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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ho ho ho

This is Sean's Christmas letter that 'we' ( lol ) wrote to Big Jolly Man back in 2009. Scrapped for Scrap Therapy's  SHOOT IT, SCRAP IT- All things Christmas for November and December.
I'm showcasing Teresa Collins - Christmas Home Range as my product of choice. The one I've used here is Christmas Words.

I've written two Christmas related tutorials up to date, and have another under construction atm to go live on Friday evening. Playing Around with Christmas Lights and Ho Ho Ho Macro. You can find these and a lot of other tutorials in the Shutter Therapy section in the forum.

anvil thunderhead

yesterday's humid muggy weather produced some magnificent skies. This shot of an anvil thunder-head was in the northern sky.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

field bin sunset

I'm finding so often it pays to have the camera in the car. You just never know when an opportunity arises.

These field bins where here like this (actually there was 8 of them) one day, and they were gone the next. I managed to get these with the last light of the day. 2 mins later and that soft light that gave the roundness to the bins, was gone.

And the sky forever changes!!

remember this joy

Yay. I have scrapped. The first time for about 3 weeks. I've been consumed with Photography up until this point, and it's wonderful to be able to have some time back at the scrap table.

its all things Christmas at Scrap Therapy for November and December. Products used are Teresa Collins Christmas Home range.  Here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

friday's harvest

A quick pictorial of the shapes and textures of harvest 2011 on Friday 18th


wheat on left, barley on right


Saturday, November 26, 2011

framed christmas lights 2011

Most of you would be aware by now that I'm writing photographic tutorials over at Scrap Therapy forum. My section is called Shutter Therapy. November and December is all about Christmas so I've been playing around with the lights for the Christmas Tree before I actually put them up in the tree.

Sean (a couple of weeks ago) and with the both of them last night. I wrapped a string of 200 LED lights around a photo frame. To save time and angst :shock: I doubled the string of lights so I only had to wrap it around the frame half as many times. :wink: 

Head over to Playing around with Christmas Lights Tute for the settings, the how to's and other tips. Have some fun with it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

and they're off

Just how happy is this girl!!!!   

Annie had her top teeth banded on the 8th of Feb this year.  I've had sooo many comments saying 'isn't she a bit young for bands.' And the answer is no, not these days. They prefer to do more minor corrective dental work before getting to the stage of pulling teeth out and major reconstructive work. And in Annie's case, it wasn't a large amount of correction needed. But enough to warrant her top ones banded. 

Now looking at the photo of her teeth I took that morning 8 months ago, I cringe. I am so very glad I pushed this idea to get them corrected.

This is today. And what a difference. And I've noticed already her speech is a bit clearer. I've also noticed, much to my astonishment just how much older she looks now without the bands on.

This is something she has wanted to do for 8 months. Crunch into a cold crispy apple. Unfortunately this shot is staged :( . She can't chomp into an apple just yet. She has a thin clip behind the front 2 teeth to hold them in place. That could be there for up to 2 years. So no frozen fruitboxes either.

(This apple was sacrificed for the greater good of taste and pleasure by it's being divided into several segments by knife. It was consumed with utter delight.)

lake malata and a day with John

I had day out with John White a week ago. You can see his Getty images here, his Flickr site here and his Facebook page here. His website is here.

When you see his portfolios, you'll know you've seen his shots around. He's well published and his images are in demand. So how lucky am I to have a day with him??.  I'm learning all the time. :O)

I'd also like to note how very lucky I am that Kym gives me room in our marriage to 'breathe'. He's not once said 'no, you can't go there', or 'no, you can't go with him/her' in regards to my photography journey. It's the same in return for his Clay Target Shooting. On some occasions we've had to comprise if dates clashed with things, but he has the freedom to chase his shooting needs. He's been on the SA State Shooting Team shooting at the Nationals interstate many times, and he has only missed 2 occasions. One was shortly after Sean's birth, and he wanted to be with our new son, and the second was when we both had commitments on the same weekends. We came to a solution so we both could do what we wanted to do.

Also noted is his trust. One I will not break. I really don't think there would be that many husbands out there  that allow their wives to head out for a day with another man going to remote locations. And for that I am so very thankful. And trust me, I am very aware of just how lucky I am in that regard.

John and I headed out to Lake Malata for the day. I had the landowner's permission to enter as the lake is private land. You may think a dried salt lake would be pretty boring let alone be there for 3 hours. NOT LIKELY. You just need to open your eyes to all the possibilities around you.

rising salt as the water drops created awesome Nike like Swooshes.

Petrified drift wood

 salt encrusted cockroach. Some 40m into the dried salt lake from the shore

 footprints as the leading line with my tripod as the point of interest.

 waves of 'swooshes'

 John in action (posted with his permission)

 the best image for last. :O)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

5 cousins

I've been steadily working away on a photoshoot from last weekend. The original plan was to be in a garden in Port Lincoln late evening when the light was soft. But seeing that day was overcast and so pleasant, I suggested a change of plan and venue. The light was diffusing so nicely through the overcast sky that I could shoot in the middle of the day, and it was warmer for the younger ones too.

These are just but a few of that lovely day.

more of the 5 Cousins over at Tiff Firth Photography on Facebook

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11.11.11 abc open

remember that pic I took at 11.11.11 @ 11.11am

just a reminder...

check out this link from ABC Open.  at about 0:39 seconds into it.

this is the reason why I took that pic of me @ 11.11.11 at 11.11am in the first place.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

deck the tree 2011

Every year we grab the chance to put the Christmas Tree up when Kym has a moment off the header. Usually due to weather or some breakdown. Today he had time due to the rain the previous night.

Another incentive is I'm writing photography tutorials on Capturing the Spirit of Christmas on Camera over at Scrap Therapy in the Shutter Therapy forum. And I need the tree for some of the tutes. :O)

It seems to be Sean's role to put the star on the tree each year. So of course I had to catch that.

And this is a very special bauble for Annie. It's an extremely thin fragile glass bauble that had 3 attempts to get from Adelaide to here in one piece. It was given to her for her first Christmas after she turned one by wonderful friends of ours. With very careful wrapping it has lasted 8 years and she hangs it in pride of place each Christmas.

I haven't put the lights on the tree yet. I'm still getting a plan in my head regarding those lights and Annie. And then they will go on the tree. Remember this image of Sean?

I know it's early, but have a wonderful Festive Season!!


Eyre Peninsula had an awesome lightning storm the other night. I was lucky enough to catch this shot. This is one area of photography I'd love to develop.

I've seen some jaw dropping shots of that night on Facebook and on Flickr and they make this shot look pathetic. It was an amazing storm.

harvest of the barley

This is what my man does best. Cropping is in his blood. Reaping what he sows gives him enormous satisfaction. Much like what photography does for me.

The investment, both in time and money, bears it's fruits at this time of year. Growing a crop is a huge gamble. The input costs are every increasing and the grain prices, when it comes to marketing our crops, are not always kind, and are internationally influenced. The $A being over parity hurts us as farmers immensely. Great for imports, sucks for exports. And we are exporters.

Still, in saying all that, I would not trade this lifestyle for all the world. It's the best way to bring up kids, it's grass roots, and it's real. And it may be something, if one or the other of our children CHOOSE to, continue for their livelihood later on.


Just mucking around with flames and frames. Clearing out some 'to do' folders that are backing up.  Busier than ever.

gym windup 2011

Despite the hot conditions the kids put on fantastic displays of their gymnastic skills on Friday night. I brought along my water mister bottle to squirt the kids down to keep them cool. That seemed to work a treat. I also roved the floor with the camera in hand to take shots of the kids in action. (Can't show them as I didn't seek permission to do so).

Sean was presented with his first ever, in his whole 5 years 9 months of life, trophy.

He is mighty proud of it. He slept with it under his pillow and it will be his topic of conversation for morning talk at school.

Annie was presented with her first Spinner Medallion. These are only given to the gymnasts after 5 years of Gym. At the moment there are only 3 other Gymnasts who have one in the club. So she feels very special because of this.

They are so keen to start again next year. Bring it on.

The club is looking to up-size facilities as it have grown incredibly in the numbers of Gymnasts on the floor. The Club is fundraising and grant writing to construct a purpose built Gymnastic Facility. Lots of energy and great positive vibes in the club for this to happen.