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Sunday, May 31, 2009

the report.

firstly the pics as promised from this morning of my boys and the last day of seeding.

My boys and their big red toy.

Future caretaker of the soil.

secondly the hunt.
I was a bit of a mess on my way out to the hunt. Just as well it was only me in the car as I was a fair bit stressed. I talked out loud, told myself off out loud, sooked, and was generally unhinged, and bloody near threw up. I stopped at the driveway up to the hunt course, got out, walked around and pulled my shit together. So at least I seemed in one piece in front of the other hunters. Bloody big front.

And apologies to the horse called Britain. He is a she. Major boo boo.
Once I got into the saddle, I felt better. It felt so right. It felt comfortable, it felt like home.
So we followed. And then after popping the sly one or two, we joined the field on the last leg home.
Thanks to Kathy for encouraging me to jump with her and to help lead her horse over a couple of sticky ones. We moved together up to the Hunt field.

When I got off at the end we gave each other a big hug and stuff me, I cried. I think it was from relief that I haven't lost it (nerve that is) and just overwhelmed by so many people who care enough to help me. Thanks specifically to Barbie and Elaine for coming up with the idea, and Elaine for floating Britain to and from the hunt field, to Claire who owns Britain for her trust in me, to Kathy for everything in the field today. big hug chick. and to Milton for keeping an eye on me.

so..... Jerry...... Another gentleman hunter with extra long legs and a very experienced seat will ride Jerry next week at Wangary. I will watch with a lot of fingers, eyes, legs and anything else I can cross and hope they both go well. I just dont want the Gentleman to get injured on my account. I have a conscious that I have to live with.

So all being well from that point, I'll get on Jerry and follow.

one step at a time......

me and mine.

crickey I feel nervous. I am following at the Hunt today. And I am feeling really really jittery about it.

A very very kind friend has lent me her horse to follow so I can find my courage again. She wont be there today and another Hunter drives past her gate and will pick the horse up for me. So with all the stuffing around these two lovely ladies are doing for me to help me pluck up the courage to 'swing a leg over', I better bloody do it. Thankyou ladies for your trust, faith, and very kind thoughts.

I am hoping that once I am in the saddle it will feel like home again. This boy Im on today is a quiet chap, so my butt should stay in the saddle. My legs will be so sore tomorrow. I havent really ridden since January so a quietish day is planned.

We should finish seeding today, so I took some pics of Kym, Sean and the implements. Keeps Kym feeling warm and fuzzy when he's in the occasional shot. lol. I'll pop them here tonight when I come home.

Did this LO last night. I cut up a Heidi Swapp mask that rarely saw the light of day and used it as an embellishment instead.
Really love how this one came out.
***edited to add*** oh dear. I have been neglectful. So sorry Amanda. Amanda Hall took this very lovely photo of me and kids. It is my all time favourtie of the the three of us. I have actually popped this one into Kym's wallet.


slept in. Bliss
shopped for scrap supplies at Lock.
supped some cold wine with a good mate in the late arvo.
scrapped - felt so very good. will photograph it in the morning.

Friday, May 29, 2009

band aid solution

I feel like a bad mother. For the life of me I can not remember how Annie got the scrape around her eye. It was 18 months ago. I should keep a little book to jot down notes like that as it happens for reference. Sort of like a scrapping diary I guess.

I didn't feel so bad when I asked Kym and he couldn't remember either. So when Annie came home late this arvo I asked her. And she doesn't know either. lol. I am off the hook.

Journaling says Annie. You are such a funny bunny. You were so proud of your 'nearly' black eye. Mum forgets how you even scrapped it in the first place. It mustn't have been a big drama.

u r a star

This LO has been on my desk for a week before I could give it any attention. Life has become so frantic lately. lol. Wouldn't have it any other way tho.

The E2C colour challenge fitted this just perfectly has the certificate has just the right colours already.

So without much brain strain, U R A star came into being. Journaling says "each week two people in your class are choosen to be 'student of the week'. This was your week to shine"

I hope to get a LO or 2 done over the next few days. All the photography processing is up to date and I dont have any sessions booked until Tuesday at this stage.

Thankyou to the ladies (and gent) who have encouraged me to open this new door in my life. Your enthusiasm is infectious. And as long as it stays casual and without too many expectations, I'll keep right on and enjoy the ride.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miss A

this little lady has it all. Great genes from her Mum!!!! Stunning eyes in the first pic here I have not touched at all. This is how they are in real life. Couldnt you just drown in them. She can pop a pose and show me a little imp smile with any fuss at all.

Miss A, you are just a delight.
Thankyou Mum for today. I had a ball.

Miss L

Did I have fun today with Miss L. She loves bubbles. Her beautiful face just lit up when they were floating around.

Thanks Mum and enjoy your sneak peek.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MIss R and Miss S

Did I have some fun with these ladies. I had terriffic light to work with and two very happy chicks who didnt mind me in their face.

thanks Mum and enjoy your sneak peaks.

ps.... check out the bottom one closely.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

help please

I am trying either to have a photo album link on my right side bar for some of the baby photos I have taken lately. Or have a slide show happening there.
I have created an album in Picasa but then I'm stuck.
Is there also any way to transfer photos already in Picasa into a new album there without having to reload them from my end on the 'puter. Would save on heaps of double handling uploads

I have tried both the album and slideshow with blogger and got so confused, I give up.

Does anyone have an idiot explanation of how to.... in layman terms.

would be very grateful

many thanks

Mr O with Miss A (take 2)

I had the pleasure of seeing Mr O again today. Some of the photos I had taken of him with his sister last week I was not happy with, so I asked Mum if I could reshoot them. Lucky for me she said yes, as now I am REALLY happy with these ones.

So thankyou very very much Mum for your patience with me. I am certainly no professional and make heaps of mistakes.

Lucky for you, there are heaps of extra snaps.

And I had my extra cuddle. There is nothing like the smell of little baby. So very addictive. And no Maryanne, I'm not getting clucky. But I am having so much fun playing and being a kid myself.

And my answer to Sandra's suggestion of having a 'studio' built on is
"no way in hell do i want a studio. just want keep the whole thing very casual and a whole of fun. you scare the pants off me Sandra. and would prefer to stay with baby photos as they dont run away from me. lol."

Just check out these most gorgeous eyes framed by those dark lashes.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Miss T

this little poppet has perfected the puckered lips and oh that smile. She is just gorgeous and all of 10 weeks old.
Thanks Mum and enjoy your sneak peek.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Annie's first ever school production. I kept the parent letter, the program on the night, my seat ticket, the thankyou's the teachers gave to each student. I have included the DVD of the production and I even had had Annie sing one of the songs onto a Page Talker. Twinkle Twinkle never sounded so rocking good. Oh and I managed to fit in 4 photos as well.

So no embellishing. That would be just too much.

show and tell

wahu. 2 layouts in one night. unheard of for me. I didnt overly embellish this one as the 5 pics are enough on there without giving me eye strain.

journaling says

I wanted you to have something special for show and tell at school. And something to show your teacher, mrs hall, and friends what your mum, dad and Sean look like. so with a bit of sneakiness i made you this tiny little book that fits inside a powder compact. the little book has tiny photos of you, Sean, dad and me. you absolutely loved it. it has been to school since then for show and tell with your new teacher, mrs Kelly, in your year 1 class. 20.10.2007

Saturday, May 23, 2009


a quickie finished tonight.

and we had the most amazing sunset tonight.
this pic is of the 'eastern' sky reflecting the western horizon. just stunning irl. Thanks Tanya for the txt to crab my camera otherwise I would have never seen it.

Mr O

this little chap has such an old soul. Just 4 weeks old and oh so adorable.

me and mine.

after reading a post on E2C from Meredith about putting yourself with the kids in front of the camera, I felt really motivated to do it. Thanks Meredith. I just needed the push!!

So with the crap day outside and the kids not wanting to go to footy because of the weather, we had a mini photoshoot.

Annie took some shots of Sean and I,
Sean took some shots of Annie and I,
and I used the tripod and remote to set up some shots of all of us together.
And some extra ones of just me and Annie as Sean's angle in the viewfinder was either on the floor, the ceiling, or just about anywhere else. And with a cheeky smile when he did it too. Little squirt.

So these are straight off the camera without any fiddling.
And I am so glad I did this. I will be taking shots of me and the kids a lot more often after reading that post.


yay. I scrapped. I managed to fit one in during yesterday. I had it on my desk and fiddled with it in between baby bounce, playgroup, lunch at the bakery, processing baby photos, the kids, going out for tea and chores.
boy it felt good.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The A man


couldnt you just squeeze those cheeks.

Enjoy your sneak peek Mum and thankyou so much

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr L

Isnt it amazing when one door shuts in your life, the next one springs wide open. You just need the courage to step thru it. This is me on the threshold at the moment. I have been very flattered by a number of requests for infant photo sessions. In no way am I up to the standard of professional photographers, and do not even for a second, think that I want to be, but I do enjoy taking photos. And even more so of little babies.

So in saying that, I had the most fun this morning.

I have been very fortunate to be asked by the Karkoo Playgroup ladies to come up and do a photoshoot of 4 little itty bitty babies.

I felt a bit unsure and more than a bit intimidated by this invite. 4 babies in one morning, and now there is an expectation out there.

So taking courage in both hands I thought, well why the hell not. The Mums are friends of mine, they all have an idea of the photos that I take via the blog here or by Facebook. And I discovered, they had more fun than I did. So much so that I have more babies to photograph next week. And I have one with a Dad. Cant wait to get some buff torso shots of him and his son.

So thankyou so much ladies. I really appreciate it. You have given me so much more confidence.

I have processed Mr L shots tonight. Over the next few days I complete the others and pop sneak peaks for the Mums on here.

stayed tuned.