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Saturday, May 2, 2009

5 today

Firstly thankyou to the lovely ladies who took the trouble to comment on my question of which pic of Sean to print from the previous post. I reckon I will print both and then see which takes my fancy. Seeing that it is such a noice snap I reckon I'll be making it quite large to really capture his eyes. (and prop scrap both lol)

And as for my hunt escapades.... what an anti climax. I woke up this morning with gastro. So I didnt go anywhere near the hunt. I would like to thank S for collecting the membership monies today on my behalf. I woke up again about 3pm. This bug knocked me for a 6. Felt marginally safe enough to go outside to get some sun on this glorious day. So sad I missed most of it.

next week......

finished this one off late last night.

fiddled with PS, the scanner and the printer to get the actual dates for September of 2007 on it and some other little details. The hibiscus flowers arent as flat as this irl, but at least they scanned without casting shadows.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, gastro nooooooo!!! Here's praying for your speedy recovery. I suppose the Masters challenges are similar now that I think about it, I just meant more diverse in terms of the "surprise project" because last year it was a bloody calendar and I hated doing it as I knew I wouldn't use it and had to use my "good stuff" on it, where as this year I'll be able to do something I really love and will use. Yes the DT thing is getting out of control. I was so used to applying and not getting in that I truly didn't expect it to come to this. I won't be applying for anymore at the moment (except for Rusty Pickle as I've already started, but really don't consider that serious). As for hubby, don't worry, he has his own social club as well as playing golf every Sat morning, so I figure being at home with the kids all the time, this is what keeps me going. I scrap every night from 10pm till midnight so it doesn't take away too much from the kids. Hope you feel better soon and have plenty of toilet paper in stock although you most likely won't think that very funny at moment as I know how terrible it can be, take care, Tiff :o)

Anonymous said...

You really are gorgeous!!! If the chippie album is the same as the one you won last time and you win that, I'll change it for one you don't have. I can't remember what lot you won in my last giveaway...... it may not have been that, sorry to ramble on LOL!!!