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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jolly Holley's

What a magical moment or two we had at Farm Beach with this family. Besides that incredible sunset that blazed red for a short time (see post below) we were blessed with soft light and a slight breeze. Even tho it was a touch on the cool side, the boys (and parents) were terrific, and didn't give it too much thought at all.

I'm a very firm believer that every Father should kiss his children, especially his sons!!

This is one of two shots that Mum especially wanted to capture. The last time this family had their hands photographed there was three of them.

This is the other important shot. After many numerous testing out many many spots of clean sand to find the right balance of dampness and firmness without being too sloppy or too fragile we captured the family's footprints (indulging my foot fetish as well lol)

 We left the 'wet' shots till last, as the water with the cooling temp and the light breeze certainly made the shoot come to the end. 

From all the shots, including the ones below, this one is my fave. I envy their wonderful friendship they have with each other. It's a beautiful thing.

 It was after a change of clothes and nibbles that the sky reblazed. The camera came back out again for 'those heart skipping shots'

More of the Jolly Holley images at Tiff Firth Photography on Facebook.


Alanna said...

Oh I love them all Tiff! Love the silhouette shot of the parents. Love the one against the sunset with the kids looking at the camera. Love love love the footprints! And love the first one of the kidlets holding hands.

Love them all ;)

Great new header too :)

Anonymous said...

I like the images and seems like jolly toes...

Marelize said...

What stunning photos! You are so talented Tiff.