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Tuesday, May 5, 2009



a few answers to a few questions.

Kylie. Glamour photography was in town last week. I won a voucher for a photo session, so of course I jumped at that. As I am normally behind the lens I dont have a lot of 'nice' shots of me. Let alone having the hair and war paint done. I had some 'skin' shots done too, but I wont scare you with them lol.

Tiff S. and Sandra. Yep. Gastro all gone from this house of ill. Just me on Saturday, and Annie on Sunday. The first 8 hours are the worst.

Maryanne. I am devouring those books. I am onto Eclipse all ready :)

And yes my name has been taken off the E2C blog as an email contact. I can still post at this stage but am not sure for how much longer :(

Danielle. I am selling Jerry. I havent found the burn to hunt. I frankly just couldnt be bothered. I'll give horses a break for a bit and if Annie shows interest, I'll find a plodder for me so I can ride out with her. I have started getting the word out but thankyou for you very kind thoughts.

A lo for Sean's album. I have at long last caught up to a point where both the kids are about at the same time frame in their photo backlog. One of the reasons why I have been scrapping so madly lately. And I gotta scratch that scrap itch right?...

I grunged it a bit with a Rhonda Farrer digi overlay. So love her stuff.


SueP said...

Both bridge pages very different and effective! I woulda been tempted to do both the same for each album....but that's cheating i know!!

SueP said...

Yes, see i was here this am....and it is slightly different!! :)
You had me thinking i was missing something!! or going mad(der)!!!