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Saturday, January 31, 2009

show prince 2007

I struggled with this one.

The rosette is so thick and I wondered if it would be too lumpy bumpy in Sean's album, so I tried this LO with a photo of it.


So plan B was to use the actual rosette. I will just have to live with the amount of lump in Sean's album. Still used the photo under the rosette to 'matt' it and give it a lift of colour from the page.

Good reason for standing albums upright and not lying them flat isnt it.

I also found some mini ric rac for the paperclips and viola a challenge completed for the E2C blog.

Friday, January 30, 2009

yay I scrapped.

at long last I have put my hands on paper and done something.

Felt fantastic too.

I did 2 and half LO's in Lincoln last night at Scrapworkz. Wish I was this quick all the time.


will post the other one later. In case I have nothing to show if I dont scrap in the next couple of days ;)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

blog templates

wow. found this link on Mels, Sonia's and Nat's blogs. (hey Mel, i picked the same as yours without even knowing it. Good taste hey.

want to funk up your blog.
too easy.

go here http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/backgrounds.php?pageNum_rs_backs=0&totalRows_rs_backs=350&cat=39

so cool.

something to do during the hot days ahead.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been tagged!

Bit different this time but very effective!!

Nat tagged me!
You may have seen it on your blog surfing but it goes like this;
1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 6th folder.
3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.
4. Post and explain about that picture.
5. Tag 6 other people

I really do have it bad. Foot fetish that is. but how can I resist these little tootsies.
Christmas Day at BlackPoint on YP in SA. Sean putting his feet up for a little rest.

so now I tag


back in the land of 'on line'

I'm back and stuff me its hot.
According to BOM it was 45.2 today in Cummins. Too hot to do too much. Even too hot for the pool. I reckon the kid's skin would sizzle like bacon if they were in it for 5 minutes.

havent scrapped much but have finished all the 384 journal cards that needed printing before going into the workshop kits for the E2C retreat in a few weeks.

And my hunt club have me working on a project. got all the pics for that one today.

Have been haunting the local community library a lot in the last few days checking my emails and keeping tabs on the 'other' world.

will be back soon.

did anyone miss me. Have had no comments at all.... or is there trouble with leaving comments (again). I'm just checking.......

Monday, January 26, 2009

spanner in the works

have been quite havent i
talk about a pain the ar*e.
My modem has chucked a wobbly. thrown in the white towel. spat the chewie.

i am off line for about a week and i am in withdrawls. the thing I miss the most is checking on the weather. oh and the blogs and the forum and and and......

Thanks very much to Maryanne R who kindly let me on her laptop and her modem in her home to let you know that I hope to back on air hopefully Friday this week (fingers crossed)

cya then.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am so touched

oh my.

2 blog awards in one day. They both have come from Lisa. Thankyou so much chick. hop to her blog and have a look. The lovely Lisa has a new canon 450D camera and is just trying it out. There is sure to be some creative photography coming up.

The first award I just love. It is very meaningful to me. the 'find and be friends' rings so loudly to me. And its FRENCH. ooh la la

"These blogs invest and believe in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I just love the colours on this one. The design is awesome. Still seeing damasks everywhere!!

The Rules for the Awards are :
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

so 5 blogs to nominate. hmmmm.

I look at these ones often for different ideas and angles. And the ladies answer my questions too!!






these are all photography blogs. The quality of work is outstanding and these blogs are updated nearly daily so lots of eye candy to absorb.

have a look, be inspired, be creative with your own photography. Go manual. ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Home, unpacked, washed a small load, went to the pool, photos sorted, bills paid, BAS finalised.

What a satisfying day.

hopefully may get to scrap tomorrow when Paige is here.

And to get onto the retreat workshop stuff!!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday and Saturday *edited to add the pics*

slack day Friday.

We had a house inspection with our tenants in the Tumby house Friday morning at 10.30.So that really didnt allow me to go riding and be back in time or Kym go fishing and be back in time.
I must work out a better time for it next time.

So we had a sleep in and a bit of PJ sloth time instead. Was rather nice to relax in and enjoy the kids instead of tearing off before anyone is really awake.

Kym had arranged a social clay target shoot with a few fellas at the gunclub yesterday. He thought that we may get 10 or so blokes rock up. He was blown away when he had about 25 people including some ladies show up to shoot. So he was so tickled and on a bit of a kick when he got back to the cabin later on.

I went out there with Sean after his sleep and had a go. Wont tell u the score *blush* but its out of 25 possible targets.

Annie went to her first Blue Light Disco at the Tumby yacht club Friday night. She had a ball. In her words "I practised a few new dance moves". How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall (with the camera of course)

I didnt do a post for Friday as I had a girls night out instead with Christina, Sophie and Lisa. Had a very yummy tea at the Seabreeze Hotel and relaxed in the dining room. But I did find an ol' fashion 80's Pac Man game. You remember the Space Invaders game??? on that big machine that u sit at to play, well this one was just like that. And best of all it was free. How cool is that.
Wandered down to the Tumby front bar and eventually got home about 2am. Lots of fun.


Saturday morning was a bit slow to start with. Everyone had a sleep in. lucky me. I was too slack to go for a ride. Should have. It was one of those gorgeous mornings that Tumby has here.

Caught up with my brother Brett and Sonia and their kids Jack and Brooke. The kids had the most fantastic time on the beach. All unplanned so no one had bathers or towels. Tshirts, bare bums for all except Annie who I insist she wear knickers. I am always letting her know that she is a big girl now and its just not on her running around without undies on.

So Uncle Brett got LOTS of exercise on the beach with the kids chasing him around with the water canons and on the boogie board in the shallows. I havent included any shots of Brett and Sonia's family as I havent asked them if I can put them on my blog.

After a quick hose off and using the kids car blankets as towels we all jumped aboard the Trolley Ride around Tumby. Ross Story and his Clydesdale 'Apollo' do little jaunts around town during the holidays. We had been on it before but went again with the Smart crew to catch some more shots of them and the kids. They left to go home about lunchtime.

Kym and I discussed staying on for a few days more if the cabin wasnt re booked after us. We are just not ready to go home yet. But alas, the cabin is booked so we must vacate tomorrow. So this arvo was spent packing up as much stuff into boxes that we wont need between now and tomorrow, pack up all of Jerry's tack and pack up Jerry into the float. Trip number 1 home and unpacked most of it. We still have the boat, the hay trailer to drag home tomorrow plus all the other stuff.

Had a BBQ tea with Kelly's at the Lions Park on the foreshore. Cricket was promptly organised and a fair bit of wrestling to go with it. So fantastic to see these older teenagers take the time to really have fun with my kids. And it is so a two way thing. My kids just love the boys and Paige. Took some beaut shots. Same as before, I havent asked the Kelly's if I can use their photos on my blog so I havent.
Tomorrow Kym and Annie are going fishing at Port Neil when we check out, so Sean and I can unpack and reorganise in peace at home. The guts of it is done other than the bags of clothes and kitchen stuff. Washing is all done and up to date so that is no big deal.

Paige is coming across to stay Monday night to get into some scrapping. Cant wait. I dare say I'll be on the 'puter transferring folders of photos that I have worked on since I have been at Tumby and sorting out holiday snaps.

Well that's the plan which is subject to change and usually does.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We had a Lincoln day today.
Kym left very early to be on Patrol on the Cummins CFS 24 fire truck down in Lincoln.

I had his vehicle in for a service in Lincoln so I went out to the fire ground while Kym was there for the kids to give him a bag of Allens snakes. (Any excuse will do).

By cripes the fire could have been a LOT worse. Most of the homes in the area have had their gardens burnt right up to the front doors. I am amazed there were only 3 homes lost.

I was talking to a mate of mine who was there in the thick of it on Tuesday as a CFS volunteer. He has some amazing stories.

I am hassles with my laptop and Photoshop atm so the photos arent as I would like them but you get the idea.

This is one from yesterday that i snapped while the kids had some fun at the playground. The pelican was very wobbly in the breeze standing on the light pole. He was being the sentry for the beach, checking out who was chucking out fish heads.

I hope I'll be able to post some pics for my previous posts after this one is done.

fingers crossed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

whoo hoo its wednesday

***edited. I have been able to add pics. yay***

beaut day today.

In the saddle by 8.15 with Tatum and roared through the sandhills and took off up the beach for a bit. Great ride. Esp after being a bit cabin bound yesterday, it was great to blow off the cobwebs.

Caught up with J for a coffee for her and a naughty ice coffee for me. oh my it was yummy.

Lunch. Kym went to check out the 'creek' to see if he would be fishing out there and decided that he would go out to ski beach and try his luck instead.

Sean went down for a sleep, Annie watched a DVD and I caught up on a couple of winks too.

We went to the playground for the kids to burn up some energy and Kym met us there with the fish heads and bits after his fishing trip.

Got some great shots of the pelicans with the kids.

Tea. Kym reckons there is nothing better than tommies caught that morning on the plate that night. I dont eat fish so I guess I will just have to believe him. The kids cleaned up theirs tho!! Makes Kym so proud to see his kids eat what he (they) catch that day.

Photoshop giving me the shits tonight. It keeps crashing while I am trying to save the pic I have messed around with for the blog. So the pics are unphotoshopped tonight. Hope I have more luck with the jolly thing tomorrow

toddle pip

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tuesday temp

yep. it was hot. about 47c according to the car temp, but I reckon its more like 45. It was windy. It was dusty. And yes there is a bushfire out of control south of Lincoln that is now threatening the outskirts of Lincoln with the southerly wind change.
This info is correct and up to date and is what is read as reports on the radio stations.
Today started early with Kym and Annie heading out early to fish before it blew up. (Photo courtsey of Kym via his phone.
While they were out I met up with my farrier to shoe Jerry. Pagie, bless her socks, took Sean back to her house with her as it started to get horrible, and I held her Mum's 2 horses while they were being trimmed.

I grabbed Sean from Pagie and thanked her so much for having the little chap. It was disgusting outside and no place for a kid to be in with the raised dirt swirling in the air.

It was about this time when I noticed the smoke on the horizon and thought Oh Shit, not today.

Kym and Annie were back at the cabin by the time Sean and I got back. Air con works really well in the cabin.

Annie and I left at 1.30 to practise her floating on her back with a kick board and swim 10 metres without touching before her lesson. She needed to nail these to pass. And she passed.

We headed to the shop for an icecream and for her reward for passing her Vac Swim. She found a little dolphin clock that she saw yesterday and I am sure that helped motivate her to try a little bit harder.

We came back and hid with air conditioner for the rest of the afternoon until it cooled off a bit to hit the beach. We poked out our noses about 6pm.

The beach was fantastic. Kym met us down there and we then decided to get some hot chips and eat them there as our tea.

Both kids squirted us with their water canons a couple of times and when they headed down to load up again from the sea, Kym and I ran down there and grabbed one each and had a big splash falling into the water. clothes and all. shit we laughed. so did the group on the beach next to our camp.

late back to the cabin and finally to a cool breeze due to the wind change.

but I can smell smoke......

more tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

monday 12th

relaxing sleep in till about 8am when Kym and I jumped on the kids instead to wake them up. So funny.

Last minute decision for Kym to take both Annie and Sean out fishing this morning at Second Creek. So I was left on my own.

Boo Hoo. Not.

Since we hadnt planned on Kym going fishing today I was unmotivated to go for a ride. Even tho I should have. So I Photoshopped my little heart out.

They were back by about 11 as it was starting to blow up a little bit out at the creek. If nothing else, Kym is so safe with the kids and the boat. He will not risk them for 'another' fish.
So they had an early lunch and I had my shake. I watched with envy how soft the white bread rolls disappeared. I miss them so much at the moment.
Kym and Sean went back to the farm to water the vegie patch before the stinker hot day tomorrow. Check the chooks, pick up the eggs and grab the mail.

Annie watched a DVD while I Photoshopped some more and then we went to Vac Swim. Last day tomorrow. Annie needs to float on her back for 30 seconds in the waves while holding a kickboard and swim 20 metres without touching the bottom. She has been struggling with these so today was the day I got my bathers on. Eeppp. After a bit of blatant bribery and me getting soaking wet as I had to do the float first (of course) she nailed it. She went from very upset at herself for not being able to do it, to dancing up the beach and singing very loudly. She is so proud of herself.

So tomorrow just before her lesson we will go out for another quick practise to remember how to do it and then she should nail it in her group. With luck. As for swimming all she needed to do was lift her head out of the water while doing her breast stroke for a breath and she'll make it. Something that her instructor apparently hadnt told her (or so she says). Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

found a danilion on the back lawn and had a go with the camera. Missed the perfect shot. Isnt that always the way. I lowered the camera for a sec and that's when the big puff of seeds happened. buga.

Caught up with Kym and Sean after we had showers in the big playground. The kids and I came back to the cabin while Kym had some time off from the kids. I watched Annie wash Sean in the laundry tub. So cute.


Scrabble. Boys against Girls. Have found this is such a fantastic way to help teach Annie spelling. She is sssssooooooo keen on this game. I love it. We dont score yet but that is not far away.

Bed for all.
and me here again.
dont melt. If it 42 in Lincoln then it will be a stinker of a day everywhere in this state. I reckon I'll sit under the jetty with water up to my neck. (I wish). But it will be better here in Tumby than in Cummins at least.
cya tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday, day of rest.

Fantastic day. Had a little sleep in LOL to 8am. Kids bounced out and jumped on us. That must be the most bestest way to wake up with all their giggling and smiley faces.

I was in the saddle by 9. Invigorating ride. Had some family time while Annie and Kym waited for the tide to start coming in to go to Second Creek. They left about 11a.

Sean was a bit pooped by about 11am as well so he went down for a snooze so I got heaps of photoshopping done. And the domestic duties. Cant escape them on holidays.

Sean woke about 2 so he changed into his bathers and we left to find Paige and hit the beach.

The breeze was brisk so it was actually a bit chilly. I came back for jumpers and trackie daks for the little man. Caught up with Belinda and Gary on the beach with Marcus and Miranda. Such great kids.

By about 4 I dropped off Paige to a bunch of her mates and I climbed the Tumby lookout to get some snaps. Not real good ones tho.

I have stitched 9 shots together. hopefully if u click on the pic its bigger. not sure. but this is the view from Tumby Island looking North West back over Tumby. The marina channel is in the foreground and the sand bar is in the first 3rd of the pic.

Kym and Annie were around at Kym's mates prepping the days catch to smoke. Annie out fished her Dad. Something that she is most delighted in and reminds me often. She also caught 3 snook and needed very little help on bringing them back into the boat. They caught squid too which we had for tea. Yummy. Kym had caught up with another mate who had been crabbing at Cowell today so a fish/crab exchange was made. Unfortunately Kym didnt take any pics of Annie on his new phone. GRRRR. He was asked very noicely too.

The kids had some computer time on Nickjr.com after tea. They means, Annie playing and Sean watching. He's a good watcher. Doesnt interfere at all.

9pm. All in bed, even Kym. LOL.

Weekly weigh in.

65kgs. Only lost half a kilo. Am disappointed in that since I started off so well and I have been riding a lot this week. But I guess if I look at it as 4 kilos in 2 weeks I should be pleased. I have been so strict on myself too. Denying myself the Tumby Bakery, The Little Jetty Cafe, bread (I miss soft white bread rolls with lashings of butter the most). And I have bugger all to show for it.

My perception of my quick start is (this is going to sounds nuts) the weight I had gained recently hadnt yet solidified into yucky yellow hard to shift fat that sits on my bum and legs and tummy. The 3.5 kilos in the first week was basically liquid fat that I quit really easily and now I have started the hard stuff. This is when the going gets tough and I must be disciplined (something that I am not). So even though that honey log is calling my name I wont do it. I wont buy it.

Also I reckon by saying my declaration of weight loss on here and by making it public I have to be much stricter on myself as I am being watched. In a good way. So I find this motivational to stay on the band wagon when it would be so easy to grab an ice coffee (havent had one yet) or a vanilla slice.

Measurements. I dont have the first week of loss here, its written down at home but in the last week I have lost a total of 7 cms for only half a kg loss. I guess the fat stuff must be shifting around a bit.

I have lost 2cm off my boobs which Kym is not happy about. LOL. He doesnt have to wear em.

I can feel the difference and that's what is important.

cya tomorrow.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

yay a slack day.

at last. a sleep in today. Sean is still very flat and lethargic so he slept in to about 8.30. Kym was rattling around about 8a to head off fishing.

Annie was keen to go with him last night but refused to budge this morning. Kym was so disappointed as he really wanted her to go with him today as there was no Family Mission to take her morning.

So Kym headed off for some well earned solo fishing time while the kids and I slacked it and bummed around in PJs for a while.

When we got organised we fed Jerry, went to the shops and walked on the jetty. Sean is still very unsure of the jetty as you can see the sea between the planks, so he tends to step over all the gaps. Having Annie there running up and down did give him a little bit of confidence and when he forgot to look down to concentrate on the gaps he walked just fine.

We then went to play at the playground by the caravan park for a while before Sean fell into his flat state again. More panadol. He is see-sawing between his normal chipper self for 3 hours and then falling into a hole again. And boy he is hot. Dry heat. Temp is hovering around 38.5c. Tepid baths and panadol dont seem to drop it at all, but I hope the panadol does take the edge off for him. If he is still like this tomorrow (Sunday) I'll take him up to the hospital when doctor has rounds and get him checked.

So we had lunch and Sean had a sleep. Annie watched a DVD while I caught a couple of winks too. Kym ducked in from fishing, dropped of the gear and headed off shooting with a couple of the boys at Ungarra Gun Club. They wanted to give the new auto loading hopper that throws the clay targets a run before inviting out a bunch of blokes during the week. (it worked perfectly according to all reports.)

It was about 3p when Sean woke up hot as hell again. I thought that Id take him and Annie down to the sandbar for a splash around to cool him off and to feed the pelicans the remains of Kym's filleted fish from this morning. Stuff me. He got the chills. I had him in 2 towels to warm him up. He dozed under the towels in my lap for about half an hour. By this time Paige and Hannah caught up with us on the beach. I brought Sean back to the cabin while Annie played with them on the beach. I think they were searching for little sand crabs.

Put Sean back to bed. I am getting a bit worried about him by now. But he came out all chipper again when the girls came back.

Snakes and Ladders was pulled out and duly played with the kids by Paige and Hannah.

They then went back to Paige's home to grab the fondu set and picked up some strawberries and a block of chocolate. I was very good and resisted all temptations. I did forget the camera moment tho. Kym was back from shooting and I headed out to the stables with a couple of ciders to catch up with J.

When I got back I dropped the girls back to Paige's home, baths, tea, cleaned up a little bit and watched some Mary Poppins with the kids that was on TV.

hopefully the pics load up tonight as had heaps and heaps of hassles last night. Hopefully Blogger has that issue sorted out.

cya tomorrow.

full on friday

edited to add. I am having heaps of probs loading yesterdays pics so will post without them for the moment. I'll try again later grrrr.

sorry I didnt post last night. was a bit puffed out, so am doing yesterday today and will do today tonight.

Another day, another ride. I joined up with Tatum P for a great ride. Headed out to Second Creek, a number of kms away. Did a fair bit of scrub bashing thru the sand hills blazing our own trial. Had a blast.

From shmee
Annie went to her last day of Family Mission. Boy she loved being there this week. (So have I)

Sean is still a bit poorly so he and Kym stayed put in the cabins. Sean was asleep by 11am. So not like him. Woke up about 2.30p. He had a temp of 38.7c so I gave him a tepid bath and panadol.

He perked up in time for Grandma Jane who had a flying visit down this way from the tip of Cape York in Queensland. She and my Dad manage a caravan park.
From shmee
Kym took the kids cockling on the sandbar for a while to cool Sean off (Mr Nudie under his T shirt).
From shmee

From shmee

farwelled Grandma Jane and hopped onto Ross Story's Trolley Ride around Tumby township. Annie had the camera for a fair while so most of the photos taken then are courtesy of her. She is starting to develop into quite a handy snapper.
From shmee

From shmee

From shmee

From shmee
Tea, fed Jerry and mucked around with day's photos to get them ready to post. The laptop we have here is on its deathbed and has death rattles fairly often and last night it was running so frustratingly slow, I gave up. I was a bit puffed too so it was a good excuse to shut the damn thing off and go to bed.

I'll post today tonight, so make sure u all come on back now, ya hear.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

thursday 4th day of holiday

Got another ride in this morning. Yay. It was too breezy for Kym to take Sean out fishing so he very kindly agreed to meet me on the beach with the camera. (Thanks Sandra for prompting me. I dont reckon I honestly would have thought to ask him).

After I got back from my ride Kym headed off for some quite time fishing without Sean. I cant begrudge him for that at all. Sean has been pestering Kym nearly every minute of each day with 'Got one Dad. Pull in?' That would be rather wearing after a while.

Annie walked back from the caravan park where the Family Mission bus dropped her off for a quick lunch, some Bindi Erwin time and then off to Vac Swim.

It was a bit blustery along the foreshore so I took Sean to help me shop for a quick bit before coming back to pick up Annie. She was blue again today. Another hot shower to bring some pink back into her skin.

Kym came back just in time to have Sean while he was smoking fish around a mate's home while I took Annie back to Family Mission for the fun afternoon. Free bouncing castle and merry go round. The breeze had dropped off and so it was just lovely there. Annie ran around between the two for an hour or so while I read a mag and took some shots.

Back to Kym's mates home to grab Sean. Little fella was fast asleep in Kym's ute with the doors wide open so it was nice and cool in there. Annie and I went back to the cabin for some girl time. When Sean woke up, he was not well. Temp, sweaty, lethargic. When Kym brought him back to the cabin he had a tiny little chuck outside.
Panadol, tepid shower and bed. And that is where stayed put.

We were all going out to tea tonight to the Tumby Hotel schnitzel night. But seeing that Sean was definitely not up to it and Kym looking rather relaxed, Annie and I went instead.

Sean had made it into Kym's and my bed and looking rather at home in it by the time Annie and I got back from tea. So a little bit of gentle cuddle time and back to his own bed. Have heard that gastro is around so we will see what tomorrow brings.

night night.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

holiday wednesday

How about that. Woke up to damp roads and very overcast skies. What is happening to our summer? I hope it just not delaying itself to be a stinker March all month long. We have our Escape2Create Retreat on from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th. I so hope it's not sweltering then.

Annie had the Tooth Fairy visit overnight. She very kindly left 50c for Annie.

And Annie being so keen to see if the fairy had come, bounced out of her room at 7am and squealed when she saw the coin. As our Cabin has the one main room that has our bed in it too, there is zero chance of a sleep in. So I snuck into her and Sean's little room and crawled into her bed while they both bounced on Kym. He wakes up in a better frame of mind in the mornings than I do. ;)

I just love snuggling into the bed that Annie has just left as its warm from her and smells like her. My little private patch of heaven.

I had to take my 4wd to Lincoln for its service this morning so no horse riding for me. The boys left early for their fishing trip.
Kym couldn't go far as he and Sean needed to meet Annie after her Family Mission morning.

Family Mission is so cool. So organised and so well structured with so many young and older adults offering so many activities to so many age groups. All with light religious overtures. In case you cant tell, I am so impressed.

The bus picked Annie up from our Cabin. That was a bit of a surprise as I hadn't realised that they would do this. Very handy tho. Right out of the front door and 9am. So I hope it's here again in the morning.

I headed off to Lincoln and got some jobs done, including heading into Rabbit to print all the pics I have Photoshopped so far.

Got back about 1pm to find Sean fast asleep and the other two having more Mr Bean time. Kym then headed off with Annie to watch her during her Vac Swim. Bloody cold and lumpy for the kids in the water apparently.

I had a quick snooze while there was a bit of quiet time while Sean was asleep. Annie came back rather cold and blue so I chucked her in the hot shower.

By this time Sean woke up so we went to feed the pelicans the remains from the morning's fishing trip and some crusts that I had kept.

Kym took off to see a mate and to have some time out from the kids as he has had one or the other of them a fair bit. Bless his socks.

The kids were getting a bit ratty being cooped up so i took them down to the playground by the jetty to blow off some steam. They both made a new little friend each and had heaps of fun.

After tea there were a few young boys on their bikes doing skiddies on the track in front of the cabins. Annie grabbed her bike and off she went. We have an ongoing struggle to get her off her trainer wheels. We have tried a smaller bike (on loan) with no trainers and she wont touch it. We have tried only one trainer wheel on and she wont touch her bike. We have tried bribery, blackmail, temper tantrums (me) and I am at a loss of what to do next. So hopefully seeing the other kids having fun on their bikes without those bloody trainer wheels will give her a push in the right direction.

Not one to miss out on the action, Sean was roaring around with his truck. I never seen that truck move so fast before.

All in pj's too. lol

close of day and all tucked into bed and me here again.
cya tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday day 2

Tuesday saw us with another time tabled day.

I had a little sleep in due to late night Photoshopping last night. So Kym and Sean took the boat to Second Creek to try their luck on garfish a bit earlier as I could drop Annie off to Family Mission. Arranged for the bus to drop her off at the caravan park after. I then went to muck around with Jerry for a while (the horse).
Starting to warm up by the time I knocked off, had a shower, and Photoshopped some more. Am going to Lincoln tomorrow for a vehicle service so am trying to get as many photos as I can ready for Rabbit.
Picked up Annie at 12.30. Made some lunch and shot down to the street for some grocery supplies.
2p Vac Swim. And at long last Annie's wobbly bottom tooth fell out. I think she bumped her chin on her knee when sitting down with her towel after her lesson. Just as well it was there and not out in the water. The Buffalo grass didnt make it easy to find but we persisted.
Hot shower to warm Annie up. Still no sign of the boys.
Decided to take Annie and her tooth down to the beach to try some shots of it in a wine glass in the sand.
Came back to find the boat here but no boys. I had a suspicion where they would be but thought I should leave them to their 'boy time'
Annie veged with Mr Bean. She is seriously stuck on him. You ought to hear her giggle at his antics.
By 5 oclock I was wondering if the boys had any fish for tea so decided to intrude into their boy zone. They had much success with garfish and tommies. All on a dodge tide too. Sean had a blast fishing on the boat the first time ever with Dad. Must get some pics in the morning as they take off again.
There were heaps of fish bits to throw to the pelicans after filleting (the boy time) so off we went with the camera in hand to catch some fauna on the beach. Glad I did.
While I was whizzing Sean through the shower, Kym had Annie outside banging away on a tennis ball suspended by a string from the rafter (totem tennis ball), in the carport. Her hand eye co-ordination is improving dramatically each time. Good ol Dad.
And here we are again, after tea with everyone asleep and me blogging again. Feels like a habit already.
cya tomorrow.