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Thursday, April 23, 2009

louie the fly

a quickie this arvo.


you have a dirty mind.

I meant a quick LO this arvo.

Sean is battling another round of asthma. This episode really has flattened him and it hit hard today. Poor little bugga. I so wish I could take his distress away from him and I would gladly wear it. So we are sitting tight for the next 24 hours or so and see if it develops further.


sandra said...

Oh poor Sean
I have been thinking about him lately, what with all the smoke around.
I hope he gets through the night all right.. give him a kiss for me.

Great layout.. love that colour!
and those glasses look fab on her!

Anonymous said...

Yes, sorry to hear the news about Sean, I feel bad now, here's praying for his speedy recovery. What a SMASHING photo Tiff and the rub-on up the side finishes it all off perfectly, I LOVE it, fanbloodytastic!!! LOL about the quickie, yes I'll admit I have a dirty mind....dobbed myself in, typical blonde....

maryanne r said...

hi tiff,thinking of you and sean! know that feeling all too well, but it has gotten better as the boys have gotten older.hoping hes feeling better very very soon.
love the LO, great 8.5x11 looks excellent.

Anonymous said...

Lovely page and great photo of Annie, Tiff.
Thinking of you and little Sean.