only 10 mins from home.

That has made us in the water 3 times in the last 4 days. I reckon the kids and I will develop scales and gills next. But it has been sooooo nice to cool off without any dramas.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

his pride and joy

A friend of mine asked me to pop by one evening while he was on the header to shoot some pics of his pride and joy. As the kids and I came home from the beach on Monday night, there he was, in a paddock of wheat, the gate was open and the breeze was blowing the right way so I wouldn't be covered in grain dust. Oh, and I happened to have the camera in the car.

This is a couple of them.
Thanks mate for letting me post them here.

And just a quick one of me kicking back on the beach Monday night. Funnily enough I was in about the same spot there tonight too. It was heavenly. Another couple of families came over with us after school and we all had fish and chups (pronounced with a kiwi accent) for tea. Home by 8pm to a much more livable outside temp.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I have a challenging and exciting photo-shoot tomorrow (Tuesday).

A local business is starting up their own website and needs photography to promote their business.

I feel bloody nervous about this. I've trawled the www to give me some ideas of other like business sites. While I have a swag of ideas, putting them into practice will be my challenge. My expectation is high so I hope I dont disappoint myself let alone the clients.

I guess the business will be there the next day if I need to re-shoot any frames. At least I have that as a fall back.

I hope to be able to post a pic or two after the shoot, we'll see.

Stay cool tomorrow.

down under at long last

Having a disposable under water camera was such a hoot. I felt like a magnet with all the kids around.
Thanks to Tanya and Meredith for letting me post this LO with their children on it.
The journaling says it all

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wasn't it warm today. Well it was here and will be for the rest of the week. Just a taste of things to come. I got up and shut the house down before sunrise this morning, so it was lovely and cool inside all day. No need for air con. YET. Once the stone work in my home heats up, it doesn't cool down so well at night time and so is a bit warmer inside then. And as tomorrow (Monday) is supposed to be warmer than today, I dare say the air con will get a bit of a run.

I've had a lousy niggly dry cough, that once it starts doesn't really stop until I fall asleep. It's so violent. It gets to the point that I feel like throwing up, and sleep is a very precious commodity that I dont get a lot of. I've been awake coughing until 3 or 4 in the morning before I am so puffed out I sleep.

As a result I been feeling like yesterday's dishwater. No energy or omphh at all. I should have taken the kids to the beach later this arvo as it would've been so lovely there. But I just couldn't be stuffed. Its just too hard and then I'll be hacking and spluttering on the beach. Believe me, its not nice to hear it. The doc has given me some sinus Ab's but they have made no bloody difference at all.

Any how, I've done a LO over the last couple of days. I just couldn't seem to find much energy for that either, and that's really not me at all.

ps. I've been allowed to post the pic of Mum from the 'little G ladies'photoshoot. Pop over to Tiff Firth Photography to see why I told her she was 'smokin!!' as soon as I took the shot.       Hot, Hot, Hot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

little G ladies

Mum and Mamaa were involved with this photo shoot too. I am trying to convince Mum to let me show one shot of her that I think is really special. ;-) 

You can view my Tiff Firth Photography Face book Page if you like.

have a great weekend!!