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Friday, October 31, 2008

less is more, windows to the soul

happy dance, happy dance, happy dance.

subbed a LO ages ago to SC and they have picked it up.

it'll be in issue 65.

whoo hoo. my second one in this mag. My first one will be in 63.

cant wait.
***edited to add***
Just had another email from SC for another LO to go in a different gallery in the same mag.
whooooootttt toooooootttttttttt.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Retreat Workshop

Haven't anything to show yet, but have been working madly on my workshop creation for the 09 Escape2Create.

It will be posted on the E2C blog soon to start registering for the workshop.

Sending big congrats to the E2C Chickie who subbed her Challenge heritage LOs and had TWO of them accepted. She knows who she is.... will wait till she reveals herself in the comments on the E2C blog before naming names.

can name her now.


onya chicky.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shabby Chick Shack Scrap sleep over.

boy oh boy. Did I have some fun at the Shabby Chic Shack scrap sleep over. We invaded the Lock Footy clubrooms for the occasion.

The weather yesterday was just gross, hot north wind and dust. It would have been pretty bloody warm in the Footy club as the aircon doesn't work. It was still fairly toasty inside when D and I got there at 6pm.

I didn't quite get to see the sun come up for the dawn buster. But I did just see 4am before my little peepers just had to shut for a while.

Denise E came up with me. She is just a barrel of laughs. Every hour or so she would say, 'Rito, whats next'. I was flat out throwing ideas at her.

Her daughter knows Jane P, so Denise and Jane hit it off straight away.
Jane had her dymo clicking away all night.

Great to see Karen D at her creative best, once the headache disappeared.
This is some of Karen's ribbon stash. Impressive isn't it!!!

Cassandra S had her dymo busy clicking away all night on all her layouts too.

Brigette S is a powerhouse. Despite the shocking weather yesterday, she hosted a fundraising day for Breast Cancer and then looked after us that night. Thank you Brigette. I am in awe of your energy. (I bet it felt just great to just to sit and scrap since u haven't had an opportunity since January)
I just love this pic of B. Personality Plus.

Love love love my new little remote control for the camera. Just worked a treat.

Head down and straight into it. This is the first one I finished. The grid is cut from a nutrigrain cereal packet. the squares are 8cm each.
We had pizza tea. Yummy. Lots of the most bestest garlic bread I have ever tasted. I kept going back to it all night.

Second Layout finished. The date at the bottom is actually a measuring tape that I cut up to get the right numbers for the date needed. The scalloped edging on the bazzil is from a new embossing punch by Friskars. The scallop bit works better on softer papers like reflex, but looked quite ok on this one.
We all hopped into a car and did a trip down to the pub. The girls pub that is, which is the Shabby Chic Shack. (LOL Karen). Denise thought we were actually going to the real pub. So had some retail therapy of course.

Jane's hands on the interior car roof as we yehaad our way to the pub.

Third LO finished. Fairly simple this one. Was starting to see double by 2am.

Woke up, packed up, chatted for a bit while sucking down some ice coffee (surprise surprise). Left about 8.30a.

Hope the girls have another one. Not to be missed.
apologies to Nadine P and the other lady who left earlier in the night. I didnt have my camera out then. I need a prompt to remember your name too. Sorry.
If any of the pics on this post worry anyone who was there last night, please email me so I can remove it. No stress.


a quick nana nap and then I'll update the blog with last nights scrap a thon dawn buster.

Friday, October 24, 2008

who's coming

Shabby Chic Shack scrap a thon sleep over dawnbuster.
try saying that fast
Saturday 25th.
I'm going. Who wants a ride

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sean cant quite get the P in planes out yet, so he calls them 'flanes'.

sounded pretty cute when he was running down to gate 10 yelling 'flane, flane' at the top of his voice.

Flanes just rock his world.

The PP is the new KI Sheer Delights. And WAHU it is gorgeous stuff to work with.

Looked in heaps of online shops to find it as its only just released from CHA in the States

found it here. Very up to date little aussie shop with an eye on newly released goodies in the USA.


picked up this from Diamonds while away. Stuff setting the timer and running into position and then try to look composed.
just click, 2 second delay or instant if u like, and the shot is done.
not a hair out of place.
cant wait to do some self portraits.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm back

have just walked in the door, given DH a cursory peck and then logged in. LOL.
absolutely pooped. will update tomorrow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


out of 'Office' till Tues late pm.
will be back to let u know how Sean goes. oh and the shopping at Camelot wink wink

Saturday, October 18, 2008

crab chick

Annie had a Dad's Day today while I went riding. Annie just LOVES crabbing with a passion so off they went to Cowell. And I reckon she was pretty stoked by the crabs they caught by the size of her grin.
Sean was with Sarah N today. I havent had the full run down yet LOL but I gather they all had a great day too.
I had a totally awesome day on Jerry (horse). I did some hill work on him to knock the beans out of him so hopefully he would be too stuffed to buck. Worked a treat.
G.R.E.A.T. day

Friday, October 17, 2008

you little Pirate

This was a quick and easy one.

Well, it should have been if I didn't yak so much. Just love Thursday nights in Lincoln at the weekly scrap nites.

The pirate ship is a transparent overlay by Hambley Screens.

I crackled the title and skull with Jo Sonja's Decor Crackle and beige paint. the sword is silver and black paint.

Love Crackle. I use it fairly often. Some of my storage at home is cracked. My sewing box, my magazine rack and my large scraps box is all cracked with the same colours.

looks great to me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wouldn't that just s**t ya

I have just been emailed by CK about a LO i subbed ages ago. They want it. But, they can't have it. 'flat out being a Mum' is under contract to SC.

That would have been my being published in all 4 mags.

shit shit shit

CK 's turn around time on accepting a LO that has been subbed is excruciatingly long. Because of their system I had this answer from them nearly 2 months of emailing it in to them.

oh well, tough luck for them (and me too)

I should be happy and I am, but I am a bit sad too as the Aussie gallery is so small and I think this is the pinnacle goal to reach for me atm, and I have to say no to it.

just keep subbing away i guess.

not shy of doing that

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

and the choccie goes too......


thanks chick.
I was tossing between the one of both the kids looking at the camera - the second one in the post or the feet. I couldnt decide so I asked the great judge (DH) for the deciding vote.

PM me on the forum so I can grab your address to I can post u a choc.

ps. boy oh boy. Lisa and Sue, you both were up late last night weren't you.

hay bale photo shoot

just couldn't leave these props not being used. They are being moved out of the paddock in the morning so I had to grab some shots tonight. Lucky the light was kind.

Sean was in a bit of a grump (no nap this arvo) so there are none of him just on his own :(

Every year the kindy do a calender for fundraising and I reckon I now have the pic I want on it. It needed to be high resolution and in horizontal format.

have a guess which one. Chockie for the first one to guess.

Monday, October 13, 2008

birthday girl

Made a special lady her birthday card tonight. She loves green atm.

Have a guess....

the red alphas say Amanda is Artistry.

Have an awesome day chick and have the most inspiring year in front of you.

cheers wine and cheese.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cummin Show.

Get a coffee. Long post with lots of pics.
what a great day. good weather and good fun.

we got there just on 12p in time for the judging of Show Prince and Show Princess. Both the kids have won it before but Sean did a little impromptu Bob the Builder song and dance which won the judge's approval.

A very proud Dad!!

Rev Michael Duke pinned on Sean rosette. He's a very lucky little chap. In his 2.5 years of life he has won this twice.

I had pinned up all of Annie's hair for her entry. So much hair.

Took ages. Another young lady won it, but Annie's learning that u only win sometimes. Just to enter and have fun is more important. Winning is bonus.

Kym took the kids on the little train ride, bouncing castle and hurdy gurdy while I watched the hunter events.

Had so many people ask why I wasn't riding. I would have loved to been out there as I haven't done it for the last 4 years with equine flu, no horse, pregnant, injured horse. (in no particular order).

Jerry (my hunter) started bucking full on at the end of hunt season and I hit the ground hard twice. I have some ongoing injuries that I am dealing with. I have been taking him out in group rides since then with no pressure of jumping or moving along at a fair pace just to chill out whatever is spinning his head out. hopefully to resolve his bucking plus with a bit of help from a pro horse breaker/ re educator. (Shane Cooper)

So yesterday was just not on. I so did not want to be dumped off in from of a crowd onto a buckshot track around the oval.

Needless to say I jumped every jump in spirit with those who entered.

By this time Sean was buggered and needed his neb so Kym took him home. We had thought this would happen so we came in 2 vehicles.

Shane Cooper put a fantastic demo of horsemanship with his steed TC, who rode at will (no bridle) and Shane stood on TC's back while TC was standing on a large bale of hay, cracking his stockwhip. Very impressive. That won the crowd.

Paige K (thanks chick for your wonderful company with Annie yesterday) took off with Annie to watch the magician while I had a quick squizzie in the Pavilion.

And Wowsers, my LO of Sean, -innocence-

won Champion Exhibit for the scrap section.

Thanks to Shabby Chic Shack for the voucher. Will be visiting very soon.

There were heaps of entries and competition was pretty stiff. The Show Society had put up a very large display wall from floor to ceiling for all the entries. And is was so fantastic to see it full and them some. Very popular section. I had LO's in nearly all the categories and was pleased with my results.

Ducked back outside to find Annie and Paige still watching the magician. He was great. Really great. The rope trick still has me thinking how he did it.

Isn't timing amazing. I had left my camera bag in the show office as it was a bit heavy (esp with a bottle of water in it). Annie was called up on stage and I didn't have the bloody thing with me. I quickly scoured the audience and no, Meredith didn't have hers with her at that point, nor did Sandra. Fat lot of scrappers aren't we. So many many thanks Sacheen who saw my desperate look of despair and trotted over her camera to me just in time to catch the last of Annie and Ryan W up on stage. Will post the pic when i get it.

After that was the whip cracking which Annie wanted to have a go at.

Then time for presentations of awards in the pavilion.
Mr Rowan Ramsey MP presenting me with the voucher. (Thanks Sandra for the shot)

Thanks again Sandra for the shot of Kate and I. Well done Kate. Your talent is amazing.

Big congratulations to Sandra and Janice who entered their LOs. insert *applause* Both of these ladies have come a long way in a hurry and they must so stoked to see some recognition for their work. Ally's work is consistently fantastic and Kate won most points over all. So well deserved.

Annie had entered some sections with her scrap pages,

6 chook eggs,
decorated eggs,
and few entries in the Cereals section which she and Kym had put together.
She did really well.

In true scrapping style she wanted to scrap her winning tickets as soon as she got home. Luckily she let me scan the originals so I can use the printed ones later as she wanted to use the real ones. Her page which is going to school with her tomorrow for show and tell.

The afternoon went so quick. I reckon this was the best show yet because after lunch there was so much to do. I didn't get to see the sheep dog trials, machinery and no show jumping at all.
Well done to the Show Society. Huge job well done.

side note....comparing the Pavilion side of things at Cummins show to Yallunda Flat and Lincoln shows. Cummins Show shits it in with so many enteries in the sections. we are so lucky that our local show is so well supported and a hard working committee, conveyors, stewards, judges must be so pleased to see a re surge of interest and participation.

Friday, October 10, 2008


just loved pulling this one together.

so thanks Ange.
I havent scrapped for a week and doing this LO tonight felt SO GOOD.

Might enter it in the show


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


another acceptance by a different mag again. Creative Paper have picked up this one. (scroll done the page a little bit.

So bloody chuffed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

the results

Had good day at the 'Flat' show today.

I entered some LO's in the new scrap section. Thought I had better since I had been touting it a bit on here and the E2C blog.

Came home with
2 x 1sts
6 x 2nds
2 x 3rds
I was lucky to have enough points for the 'most points' prize which is a lovely 12x12 timber frame.

Kate Murnane did really really well. Most of the entries she put in all gained a 1st. Her stuff is just lovely. Congrats to you chick. Well done.

A little birdie has whispered that at the Cummins show scrap section next week they have made a whole heap of tailor made display boards just for us. This section has grown enormously each year, so I would love to see some the the bloggers (you know who you are) to put entries in and make it a bigger event this year.

Don't forget to check out the photography section. After all, scrapping and photography go hand in hand.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


thanks chicks.
big wave to Angela. do u have a blog??? couldn't find yours.
so glad the echos of myself have bounced on some ears out there

anybody out there

feels like I'm talking to myself for the last little while.
Comments are invited and welcomed.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yallunda Flat Show

now don't forget to put your entries in for the scrap section.
The show is on Monday.
I reckon u should be able to take your LO there on Sunday in time for the 10am judging on show day.
click on this link for the categories and details.


and she wrote

can now reveal

Just loved working with this one. Playing with pink and making it girly. Have been doing a run of Sean pages for a while to catch up but I have missed the ribbon, bling and blooms. Mind u I have noticed them (not the bling) sneaking into his pages lately.

Annie wrote this story at home in her special book. She wouldn't let me use the original ( I have taught her something I guess) but I was allowed to scan it for the LO.

I did go thru the story with her and wrote it in Photoshop to decipher some of it.

She is SO proud of it. It is currently on my display stand (wrought iron cookbook holder) on the sideboard in the kitchen.

updates on this week.

Sean and I had a quick whizz over to Adelaide on Tuesday. This will be probably the first flight he will remember. He was able to sit on my lap so I only had to pay for one seat (thank goodness).

He's keen as mustard about planes, they really rock his world.

So he just about ran up the steps, I did have to slow him down while holding my day bag ( Sean's lunchbox, a few nappies, wipes, plastic bags, magazine, water, doctors reports and referrals, jumpers plus a little backpack to bring home any shopping in), and handbag.

Just as we were taking off he hid his face into my armpit and didn't peek for a little bit and when he did look out the window I couldn't get his nose off it. Just fascinated that the ground was getting smaller below us. He just loved it. Very good commuter.

Grabbed a taxi from the airport after I had collected the pram. That sat in pride of place on the front seat in every taxi we caught (3) during our day, too damn awkward to get into a boot.

First appointment was for me to check out my ear at the Ear, Nose Throat Specialist. Given the all clear. Of course. Hasn't been a problem for a little while now but I have had 2 ear infections in the last few months. There was talk of grommets for a while, but now not at this stage.

Walked up to the Mall and met Paige with her hunybun Reece. He is a verry nooice chap. Have known him for ages thru Paige. Roared into Spotlight to grab some things (fabric, hatpins) and checked out the scrapping stuff. Found a couple of must have thingies. Had a squizzy at Lincraft. It's very much along the same lines at Spotlight.

Snatched some lunch with the lovebirds before Sean and I had to go to the Women's and Children's Hospital for his appointment.

First consult with the Pulmonary Department, specifically the Asthma Clinic. Confirmed what I already know...severe episodic asthmatic, multi triggers blah blah blah.

We are heading back as soon as they can line up all the tests that we need to do for Sean in one day or at the most over 2 days. I have made it very clear that time is of the essence, harvest will be early so Sean will not be available for anything from the second week of November until January. I just cant leave Annie with Kym while he is harvesting.

We both slept on the way home. He didnt even stir during the landing. So puffed out.

We were in Lincoln today for Sean to have a chest xray to start us off. Report shows thickening of the pulmonary (scientific words) indicative of asthmatic.

Annie came out with a classic yesterday.

A : Mum if u eat lots and get fat, is that how u have a baby???
Me : laughing a bit. : no chick. If u eat lots and get fat, u stay fat!
A : What about babies??
Me : Well, what do u want to know??? (been dreading this question coming up)
A: Where do they come from??
Me: Well there's a Mum (that's me) and a Dad (that's Dad) and we love each other very much. We wished for a baby, and u grew in my tummy and then popped out.
A: oh ok.

I reckon I got away with this and have given myself a bit of breathing space for a while. When she needs more detail and she asks, Annie will get it. It doesn't embarrass me at all and I reckon this will be a meaningful time for both of us.

I remember when I asked Mum the same questions, but I was a bit older. She gave me a book and that was it. No questions answered, find out yourself. Bloody ruggered way of finding out about yourself.

Anyway am determined not being closed to this subject with Annie at all. Lay it on the table and we'll find out together.

Bring it on.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

real boys wear pink boots

2 out of 3 aint bad.

This is an e2c challenge. it has 3 parts for 3 points. I score 2.

base the LO on a pencillines sketch, orange and obscure photo.

I used sketch 74 by Kerry Lyn, I reckon the photo is obscure and not a bit of orange anywhere. It just would go with the PP so I didn't worry about it.

Have subbed it, but I won't be holding my breath.