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Friday, October 3, 2008

updates on this week.

Sean and I had a quick whizz over to Adelaide on Tuesday. This will be probably the first flight he will remember. He was able to sit on my lap so I only had to pay for one seat (thank goodness).

He's keen as mustard about planes, they really rock his world.

So he just about ran up the steps, I did have to slow him down while holding my day bag ( Sean's lunchbox, a few nappies, wipes, plastic bags, magazine, water, doctors reports and referrals, jumpers plus a little backpack to bring home any shopping in), and handbag.

Just as we were taking off he hid his face into my armpit and didn't peek for a little bit and when he did look out the window I couldn't get his nose off it. Just fascinated that the ground was getting smaller below us. He just loved it. Very good commuter.

Grabbed a taxi from the airport after I had collected the pram. That sat in pride of place on the front seat in every taxi we caught (3) during our day, too damn awkward to get into a boot.

First appointment was for me to check out my ear at the Ear, Nose Throat Specialist. Given the all clear. Of course. Hasn't been a problem for a little while now but I have had 2 ear infections in the last few months. There was talk of grommets for a while, but now not at this stage.

Walked up to the Mall and met Paige with her hunybun Reece. He is a verry nooice chap. Have known him for ages thru Paige. Roared into Spotlight to grab some things (fabric, hatpins) and checked out the scrapping stuff. Found a couple of must have thingies. Had a squizzy at Lincraft. It's very much along the same lines at Spotlight.

Snatched some lunch with the lovebirds before Sean and I had to go to the Women's and Children's Hospital for his appointment.

First consult with the Pulmonary Department, specifically the Asthma Clinic. Confirmed what I already know...severe episodic asthmatic, multi triggers blah blah blah.

We are heading back as soon as they can line up all the tests that we need to do for Sean in one day or at the most over 2 days. I have made it very clear that time is of the essence, harvest will be early so Sean will not be available for anything from the second week of November until January. I just cant leave Annie with Kym while he is harvesting.

We both slept on the way home. He didnt even stir during the landing. So puffed out.

We were in Lincoln today for Sean to have a chest xray to start us off. Report shows thickening of the pulmonary (scientific words) indicative of asthmatic.

Annie came out with a classic yesterday.

A : Mum if u eat lots and get fat, is that how u have a baby???
Me : laughing a bit. : no chick. If u eat lots and get fat, u stay fat!
A : What about babies??
Me : Well, what do u want to know??? (been dreading this question coming up)
A: Where do they come from??
Me: Well there's a Mum (that's me) and a Dad (that's Dad) and we love each other very much. We wished for a baby, and u grew in my tummy and then popped out.
A: oh ok.

I reckon I got away with this and have given myself a bit of breathing space for a while. When she needs more detail and she asks, Annie will get it. It doesn't embarrass me at all and I reckon this will be a meaningful time for both of us.

I remember when I asked Mum the same questions, but I was a bit older. She gave me a book and that was it. No questions answered, find out yourself. Bloody ruggered way of finding out about yourself.

Anyway am determined not being closed to this subject with Annie at all. Lay it on the table and we'll find out together.

Bring it on.


Meredith Treloar said...

Classic conversation with Annie!!
Glad you don't have to have grommets, hope it continues to be helpful for Sean.

Anonymous said...

Hey chick, thought id better leave u a comment. Thanks for having us spend the day with u in adel, had heaps of fun teaching sean how to muck around in a shop (Thanks for teaching him how to hit ppl with rolls of wrapping paper reece) :D love you all! xXx Paige