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Monday, January 5, 2009

holiday day 1

our abode.

Today will be a typical day for the rest of the week.
busy, busy, busy.

I was in the saddle by 8 am riding in the sandhills and cantering on the beach. I have asked Kym to come up the beach one morning with the camera to get some shots. (I can only hope).

Kym dropped Annie off to Family Mission at 9am.

As of Tuesday Kym and Sean will go fishing in the morning in the boat that they went back home for today.

I photoshopped a bunch of photos before picking Annie up at 12pm.

Lunch. Veg out for a bit. Annie mucked around on the laptop for a bit. Kym and Sean rocked up with the boat and some other stuff from home.

Sunblocked Annie up and headed down to the beach for Vac Swim day 1.
By the time we got back it was time to spend some time with Mr Bean.

By about 4p we decided to get the boat wet and give Sean a taste of fun in it while Annie was there. He gains a lot of confidence when she is around. So we puttered out of the Marina channel and out in the bay for a bit with both the kids 'Yehaaing' all the way.
Captain Firth (arghhhh) you know, like Captain Feathersword LOL

Had time to catch up with JK for a quick cider and sort out housing for the horse. Thanks a heap J.

Tea, muck around, finish up the evening with Mr Bean and by 8.30 the kids are in bed.

Will be a big week I reckon.
Will post tomorrow.


SueP said...

Phewww....i was exhausted by the end of that post....you are going to have a busy week chookie!! But all sounds like fun..


and take lots of photos!!:)

sandra said...

Sounds like you'll need a holiday to recover from your holiday!
Looks like you are all having a fantastic time!
Can't wait to see the pics Kym will take!

Jo said...

Wow! What a great holiday :) Wish I was there!!

Janice & Sarah said...

Sounds like its gunna be a big week!!
Looks like you are having fun - the look in Sean's face in the photo of them in the boat says it all..
Enjoy yourselves.