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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miss G

say hello to the gorgeous Miss G.

I had the pleasure to shoot some photos of her today.

Thankyou S for being so happy to let me play with your little poppet and my camera.

ps. Disclaimer: I am a scrapper, not a photographer. I take photos for the pleasure of it and I certainly do not think I am any where near good enough to be professional. I do not ask my friends, who very kindly lend me their infants for me to try out my camera on, for any sitting fee.


to hunt or not to hunt.

I feel sick.

Really physically sick about the thought of the first hunt on Saturday.

I'll give you some background so you know why.

Towards the end of Hunt Season 08 Jerry (the 17 hh horse) decided to buck. Not just little pigroots, but full on bronco buck at each hunt. I managed to stick one, and had a lot of port to settle my nerves after. The Master of the field happened to be looking back over her shoulder at the time and she said the his hind feet were above my head from her perspective. So it was full on.

The second one at the hunt the following week I came off. He put one in as soon as we landed from the first jump. I hit the deck with no damage done, other than pride and grass stains on my behind.

The third one has totally shattered my confidence in myself as a rider. He stuck one in about 2 strides out from the first jump. I was just preping him to jump so I had just moved forward out of the saddle and so I hit hard. It hurt. It hurt like hell. But as stubborn as I am not to let him win, I was vaulted back into the saddle, but I couldnt lift my leg to put my foot in the stirrup, let alone jump. So I retired from the field. Embarrassed, pissed off and very cross that he won. I even had to be driven home with the float (thanks Helen) as I couldnt apply any pressure at all for the clutch.

Xrays showed a bone chip off my left hip. It's still there and until it bothers me, it will stay there.

I have had a couple of rides (no jumping) in large groups since then and Jerry showed a tendency to buck then as well.

So this last couple of weeks a good friend of mine has seen my distress and offered her horsemanship knowledge to help. I am grateful. She's not a horse whisperer, she's a horse psychiatrist. She gets into their heads and works things from that end. And she is getting results.

Jerry is not ready to rejoin the hunt field with safety at this stage. With more work at home in the round yard and learning a lot of new things in my head too, I hope to join later this year.

With this in mind I am at peace knowing I will actually not hunt on Saturday. I am also very disappointed in myself to have my confidence knocked out of me, but I have to look at the larger picture. I have 2 young children. I have a husband who works on farm and as a builder off farm. He is busy supporting us as a family. 17 hh is a big big horse. When he bucks I go up before I come down and at the speed of cantering.

So I hope I dont get hassled tooo much for going to the hunt on Saturday and participate from a vehicle. I hope my fellow hunters understand that I am shit scared and I need time as well as Jerry before I want to join the field. I cant not go. I am the Treasurer and most of the Season Memberships will come in during the first few hunts.

So lots of hours coming up in the round yard while Sean has his arvo naps or plays with his trucks in the mud outside of the gate.

I love Jerry. He is such a schmooo at home. My nickname for him is 'slug' he is so sluggish. just not in the field. With work and learning on both sides I hope to bring out the best of both of us as a team.

Tally Ho.

Monday, April 27, 2009

today you...preschool

A big thankyou to Maryanne. She let me know about Ali Edwards overlays. And my oh my so noice. AE are sized for 8.5x12 but I converted mine to 12x12 thru PS.

I can so see myself using this sort of idea a lot.
Find the Ally Edwards yummy digi stuff @ Designer Digitals. the tutorials are really worth printing out and popping into a folder for reference. I used one of them on how to change the colour of an overlay. Too easy and not the way I thought it may have been ;)

Hi Paige.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

just breathe

have since added some little orange rhinestones to the center of the daisies in the journal page above. finishes it off nicely.
and Congrats to Brigette S
Friday 7.30am
baby boy
Nate William
9pb 3oz
mother and baby doing well

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my daughter

started this one last night and finished it today.

It is just the shaped PP. the white background is from the scanner.

we have had 30mm of rain up until lunchtime today. I declare it break of season. and on time too.

traditionally we like it to rain by Anzac Day, start seeding by what was May long weekend (1st weekend) and finish by about June long weekend. Well that's the theory anyway.

have been slowly transferring some data across to the lappy. ie, all my PS actions, brushes, overlays etc, my photos and anything else I can think of. LOL its all scrapping related at this stage.
*insert roll eyes*
ps. do not install the windows service pack 3 for XP. it sucks. i have had heaps of problems since then that i am ironing out.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Thankyou to those of you who took the trouble to leave a comment asking about Sean. We are over the hump and on the mend.

He was having an hourly phlegm chuck up till about 3am last night, followed by his nebuliser, and then a quick sleep till his coughing alerted me his next chuck was nearly due.

So in between running for the bucket for him (Sean is an expert with the bucket now) I scrapped till the wee hours.
So this is what was achieved last night.

PS Kym picked out this PP (Webster's Pages) As the LO is about him, I asked for his input. Makes him feel special ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

louie the fly

a quickie this arvo.


you have a dirty mind.

I meant a quick LO this arvo.

Sean is battling another round of asthma. This episode really has flattened him and it hit hard today. Poor little bugga. I so wish I could take his distress away from him and I would gladly wear it. So we are sitting tight for the next 24 hours or so and see if it develops further.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I got a bit stuck with this. I have no idea why but altho I am not totally happy with it, its done.


have been uploading programs, transferring data and tinkering with the lappy in the last day or so.

Annie thought it was for her and to go on her homework desk in her room. Sheeesssh. Expectations of kids these days. So I had to gently bring her back to earth and mention that a friend of hers who happens to be 16 has only just got his first computer. I think that bought me some breathing room.


Monday, April 20, 2009

this white dress

can now reveal after publication in Scrapbook Creations Iss 78 in the Digital Gallery

found some very yummy Rhonna Farrer brushes here and just had to have them. They are fantastic quality for very high resolution for 12x12. no pixelation at all. so I pulled the floral colours from Annie's dress and used them for the brush colours.
printed onto 12x12 white bazzil.
god I love my A3 printer.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daddy's little girl

Finally got round to finishing this one. Started it on Friday night at the Sheoak Cottage scrap night. With one thing and another I didnt get to it until tonight.

bright and bold to match Annie's jumper.

journaling says

no doubt about it
you are dad's right hand

measure twice, cut once.

Thanks Markia for the tape measure.

Happy Birthday hunny

Kym had his birthday yesterday. Our tradition is the kids make the card and present it with great fanfare to Mum or Dad. So it was Dad's turn yesterday.

So the card was made by Annie

Presented by Annie

Annie's reward

We had Modra's over for tea last night. All very impromptu. So we had Panini's with choice of fillings for tea and Quandong Pie for dessert. (Kym's signature dessert).

A candle was lit, the singing was done and the pie disappeared.
Happy Birthday darl. And lots more to you.

Tiff Sawyer is a scrapping steamroller. Go check her out. I dont think she sleeps much. She is riding a creative wave atm and is being recognized for her work. She sent some blog love my way.

mwah to you Tiff. Enjoy the ride. You deserve it.

Now I need to nominate 5 blogs who make me smile.

1. Mel. This is one chick who is into detail. And is a TwiddleBitz designer. And is a great forum buddy. And I will hopefully meet irl later this year.

2. House of 3. While this is not a blog it deserves recognition. I am inspired. This www is chock full of motivation, ideas and energy.

3. Escape2Create This may seem a bit biased as I am co-author but I do LOVE being part of this blog. We have a great bunch of girls in our area who scrap and choose to show their work via this blog. And I feel Privileged. I have made some deeply wonderful friends and I have been invited into many homes because of this blog. So I definitely share this award to e2c for the friendships that have grown and the love of a passion that is shared.

That will do for the moment.



Saturday, April 18, 2009


finished this one last night at the scrap night at Sheoak Cottage. Lots of fun, laughs, chat and the occasional cider or CC.


I have another that is still under construction.

ps.... laptop still in box. hopefully it will come out of hiding tomorrow.
*roll eyes*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

all's quiet on the blog front

I have been a busy chicky
with one thing and another I havent had a moment to scrap ;( or blog for that matter.
and I have buried my scrap desk under all this on purpose so I have to get it done before I let myself get back into it.

once I have this mess cleaned up I have promised myself to unpack my new best friend out of the box.

I was so close to going to Mac. I sat down and weighed up pros and cons. If I went Mac it was for purely selfish reasons. that's the plain bald truth. And as the desktop is Windows it would be a bit silly to have 2 different systems to try to communicate with each other. So logic said Windows is the go.

would still like a Mac. maybe next time the desktop needs replacing I have another good look at it. (sigh)

Val, Sue, Meredith, Amanda and I had a most scrumy dinner last night at the Tumby pub last night with a bottle or two or three...... of yummy white wine. The e2c retreat guests all pooled in and gave us an envelope of cash to thank us for putting together the retreat.

So thank you ladies. We had a great dinner, cold wine and good company. All because of you.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dorothy and the gang

yay. I am up to the end of June 2007 in Annie's scrapping.

stretched myself to do a double LO. I kept the ticket stubs and the little folder to scrap.

Journaling says: Hey Annie. While you were down the front in the 'mosh pit' dancing and singing your butt off, Mum was flat out chasing Sean who was intent on climbing up the auditorium stairs for the whole show.


Monday, April 13, 2009

pitchi ritchi pics

What a wonderful day we had on Saturday. We caught the Pitchi Ritchi at 10.30 at Quorn and took a trip to Woolshed Flat, about an hour away and then came back on the same line.

The train uncoupled and using sets of tracks, did a three point turn to recouple on the other end of the carriages.

21 Volunteers were on duty that day. Each coach had a 'coach captain'.

So well organised and professionally run.
I am very impressed.

Kym making sure he got into the shot. lol. lucky his hat didnt blow off

rocked to sleep.


Annie, bless her socks, just finished this and I just had to post it for her.
love her to bits.

mother's day 2007

trying a minimal approach with this one. And used up some MME overlays that have been sitting around for ages. (Maryanne prompted my memory). the little heart is iridescent and came from Annie's scrunchie. I seem to pinch a lot of her scrunchies recently.


pictorial easter

Sean's Easter Egg nest he made using chook and peacock feathers
Annie painted a wooden box with an E for Easter for her little eggs for Easter Bunny. Her nest was from sticks, leaves and feathers
Sean kicking back and enjoying his rabbit his way. It was all gone in 10 mins flat.
Easter Egg hunt at Dutton Bay. We had one in the garden at home, but the shots turned out crap. I was using manual settings.

all in all with a Easter Egg hunt today with Granny in the garden here (second shot at getting some pics LOL) the kids would have had 4 goes at it.
Lucky ducks.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

impeccable manners

just a quickie post.
Happy Easter to all.

wishing you lots of chocolate faces, happy snaps and some family time.

oh and lots of scrapping.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

with u we r 5

Paige had a special year with us in 2007. I should really say that we had a special year with Paige.

I made this Heidi Swapp mirror book for Paige chock full of pics of her and my family from that year. Just a little reminder that we love her very much and with her we have 5 people in our family.

She received it in the mail today so now I can reveal it on here ;). I don't have any pics of the inside of it, just the cover. As its Paige's gift meant for her, it felt wrong to show you whats inside it. So when she lets me know, it pop her FB link on here with any pics she may reveal.

(lol. me with my 'bed' hair)