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Saturday, January 10, 2009

yay a slack day.

at last. a sleep in today. Sean is still very flat and lethargic so he slept in to about 8.30. Kym was rattling around about 8a to head off fishing.

Annie was keen to go with him last night but refused to budge this morning. Kym was so disappointed as he really wanted her to go with him today as there was no Family Mission to take her morning.

So Kym headed off for some well earned solo fishing time while the kids and I slacked it and bummed around in PJs for a while.

When we got organised we fed Jerry, went to the shops and walked on the jetty. Sean is still very unsure of the jetty as you can see the sea between the planks, so he tends to step over all the gaps. Having Annie there running up and down did give him a little bit of confidence and when he forgot to look down to concentrate on the gaps he walked just fine.

We then went to play at the playground by the caravan park for a while before Sean fell into his flat state again. More panadol. He is see-sawing between his normal chipper self for 3 hours and then falling into a hole again. And boy he is hot. Dry heat. Temp is hovering around 38.5c. Tepid baths and panadol dont seem to drop it at all, but I hope the panadol does take the edge off for him. If he is still like this tomorrow (Sunday) I'll take him up to the hospital when doctor has rounds and get him checked.

So we had lunch and Sean had a sleep. Annie watched a DVD while I caught a couple of winks too. Kym ducked in from fishing, dropped of the gear and headed off shooting with a couple of the boys at Ungarra Gun Club. They wanted to give the new auto loading hopper that throws the clay targets a run before inviting out a bunch of blokes during the week. (it worked perfectly according to all reports.)

It was about 3p when Sean woke up hot as hell again. I thought that Id take him and Annie down to the sandbar for a splash around to cool him off and to feed the pelicans the remains of Kym's filleted fish from this morning. Stuff me. He got the chills. I had him in 2 towels to warm him up. He dozed under the towels in my lap for about half an hour. By this time Paige and Hannah caught up with us on the beach. I brought Sean back to the cabin while Annie played with them on the beach. I think they were searching for little sand crabs.

Put Sean back to bed. I am getting a bit worried about him by now. But he came out all chipper again when the girls came back.

Snakes and Ladders was pulled out and duly played with the kids by Paige and Hannah.

They then went back to Paige's home to grab the fondu set and picked up some strawberries and a block of chocolate. I was very good and resisted all temptations. I did forget the camera moment tho. Kym was back from shooting and I headed out to the stables with a couple of ciders to catch up with J.

When I got back I dropped the girls back to Paige's home, baths, tea, cleaned up a little bit and watched some Mary Poppins with the kids that was on TV.

hopefully the pics load up tonight as had heaps and heaps of hassles last night. Hopefully Blogger has that issue sorted out.

cya tomorrow.

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