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Sunday, November 20, 2011

gym windup 2011

Despite the hot conditions the kids put on fantastic displays of their gymnastic skills on Friday night. I brought along my water mister bottle to squirt the kids down to keep them cool. That seemed to work a treat. I also roved the floor with the camera in hand to take shots of the kids in action. (Can't show them as I didn't seek permission to do so).

Sean was presented with his first ever, in his whole 5 years 9 months of life, trophy.

He is mighty proud of it. He slept with it under his pillow and it will be his topic of conversation for morning talk at school.

Annie was presented with her first Spinner Medallion. These are only given to the gymnasts after 5 years of Gym. At the moment there are only 3 other Gymnasts who have one in the club. So she feels very special because of this.

They are so keen to start again next year. Bring it on.

The club is looking to up-size facilities as it have grown incredibly in the numbers of Gymnasts on the floor. The Club is fundraising and grant writing to construct a purpose built Gymnastic Facility. Lots of energy and great positive vibes in the club for this to happen.

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