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Sunday, November 20, 2011

deck the tree 2011

Every year we grab the chance to put the Christmas Tree up when Kym has a moment off the header. Usually due to weather or some breakdown. Today he had time due to the rain the previous night.

Another incentive is I'm writing photography tutorials on Capturing the Spirit of Christmas on Camera over at Scrap Therapy in the Shutter Therapy forum. And I need the tree for some of the tutes. :O)

It seems to be Sean's role to put the star on the tree each year. So of course I had to catch that.

And this is a very special bauble for Annie. It's an extremely thin fragile glass bauble that had 3 attempts to get from Adelaide to here in one piece. It was given to her for her first Christmas after she turned one by wonderful friends of ours. With very careful wrapping it has lasted 8 years and she hangs it in pride of place each Christmas.

I haven't put the lights on the tree yet. I'm still getting a plan in my head regarding those lights and Annie. And then they will go on the tree. Remember this image of Sean?

I know it's early, but have a wonderful Festive Season!!

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