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Sunday, January 4, 2009

tumby time

busy day today.

Packed most stuff at home yesterday, loaded up the vehicles today and chucked the horse into the float and off we went.

Made it into Tumby by 1, picked up Paige who took the kids for hot chips and ice cream while I unpacked. All done by 2.30. Paige is my hero. She took the kids again to play in her backyard pool while i grabbed some groceries and dumped the bags in my Mum's wardrobe, out of our cabin as space is in short supply. Took the kids to the sandbar for an hour or so. Annie has made a new friend. Doesnt take her long.

Kym got back from clay target shooting with a trophy in hand and a grin a mile wide. So glad he went so then I could put things in the cabin where I want them without his 'input'. Most efficient way.

Tomorrow Annie has Family Mission starting at 9 to 12. Goes for the week. Its lots of structured activities and craft with light religious overtures. Basically a whole bunch of fun for her. Then Vac Swim at 2p. Sean will be with Kym in the mornings learning about boats and fishing.

I intend to go riding on the horse at 7.30 each morning and be back in time to pick her up from Mission. Kym will drop her off on his way to the boat ramp.

good plan. I wonder if it works out that way LOL.

on my resolution.
start weight last Sunday 69kg
weight today after the first week. 65.5kg.

happy dance. even after a bit of dip of News Year Eve and 2 ciders. yes thats right. only 2 ciders.
And just for the record, still no ice coffee. Pretty proud of that effort.

so I have been blog surfing and forum posting and no photoshop done yet. 10.50p. I better do some to justify the laptop being here.

cya tomorrow.
with pics.


maryanne r said...

hi tiff,
bloody big WOW, on the weigh in, thats awesome!! you must have a speedy metabolism. very big pat on the back to you.
sounds like busy holidays for you, hope all goes well, scruff says warming up over home[hes always on the elders weather].
oh and you can still walk down and stand with the fish.

Anonymous said...

geepers tiff, what's your diet secrets!! everytime i get on the wii fit each night it tells me i have put on weight..prob doesn't help that i do it after dinner as soon as kids are in bed!!

sounds like you have a great time ahead on hols!! enjoy!