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Friday, November 25, 2011

lake malata and a day with John

I had day out with John White a week ago. You can see his Getty images here, his Flickr site here and his Facebook page here. His website is here.

When you see his portfolios, you'll know you've seen his shots around. He's well published and his images are in demand. So how lucky am I to have a day with him??.  I'm learning all the time. :O)

I'd also like to note how very lucky I am that Kym gives me room in our marriage to 'breathe'. He's not once said 'no, you can't go there', or 'no, you can't go with him/her' in regards to my photography journey. It's the same in return for his Clay Target Shooting. On some occasions we've had to comprise if dates clashed with things, but he has the freedom to chase his shooting needs. He's been on the SA State Shooting Team shooting at the Nationals interstate many times, and he has only missed 2 occasions. One was shortly after Sean's birth, and he wanted to be with our new son, and the second was when we both had commitments on the same weekends. We came to a solution so we both could do what we wanted to do.

Also noted is his trust. One I will not break. I really don't think there would be that many husbands out there  that allow their wives to head out for a day with another man going to remote locations. And for that I am so very thankful. And trust me, I am very aware of just how lucky I am in that regard.

John and I headed out to Lake Malata for the day. I had the landowner's permission to enter as the lake is private land. You may think a dried salt lake would be pretty boring let alone be there for 3 hours. NOT LIKELY. You just need to open your eyes to all the possibilities around you.

rising salt as the water drops created awesome Nike like Swooshes.

Petrified drift wood

 salt encrusted cockroach. Some 40m into the dried salt lake from the shore

 footprints as the leading line with my tripod as the point of interest.

 waves of 'swooshes'

 John in action (posted with his permission)

 the best image for last. :O)

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