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Sunday, November 1, 2009

princess for a day

Karkoo Scrap a thon LO no 7.

I borrowed Karen's square punch for this one. Thanks chick. While I was punching out several PP I really had no idea what I was going to do with it. I already had the backing PP and the overlay in mind, but nothing else until I thought of quilting those squares together. So a bit of careful ( for me that means lifting the foot off the sewing control a fair bit as I usually go flat out) stitching, a lot of loose threads to tidy up and using that Prima bloom to finish it off.  Journaling says 'Every little girl deserves to be a princess for at least one day'

I would really like to mention something that really stood out to me from the Karkoo weekend. I have spoken to some others that were there too and it really struck them the same way.

Good ol fashion TRUST.

We were very lucky to have had 5 retailers at the scrapathon. After each retailer decided to retire for the night, their 'shop' was left unattended. Of course they took the money etc as one should, but all the products and goodies were left as it until they came back next morning.

The docket book was left on the table in most cases and anything that was purchased was duly written in on that person's page. I know this for a fact, as I kept a bit of a beady eye on that. Not that it was needed. AT ALL. So I would really really like to say a very big heartfelt thank you to the retailers for trusting us mere scrappers who kept at it all night, and to all the scrappers who did the right thing by the retailers. After all, wouldn't it be just so fantastic if this could be a regular thing. Without the variety of each business we just wouldn't have the choices to scrap with.

Sean had a night in hospital last night (once again). Another round of asthma brought on by a cold. I am so very very glad that we live 10 mins away from needing it, esp driving him in at 4.30am and hearing him suffer all the way. That really pulls at my heart. So I really understand the tyranny of distance and what it could mean if you couldn't get there quick enough. Thank you for all the well wishes and support from my Face Book friends.

I'm in the middle of processing a photo shoot atm besides catching up from last night sleep deprivation so no scrapping for a little while. sigh


Kirsty said...

Tiff this is gorgeous! I hope your lil man gets well soon:(

maryanne r said...

oh wow tiff
this is lovely!love the bright colored flowers and hearts in the corners, and the patchwork effect is very cleverly done.love it.
hope seans on the mend.

Anonymous said...

wow tiff all of your creations are fabbo! you have been scrapping up a storm!

sandra said...

Loved watching you put this one together too.
Gorgeous stitching.. love it.

And you were right about the trust thing... The weekend was such a relaxed affair.. no stress by anyone.