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Friday, January 31, 2014


I did a bit of research about the cover I use for my iphone 5s regarding its waterproofing. I did a test run first just to make sure of no leaks with success before I popped my iPhone back in and dunked the lot in the pool.

What an outstanding new tool I have. Lifeproof you rock.

iphone, ipod touch, ipad mini and samsung galaxy devices are all catered for at Lincoln Camera Centre. Go get em

Monday, January 27, 2014

The One and All

What an absolutely splendid afternoon on the water for Australia Day. And spent with friends too. Can't top that.

(posted with permission)

Sean bringing her about in preparation to dock at the Wharf

And to really top it off I took my Grandfather, the kids Great Grandfather, out on The One and All for a tiddly pomp on Boston Bay. He's sailed most of his life and built a ferro cement yacht which my brother now sails. I hardly saw him. He was so entrenched into discovering more and more about the workings of this tall ship. He had a blast and I was so very stoked that we were able to take him out with us.

(sxuse my hat hair)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 22

goodbye number 9.

We had an absolute blast this year. Couldn't have picked a better place to survive those few days of what was forecasted to be really hot weather. It actually was quite nice in Tumby while most places roasted.

Good to see DH down tools for a few weeks. Unless he's taken away from home or the tool trailer, he rarely stops working. The smoker box was kept busy smoking fish, the freezer has been replenished and the kids have experienced new things this year.

And I might have jagged a photo or two :P

We'll be back next year.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 20

Annie and Kym headed out fishing early. They were back sooner than i thought they were going to be as it was a bit rough in the hotspot for Garfish. They did well with Tommies before they came in and they went in the smoker box this afternoon.

So I took the kids and a friend of theirs to the library and we then met the other family on the Mangrove Trial for them to explore. It was a lot of fun with the kids clowning around for the camera and looking for crabs, starfish and birds.

Sean went with Kym to smoke the fish and Annie and her friend chilled out reading their books. When Sean made is way back I took the three of them up the jetty with an Australian flag to do a few pics with Australia Day in mind. Once I had what I wanted, the kids had their icecream reward.

When we got back from the jetty the other family all had an afternoon snooze so the kids and I hit the waves with the boards and the GoPro. Classic stuff.

We spent the early evening on the beach with the other family and had a late tea. Kym's taken a large ute load of gear home tonight so he can be back early in the morning.

I'm heading out later this evening to shoot the rising moon over the jetty while the kids sleep.

Monday, January 20, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 19

The kids had a surprising long sleepin on Monday morning. Kym was up early and out fishing so the kids and I had the day to fill in.

Annie had her annual hair cut in the morning, we swam, had the boards on the waves, rode our bikes, had another family of kids here to play, I had my nails done and headed out to a secret location sand dune.

Can you spot DH way down there?

And Annie is even further away. Can you see her?

The kids had sand everywhere. I've never seen Sean's ears so full. A good swim had that sorted out.

I headed out on the jetty about 10.30pm to do a recce for the moonrise that will rise directly over the jetty on Tuesday night. Sorting out lens choice on which camera body. There's a few factors involved. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 18

Lounged around a bit yesterday morning after getting back about 2.30am from the Scrapworkz scrap night.

The water was good for the boards so out we went. Annie's now on hands and knees and Sean's just loving it.


We spent the later afternoon at a friends home just having a good ol yarn. After tea, the kids and us snuggled in for a movie and we just had a late night in front of the box.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 17

Pancakes for breakfast. Its a cooler grey day in Tumby today. We all headed out on the sandbar with the other family to find the little yabbie looking things in the sand for fish bait. The boys were using this sucker pole thing over the nests in the sand to find them. I took some fun shots of the kids running around in the shallow waters and finding the little yabbie thingos.

Kym, our kids, and the other kids started Scrabble while I sorted out what I wanted to take to Lincoln for the 2 to 2 scrapathon at Scrapworkz with the girls.

Friday, January 17, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 16

The kids and I had a day in Lincoln today for dental appointments and picking up what nots for the school year. Called in and spent some time with Amy and her kids. Last stop was Wendy's.

It was surprisingly cool in Lincoln and when we got back to Tumby late arvo I was surprised how warm and windy it was there.

The boys had a successful day on the water so it was garfish for tea and sausages for those who are non fish eaters. We just all pooled tucker and set up 2 garden bench tables outside and relaxed till the sun went down. The kids ran riot, had a ball and even had us adults entertained with a three dance recitals. 2 by Annie and 1 by Sean. I'm so very chuffed they had the self confidence and the guts to do that. I did record it but I'm not showing it on here. Some things do remain private ;)

Late night video with the kids before shut eye.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 15

Kym and our friend's Dad with his eldest son headed out early to go fishing. I think Sean's had enough for a while as he didn't want to go.

It was quite breezy in town and warm so were up into the Library for books and down to the Modra Apartment's office for DVD's.

I was watching the horizon as there were quite a few fires going up around the place due to rekindles from the lightning strikes two days before.  The one at Miners Hill/Dray Pole Hill near Ungarra/Yallunda Flat was causing some concerns to the friends. So when the CFS app showed an 'investigate smoke' at the Flat, I rang the friends to get the Hubby back on the beach at Second Creek as he didn't have the CFS pager on him to find out what's going on. Both she and I took off in our vehicles to the beach in case we needed to bring extra kids, vehicles or their boat back to town. It turned out to be a false alarm, which was the best cause scenario, thank goodness.

It was much nicer at Second Creek than in town, so we headed back to load up the sun shelter, the boards, the eski, hats, towels and skis and back we came.

Sitting in the water up to your belly button, with a coldie in hand, watching the kids muck around on the boards and snorkels was the best way to spend a hot day. It was over 46 in Cummins and I don't reckon we even hit 38 in Tumby, so just knowing it was a bit cooler on the coast made it feel that much nicer to be there.

When the boys came in off the boats we popped the kids on the skis. It was Sean's first time ever on water skis and on the second attempt he was up.

He was down 2 seconds later. Age 7.

We stayed in the water for most of the afternoon before we headed back to town. It was still disgustingly warm and windy so we were very glad to be where we were instead of being cooped up inside a box for the day.

We all headed out to tea at the Red Roof as Thursday's is schnitzels night. I had hoped to head out after that to scope a spot for the full moon rise the next night, but I was having far too much fun with the crew to even worry about it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 14

Up with the 5.45am alarm clock this morning to catch the quite sunrise.

By the time I was back at the apartment, Annie and Kym were just heading out with the boat. Sean happily watched a movie while I caught up on a few zzz's

VacSwim was rescheduled today after yesterdays lightning and weather warning yesterday.

The hot northerly swung and all of a sudden it was cool. A cool breeze had the kids shivering as they came out of the water. Yay I thought, I can open up the windows and curtains. But no, it swung again, the clouds parted and up went the mercury.

Annie's passed her level 7 and Sean did well with his Level 3.

Annie was zapped from her dawn wake up call to go fishing, and Sean was a little bit grumpy, so we all had an arvo sleep to catch up.

When we were up and about again, I had a text from good friends, that moved in 2 apartments away from up. So there were kids going from their door to our door, and our door to theirs. She and I chilled, chatted and had a cider or two.

Then the big boys made it back and off to the sandbar with the kayaks and fish guts to feed the pelicans with. And we found more people we both knew on the beach so we just yarned for ages. Nearly forgot about tea, but we rustled up a last minute BBQ. A few more ciders to be had to make sure one was properly re hydrated after the warm day.

It's been far cooler here than at home or over on the other coast. Those places are ovens when its hot, but here its quite pleasant. I wouldn't be anywhere else for quids.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 13

Kym and I were up predawn to head out on the bay so I could shoot the foreshore businesses in the new light of day. Having the sun so low meant there were no shadows under the eves and verandas. 

By the time we got back to the apartment 45 mins later the kids are still asleep. Bless their socks. When they woke, we got them up and about and headed out with the biscuit up the hospital end of the beach to cut up the water.

There was weather brewing as I could see the sky starting to build up. The forecast was promising some severe weather to come.

They were right on the money. By lunch it was hot and oppressive and the sky was starting to look threatening.

Great for photos, not so great for VacSwim. That was cancelled as the lightning was starting to get a bit close for comfort.

The evening sky promised either to be a cracker sunset or a fizzer. The western sky over at Farm Beach area would have been on fire, and our eastern sky we were blessed with a pink rainbow. This one is the most amazing as it occurred after the sun had slipped below the horizon and the clouds bounced enough light for a light rain shower to reflect the light. It took my breath away. I'm facing North East for this image and it was gone 30 seconds.

Monday, January 13, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 12

The boys went fishing in the morning while Annie and I headed out with the kayak. With the fun of the GoPro on the boards yesterday I wanted to mount it on the kayak today, but alas, the mount doesn't stick to that kind of plastic. I need to do a bit of homework. Or use duct tape ;)

Because it was so calm, nearly glassy, and quite warm, Annie paddled under the length of the jetty from one end to the other and she was in shade all the way. Something I've never done and would still like to do.

While she paddled I was taking a few shots, both with the phone and the camera. Haven't had the chance to even look at most of them yet.

We were there for ages when I had the call from Kym to pick Sean up from Back Beach. So back to the apartment to get him out of his fishy clothes, a quick lunch and round to the library to change over books. Man, those kids eat books. (insert proud Mum moment here).

We had our first visit to the Bakery where they indulged and I was allowed one bit of each. My rule, not theirs lol.

And back to the jetty we went.

I very nearly forgot it was Monday and they had their second last lesson of VacSwim Surf and Survive lol. We dashed back to get their kit on and made it in time.

We lounged around after their lesson and just chilled.

I had a phone call from Rob Lang just as I finished tea to see what I was up to. He was in the area and was keen to get together for a few pics. So I just about ran out the door. If there is one thing that gets a rise out of him is to offer him a VB. So I quickly set up the eski like this and got the reaction from him that I was looking for.  hehehehehe....... we shit stir each other heaps.

This is my money shot from the night. I was dancing a gig and having a bit of a giggle when I had this one in the bag.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 11

Sunday was all about the waves. After lounging in we hit the water with the boards. I even had a go, lol and was wiped out in record time. hahahaha.

The kids are loving them. I popped the GoPro on Annie's board to record both video and stills. I've taken a screen shot of the video from Annie's bit. She's getting good. She's starting to lean into the waves and cut a new direction. Sweet.

Sean's up on his hands and knees with growing confidence and balance. I'm trying to get him to kneel or squat next.

I headed out on the jetty for sunset and was rewarded with an awesome sky in the East.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 10

Weekend. Whoo hooo. No getting up by the alarm clock for Mission. So we lounged around, had  pancakes for breakfast

After finally getting motivated to get out of PJ's we (the kids and me) went to the Little Pop-Up Shop. Funky little place. Picked up a nice beach top for when the hot weather gets here.

By the time we got back from there and the few groceries, Kym was back from the farm. He took the kids round to the library to change books and was supposed to take them fishing from a pontoon in the Marina that the owner lets us use. Alas, there were other people on there so my troops came back and veged.

By late afternoon I had smoked up the keyboard and was itching to get out, so I found some glass jars and took the kids to the sand bar to fishing with jars and bread. Very old school. And a bit of fun as i had the GoPro under the water to get the vision of the fish swimming around and going into the jars.

They had to catch 10 each into a bucket and then release them to get their icecream cone. It was fun.

Tonight was just a total chill out for all, while I plonked away on the keyboard.

Friday, January 10, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 9

Today was the last day of Family Mission. I let the kids wake up of their own accord this morning in case they needed a sleep in. But they bounced out by 8am and ready to jump on the bus by 8.30am. I thought they might have been a bit puffed out after this week, but nope, they're not.

As soon as they were on the bus I headed out on the bay in the tinny to take shots of the foreshore from a different perspective. It didn't take long and the water was perfect. Clean, pristine and nearly glassy.

When I was finished with that I took different photos along the jetty and working out something original. Still working on that one ;)

I was back at the apartment for when the kids came back off the bus for lunch. While they veged for a bit, I went back to the sandbar to search for the lost keys. The tide was out, but not as low as yesterday's. So I was wading around for half an hour or so before finally deciding they are lost forever.

While on the sandbar I was watching three pelicans. So after deciding the keys were a lost cause I ripped back up to the apartment, grabbed my camera, swapped the lens over for a prime, and went back to the sandbar. That was a bit of fun.

The kids and I headed out for VacSwim. As Sean jumped in the car, he said "Here Mum", and handed me my keys. They'd been on the back floor under the seat all this time. I still don't know how I locked the car up with the keys inside on the floor on the backseat, but there you go. Lost is found, thank goodness.

VacSwim was good. The sun was warm, the breeze was gentle and cool and the kids had fun.

Later in the early evening, Laura and William came over for tea and a splash around. While we were on the Sandbar we fed the pelicans from the left over fish bits that Kym had cleaned. The pastel colours in the East rose as the sun set in the West. It truly was glorious.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 8

While the kids were at Mission I visited a dear friend who's going through a really shit patch at the moment. It was good to spend some time with her, help seriously chop back a plant for it to removed and just talked. I haven't wanted to be in her face in the last few weeks but did quietly let her know that I'm always there for her.

After picking up the kids from Family Mission we had lunch with Christina and Claudia at the Ritz. What a view to behold while lunching.

Lunch was followed by kayaking. While taking the kayaks down to the beach I had an altercation with a rock. I came off second best. :-/

We paddled from the sandbar into the channel and round the Marina, before dropping the kids off at the boat ramp. They had had enough paddling and were starting to complain a bit.

Christina and I made our way back to the sandbar when I discovered I had locked the ute but had no keys. Oh no. Where were they??  I had a vague recollection of tossing them on the towels that I was going to pop over the kids legs in the kayaks so they didn't get sunburnt. I recall grabbing the towels and tossing them into one of the kayaks that I carried down when I had my stumble. I put the towels over the kids legs while out in the water next to the sandbar. So the keys could be in the rocks, on the sand or in the water.

With 4 of us looking and a wonderful bloke from one of the shacks coming over the sandbar as he could see we were looking for something, the keys were declared lost. The tide was rising and the sandbar was going under in the water. Thankfully I had a spare key in my handbag back at the apartment and Kym has one as well, so I wasn't too stressed. But in reflection I realized that I had not the faintest clue what the other keys were for.

I hope to go back to the sand bar tomorrow on low tide to have another look. You just never know.

The evening was Family Mission's 'family concert' where all the parents etc come to see the production the kids put on. Annie was narrator for her group.

By the time we were back from that the kids were absolutely puffed so it didn't take much to get them to bed.

I had a head's up from a very awesome starman that there was good to great chance of aurora tonight. So as soon as the kids were in bed, I was out on the jetty shooting the blue hour and waiting to see if the aurora would pop up on my sensor. After a while I starting playing around with the fisheye to bend the lines to get some awesome effects. I haven't worked those shots yet, but I'm seriously excited by them. Alas no aurora, and by midnight I was starting to fade, so it was off of to bed for me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

tumby 2014 day - 7

While the kids were at Mission I smoked up the keyboard on post production of images. I've been adding a few to the "East Coast of Eyre Peninsula" album on my Facebook page. Scroll down to the bottom for the latest ones.

After Mission and lunch we went to the library to exchange our books before hitting the waves with the boards up out in front of the hospital. This end of the town is breezy than the southern end and has the waves.

So while the kids were catching the waves, I was out there with them with the camera in hand, getting shots of them from the front, alongside and of them heading into the beach on their boards. What a lot of fun that was. I seem to always be in the water up to my belly button with the camera. I don't plan too, I just seem too. I don't care about what clothes I'm wearing. My philosophy regarding clothes, both mine and the kids, is "it doesn't matter, it'll wash".

By the time the kids had enough of the waves it wasn't worth our while heading back to the apartment before the VacSwim, so we lounged under the shade of the foreshore trees on the lawn and read our books until it was time to start.

Both of their groups went out on boards, so having that bit of play beforehand really paid dividends.

The kids were rather shattered after their lessons, so we just veged for the evening. We even had Cousin It stay for tea :)

And that's a wrap.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 6

Had an amazing blast from the past this morning. After dropping Sean off to Mission and taking Annie to Lincoln for an appointment I made a stop at a Tumby Bay business and there was my old Holden Rodeo Ute. No doubt about it, the number plate hasn't changed nor has the pin stripping. It's traveled around a bit, from Clare to Kangaroo Island and now to Tumby Bay. I had a great yarn to the bloke who now owns it and found out where its been since we sold it.

Whilst in Lincoln I swapped my mobile phone server back to Telstra. The Optus tower system is so fragile. If one tower goes down (as it did with 2 lightning strikes in December) there is only a four hour battery back up, then all the towers go down as they are interlinked. (Again, as it did in December). This really disturbed me. What if in the event of a fire a tower was taken out? I would have no mobile coverage at all in such a crucial time. We are aiming to remove our home phone line in the not too distant future as we just don't use it anymore so mobile phone signal gets even more crucial. The range of service just wasn't quite up to par as Telstra's in the Tumby Hills, on the way down to Lincoln, even on our way round to Adelaide. I kept comparing Kym's signal strength as I left him on the Telstra service to compare to the Optus service. Without a signal I might as well have a house brick in my hand. I was on a monthly contract with Optus so could step out without penalty, so I elected to do so. I still get frustrated with Telstra too as our tower in Cummins can and does under perform on occasion, but its better than no signal at all I guess.

We ripped around Lincoln for the appointment and picked up Annie's new board. I've sold the orange one in the banner pic and have a second 6' 6" for the kids. I had a yarn to who teaches surf school in Lincoln and the grommets learn on this board too. Sweet.

Back to Tumby in time for a quick chill out and down to Vac Swim.

It was the perfect day to get the boards out on the waves, although a bit chilly in the breeze.

The silly buggas still requested their ice cream after swim. Doh.

Its going to be warmer from here on to down right stinking hot after the weekend. Yay.

 Late in the afternoon we had a visitor land just out front.

I cooked up a roast for tea and headed out for sunset.