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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

tumby 2014 - day 6

Had an amazing blast from the past this morning. After dropping Sean off to Mission and taking Annie to Lincoln for an appointment I made a stop at a Tumby Bay business and there was my old Holden Rodeo Ute. No doubt about it, the number plate hasn't changed nor has the pin stripping. It's traveled around a bit, from Clare to Kangaroo Island and now to Tumby Bay. I had a great yarn to the bloke who now owns it and found out where its been since we sold it.

Whilst in Lincoln I swapped my mobile phone server back to Telstra. The Optus tower system is so fragile. If one tower goes down (as it did with 2 lightning strikes in December) there is only a four hour battery back up, then all the towers go down as they are interlinked. (Again, as it did in December). This really disturbed me. What if in the event of a fire a tower was taken out? I would have no mobile coverage at all in such a crucial time. We are aiming to remove our home phone line in the not too distant future as we just don't use it anymore so mobile phone signal gets even more crucial. The range of service just wasn't quite up to par as Telstra's in the Tumby Hills, on the way down to Lincoln, even on our way round to Adelaide. I kept comparing Kym's signal strength as I left him on the Telstra service to compare to the Optus service. Without a signal I might as well have a house brick in my hand. I was on a monthly contract with Optus so could step out without penalty, so I elected to do so. I still get frustrated with Telstra too as our tower in Cummins can and does under perform on occasion, but its better than no signal at all I guess.

We ripped around Lincoln for the appointment and picked up Annie's new board. I've sold the orange one in the banner pic and have a second 6' 6" for the kids. I had a yarn to who teaches surf school in Lincoln and the grommets learn on this board too. Sweet.

Back to Tumby in time for a quick chill out and down to Vac Swim.

It was the perfect day to get the boards out on the waves, although a bit chilly in the breeze.

The silly buggas still requested their ice cream after swim. Doh.

Its going to be warmer from here on to down right stinking hot after the weekend. Yay.

 Late in the afternoon we had a visitor land just out front.

I cooked up a roast for tea and headed out for sunset.

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SueP said...

It's funny that your ute shows up in Tumby...i sighted the 'Jaffa' gannet boat, in Tumby too a few weeks ago. A bloke @ the red roof now owns it....i felt all sentimental when i saw it!!