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Sunday, November 6, 2011

dawn of today and a day of threes.

You know how things happens in threes????

Today was one of those days.   At 6am on my way out to this morning's dawn shoot I hit a roo in the Toyota Courtesy Car (my Hilux is having a gearbox replacement).

I have always had a mantra regarding roos and cars on the road. ***me chanting - stay straight, don't swerve, stay straight, don't swerve***  Well I stayed straight and did not swerve to avoid hitting the roo. As a result I did clip it with the right hand side of the bumper bar. Much better that then rolling the car after an uncontrolled swerve.  The headlights are fine, the wheel cavity is fine and it's still drivable.

Unfortunately, at 6am when I hit the roo, I was nowhere near where I had planned to be for the dawn of today. But as it turned out I was at the very beginning of the lake system near where I live. So after clearing the road of debris, (no roo to be found), I locked up and took this morning's PO shot.  (photographic orgasm).

Today found me down near Little Swamp photographing something that I've been looking at for ages (photos later) when I saw a car pull up next to the Courtesy Car and I watched someone walk around it. (I was about 1km away). The guy got back in his car and took off in a hurry towards the Prison.

I packed up at that point and left. While I was at the Church on Pobke Lane, Big Swamp, a Police Car pulled up the same time as my phone rang. On the phone was a Local Toyota Rep enquiring if I was ok. He just had the Police ring him regarding a report from Correctional Services about a damaged and abandoned Toyota Courtesy car near the Port Lincoln Prison. We ended up laughing about the whole misunderstanding and hung up on good terms.

The Policemen stepped out to enquire about the car and the report from Correctional Services. Again I explained the misunderstanding, we laughed and shook hands. One of the men even pointed out a tree that I hadn't noticed that would be a good photographic subject. He was right too.

I have a bunch of photos to work on over the next few days that I'm really excited about and memories of today I won't forget in a hurry.

I think I've had my run of three's for awhile. lol


SueP said...

OMG not the courtsey car!! did a good job!! Love that sunrise photo!!

Alanna said...

Ooohhhhhhh what a GORGEOUS shot Tiff!! Absolutely love it :) Looking forward to seeing some other shots from today.

Golly... you have had a day! What a crazy day! Glad you're okay though :)

My Canon 60D is meant to be arriving today... kinda stalking the front door with excitement ;)