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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

coffee anyone??

just a couple of sneak peeks from a business photo-shoot. These, among others, are to be used on their upcoming web site. I will post the link when its constructed, up and running. Thanks to the owners, staff and some of their patrons who had their order photographed before they were able to get it. ;o)

latte praps??

mmmm. ice coffee for me please!!

and a sour dough roll to take home.

these ones are the 'popped' copies. Each client gets a choice of BW, Pop, sometimes a Sepia, sometimes a Vintage, a correctly exposed copy of the original and of course the original.

As I'm certainly not a professional by any means, I dont enforce copyright and I dont do the printing side of it. I just charge for my time, travel, the shoot and the processing. That way, in my mind, its affordable for everyone. And then the client saves by only printing what they really want. I have heard of quite a few canvas orders happening, which is so flattering.

With many thanks to you all


maryanne r said...

tiff, these pics really do "pop"!they look fab...and sooo yummy!

sandra said...

Great photos Tiff... hmmmm time for another coffee I think!

Zan said...

Good on you Tiff. You really put yourself out there when you started your photography business, but you're producing some really great photos. I'm not surprised to hear how busy you are with it all, but you just take it all in your stride and hit everyone with your positive attitude and lust for life. You should be really proud of your achievements.

Jane said...

Hi Tiff *waves*

these look great. I'll have an ice coffee please!!
canvas idea.....hmmmm now theres a thought for some chrissy pressys