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Thursday, July 31, 2014

mel girl

I just love this girl.  I don't get to see Mel very often as we are a little distance away from each other, but when we do catch up, we just pick up from where we left off.  

We have the same off beat humour, a love of scrapbooking and cameras and we are quick to laugh at ourselves. Her smiles are the real deal, she's fast with a compliment and she has a whole lot of love for life.

I feel so blessed to call her my dear friend. I loves ya Cootie x

Monday, July 28, 2014

the greatest pleasure....

Been a bit of a busy bee this last week. Nothing scrapping wise (sad face). I should be invoicing my accountant in 3 min incriminates.  ;)   

I've had orthotics fitted and getting used to them. Had a couple days of golf, coached gymnastics, fitness a couple times last week, and while the sun shone last week I finally got the house yard mowed on the ride on. It was starting to be a jungle out there with it being so wet and not being able to get on it.

Anyhoo, my motto for this week. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

haigh's chocolates.

It's the little things that just blow me away.  
I received a very heartfelt thank you card and special chocolates in a beautiful wooden case last week from one of the gymnastic boys I coach. 
Man o man.  Did I get a bit glassy eyed and choked up! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

pew pew

I just loved messing around with this one.

Mel and I both had our Polaroid insta cameras at the recent #wwww and we just had to get shots of each other for the other. Major belly laughing was involved and a couple of bloopers each, but hey, that's all the fun right?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the world is a book...

Sometimes the title just says it all.  This LO is a very simple, very clean and very understated to let the photo do all the talking. I am a bit partial to the blue thread that makes up the ocean in the globe. I thought that was a pretty neat touch  ;)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


LO #5 from #wwww

Fortunately I had a few Kikki K file folders with me at #wwww as I hadn't remembered to pack any papers or cardstock, other than a few scraps.

The outside cover is a dreadful skeleton and looks quite gross, but the inside colour was perfect.   A bit of gelato, whipped spackle, glimmermist and some quite old embellishments, and the job was done.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

wild womens wudinna weekend

LO #4 from the #WWWW

I took this group shot on the camera, processed it on the laptop, popped it on Marilyn's SD card, she slipped it in to her Canon Selphy and printed out this little gem of a BW for me to scrap right there and then.

What a fabulous weekend away full of laughter. A lot of laughter. Love this crazy bunch of ladies.

Friday, July 11, 2014

start everyday with a smile

LO #3 from #wwww.

I had inadvertently left all my papers/cardstock home on this scrapbooking weekend away. All I had to work with was a draw of scraps, so that was my mission for the weekend was to use up some scraps. On the occasion I was able to find a piece of cardstock/paper from Amy or Bel to use as backing/matting.

This was the gang from last year's #wwww.  Crazy bunch of women, who love nothing more than a great time and a lot of laughs. This photo of us really showcases our fun factor. The story is on the tag behind the photo.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

go see do

Gotta love Pinterest for ideas. The quote came from there. I've been on Pinterest for awhile, but not really used it. (thanks Amy :)  ) Until recently that is. Now that nearly all images on the www have the 'pin it' function, Pinterest has made itself far easier to use. So I have been. 

This LO is number 2 from #wwww. I forgot to take up my paper/card stash, so it was my challenge to myself to use the scraps that I had, unless someone offered me the perfect piece from their stash.  Thanks Amy. The blue matt/border is perfect.  

In hindsight, I would have placed that little wood veneer plane in the blue corner as if it was in the blue sky. Nonetheless, I still love it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

she loves it

Layout 1 from #wwww

Marilyn has a wonderfully positive energy about her and a zest for life. She often says 'I love it!!'
We had this photo taken via Iphone and printed there and then via a Canon Selphy while at #wwww.   So with a challenge sketch provided by Amy, I whipped this one up.  

I've given it to Marilyn to keep to remember the weekend and the crazy fun and laughter we all had.  She loved it ;)

(posted with permission)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

sean - pic update

I've received in the mail today the images of Sean at the Country Champs Comp in Adelaide. I've added the watermark of the business that took the stills.

I love this one with the crowd in the background. Gives it lots of atmosphere.

This is Sean on the fly on Pommel that earned him his first place and a medal. It's all shoulder strength.

And the first place medal.  I think he was looking at me taking a shot with the iPhone when the photographer took this one.  I love that little half smile, when I know on the inside he was just bursting with pride.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blog Hop with a Difference

Janice Nicholls, a very near and dear friend who I hold close to my heart, asked me to join her in the journey of a 'Blog Hop With a Difference'.  I love Janice's work. She inspires me so much more than she will ever know. And being able to see her creations in detail in real life is very much a bonus. Love you Janice, and thank you for the asking to jump in on the journey.

This is different to most hops as you don't create anything new for it so it's less stress in pulling it together. You showcase whatever it is that you are currently working on, but its mostly about getting to know who I am, what it is that I do and why I do what I do by answering six questions. From what I have read up on other blogs in the hop, it doesn't even necessarily need to be a Scrapbooker, but someone who inspires you, whatever their genre. 

So.... getting to know ME. 

At the time of composing this post and scheduling it, I am about to pack up my scrap room and drive an 1.5 hours away to join a bunch of friends for 2.5 days of scrapbooking, so there's not a lot going on my desk atm. But this LO has been sitting there over the last few days waiting for that moment of frenzied action as the idea finally becomes known to me.

The other thing that's been happening this week is the swapping over the old post bound albums for the ring bound albums. The first couple of scrapbooks for each of the kids are of their newborn layouts, and those particular albums are handled a fair bit. (School homework, School Show and Tell amongst other things) and they were worse for wear. In fact Sean's had fallen apart and I was really struggling to put it back together. So out came a spare ring folder and problem was solved. So I've started replacing the 4 other post bound albums too.

The other thing, and more productive in terms of $$$ earned, I dedicate to photography. Scrapbooking lead me to wanting to take better photos. With that determination under my belt, I completed a Diploma of Photography, which didn't teach me how to take a better photo, but to learn to use the tool in my hand. Once you have a handle on how to create with a camera, the images will come.

Tiff Firth Photography focuses on Family, Commercial and Landscape imagery. Its allowed me to replace my hardware kit up to full frame Pro Level, travel to places that I would not have dreamed of 5 years ago. ie: Grand Canyon,

Los Angeles, Lord Howe Island, New Zealand, Kangaroo Island (Australia), Great Ocean Road (Australia) and our own amazing back yard, the Eyre Peninsula.  I love the friendships I've made over the last 5 years, watching the families grow, and dream of further photography trips. I'm heading to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana next year.  A dream of a life time.

Right now, far far toooooo long. Family, Commercial and Landscape Photography has become such a large part of my life. My life is full of the volunteer things I am very involved with, and quite often when I am home in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed, I am zapped. So right now it might take me a week or more to work from beginning to end on a LO. Sometimes longer. And that really irks me a lot. I used to do a LO a day. I need to find balance.


Hahahaha. Thats's easy. 
1. My Silhouette Cameo. I can't seem to create without it.

2. Mists and Gelatos to create watercolour effects.

3. Textures, Sequins, Touches of Gold.  

4. The Photos. I love all things Photography. Thankfully the kids are still happy for me to take their photos as they know I use them in my scrapbooking about them. Mind you, they've recently upped their Paddlepop ice cream fee to Milo Ice cream cups. ;)

I'm a chronological scrapper, and just a little bit organised with photos already lab printed ready to go. Normally I reach for the next photo in my 'works in progress' album, look for a colour palette or use the colours within the photo. I sometimes also look at sketches as a jump off point to get started. More often than not, what I end up with is nothing like the sketch as I put a lot of 'me' into the creation process.  

This is exactly what I am struggling with atm.  I have so many things on my plate that suck my energy, that by evening, when I do have my 'me' time after the kids have gone to bed, I'm just too zapped. 

I work better if something is out on my desk ready to go, rather than an empty/tidy desk. 

If I'm really stuck I check out a few blogs,  a challenge or two, sketches and colour palletes, or put the photo away and move onto the next one. I'll come back to that first one later.

That's a tough one to answer as its forever evolving. Not long ago I would have said watercolours, lately it's been mixed media, yet other times its florals. Overall I think my style is fairly simplistic with the photo being the king pin of the LO. The story is so important as are the names and dates. Every photo has a story of why it was taken and unless that story is recorded, it fades with time.  I blog for me, not for an audience, and I use my blog as my virtual diary. I record the detail, and come back to it later to use that story on the LO.

Above all. This is my scrapping ethos.

I scrap for me and the kids. Not for publications, not for accolades and certainly not for monetary reward.  If someone likes what I do, that's an awesome bonus, but as long as the kids and I love it, that's just fine.  

The idea of 'The Blog Hop With A Difference' is that you pass the journey forward by nominating up to 4 other inspiring people. These ladies will reveal their posts on July 14th.

Beck Beattie was on my immediate list of inspiring Scrapbookers. I had dabbled a little in Gelato's a while ago at CHA in 2012, but it wasn't really until I saw Beck's work with them that I lost my hesitation. They are deliciously awesome. And with Beck's awesome tutorial videos, I picked up so many techniques with mixed media as well.

Janine Koczwara's photos of her blue eyed kids on her LO's had always caught my attention.  Her beautiful clustering of blooms on her creations is just amazing.  No wonder she's on the Prima DT. I do love the water colouring effects with textures she uses too.

 Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and what I get up to. I'd love for you to go to Janice's blog for a look, and Beck's and Janine's when they do their blog hop on the 14th July.

Friday, July 4, 2014

country champs

Epic results for our Cummins MAG boys at the Country Championships in Adelaide last week. They all competed strongly and achieved more than I could have hoped for. 

Sean - 1st on Pommel Horse (not his strongest apparatus so he surprised me with this one)

- 1st on Rings.
- equal 1st on Vault.
- 2nd on Highbar
- 2nd on Floor
- 3rd on Pommel

Jed - 1st on Floor
- 2nd on Pommel Horse/Mushroom.
- 3rd on Parallel Bars.

Yarra - equal first with Jack on Vault.

So very proud of the boys. They've done our club proud!! 

posted with parental permission

Weeks and weeks of training 3 times a week have paid off for the boys. I'm so very glad they had recognition for all their efforts.  They made me have a little quiet cry because I'm so damn proud of them all.