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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday and Saturday *edited to add the pics*

slack day Friday.

We had a house inspection with our tenants in the Tumby house Friday morning at 10.30.So that really didnt allow me to go riding and be back in time or Kym go fishing and be back in time.
I must work out a better time for it next time.

So we had a sleep in and a bit of PJ sloth time instead. Was rather nice to relax in and enjoy the kids instead of tearing off before anyone is really awake.

Kym had arranged a social clay target shoot with a few fellas at the gunclub yesterday. He thought that we may get 10 or so blokes rock up. He was blown away when he had about 25 people including some ladies show up to shoot. So he was so tickled and on a bit of a kick when he got back to the cabin later on.

I went out there with Sean after his sleep and had a go. Wont tell u the score *blush* but its out of 25 possible targets.

Annie went to her first Blue Light Disco at the Tumby yacht club Friday night. She had a ball. In her words "I practised a few new dance moves". How I would have loved to be a fly on the wall (with the camera of course)

I didnt do a post for Friday as I had a girls night out instead with Christina, Sophie and Lisa. Had a very yummy tea at the Seabreeze Hotel and relaxed in the dining room. But I did find an ol' fashion 80's Pac Man game. You remember the Space Invaders game??? on that big machine that u sit at to play, well this one was just like that. And best of all it was free. How cool is that.
Wandered down to the Tumby front bar and eventually got home about 2am. Lots of fun.


Saturday morning was a bit slow to start with. Everyone had a sleep in. lucky me. I was too slack to go for a ride. Should have. It was one of those gorgeous mornings that Tumby has here.

Caught up with my brother Brett and Sonia and their kids Jack and Brooke. The kids had the most fantastic time on the beach. All unplanned so no one had bathers or towels. Tshirts, bare bums for all except Annie who I insist she wear knickers. I am always letting her know that she is a big girl now and its just not on her running around without undies on.

So Uncle Brett got LOTS of exercise on the beach with the kids chasing him around with the water canons and on the boogie board in the shallows. I havent included any shots of Brett and Sonia's family as I havent asked them if I can put them on my blog.

After a quick hose off and using the kids car blankets as towels we all jumped aboard the Trolley Ride around Tumby. Ross Story and his Clydesdale 'Apollo' do little jaunts around town during the holidays. We had been on it before but went again with the Smart crew to catch some more shots of them and the kids. They left to go home about lunchtime.

Kym and I discussed staying on for a few days more if the cabin wasnt re booked after us. We are just not ready to go home yet. But alas, the cabin is booked so we must vacate tomorrow. So this arvo was spent packing up as much stuff into boxes that we wont need between now and tomorrow, pack up all of Jerry's tack and pack up Jerry into the float. Trip number 1 home and unpacked most of it. We still have the boat, the hay trailer to drag home tomorrow plus all the other stuff.

Had a BBQ tea with Kelly's at the Lions Park on the foreshore. Cricket was promptly organised and a fair bit of wrestling to go with it. So fantastic to see these older teenagers take the time to really have fun with my kids. And it is so a two way thing. My kids just love the boys and Paige. Took some beaut shots. Same as before, I havent asked the Kelly's if I can use their photos on my blog so I havent.
Tomorrow Kym and Annie are going fishing at Port Neil when we check out, so Sean and I can unpack and reorganise in peace at home. The guts of it is done other than the bags of clothes and kitchen stuff. Washing is all done and up to date so that is no big deal.

Paige is coming across to stay Monday night to get into some scrapping. Cant wait. I dare say I'll be on the 'puter transferring folders of photos that I have worked on since I have been at Tumby and sorting out holiday snaps.

Well that's the plan which is subject to change and usually does.

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