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Sunday, May 31, 2009

the report.

firstly the pics as promised from this morning of my boys and the last day of seeding.

My boys and their big red toy.

Future caretaker of the soil.

secondly the hunt.
I was a bit of a mess on my way out to the hunt. Just as well it was only me in the car as I was a fair bit stressed. I talked out loud, told myself off out loud, sooked, and was generally unhinged, and bloody near threw up. I stopped at the driveway up to the hunt course, got out, walked around and pulled my shit together. So at least I seemed in one piece in front of the other hunters. Bloody big front.

And apologies to the horse called Britain. He is a she. Major boo boo.
Once I got into the saddle, I felt better. It felt so right. It felt comfortable, it felt like home.
So we followed. And then after popping the sly one or two, we joined the field on the last leg home.
Thanks to Kathy for encouraging me to jump with her and to help lead her horse over a couple of sticky ones. We moved together up to the Hunt field.

When I got off at the end we gave each other a big hug and stuff me, I cried. I think it was from relief that I haven't lost it (nerve that is) and just overwhelmed by so many people who care enough to help me. Thanks specifically to Barbie and Elaine for coming up with the idea, and Elaine for floating Britain to and from the hunt field, to Claire who owns Britain for her trust in me, to Kathy for everything in the field today. big hug chick. and to Milton for keeping an eye on me.

so..... Jerry...... Another gentleman hunter with extra long legs and a very experienced seat will ride Jerry next week at Wangary. I will watch with a lot of fingers, eyes, legs and anything else I can cross and hope they both go well. I just dont want the Gentleman to get injured on my account. I have a conscious that I have to live with.

So all being well from that point, I'll get on Jerry and follow.

one step at a time......


Kirsty said...

Tiff you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would have taken so much courage, and you did it!!!! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those 2 photos are stunning Tiff !!
and good on you for the Hunt, well done !!
Kylie x

sandra said...

Well done Tiff.. before you know it you will be leading the charge from the front
You go girl!!

tanya.chandler said...

you rock lady!!! well done - and you didn't say anything sat about it????!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Woohoo for the hunt, I'm whipping my thigh for you as I'm typing!!! I love the foot in the soil shot, that's special, Tiff :o)