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Thursday, April 9, 2009

with u we r 5

Paige had a special year with us in 2007. I should really say that we had a special year with Paige.

I made this Heidi Swapp mirror book for Paige chock full of pics of her and my family from that year. Just a little reminder that we love her very much and with her we have 5 people in our family.

She received it in the mail today so now I can reveal it on here ;). I don't have any pics of the inside of it, just the cover. As its Paige's gift meant for her, it felt wrong to show you whats inside it. So when she lets me know, it pop her FB link on here with any pics she may reveal.

(lol. me with my 'bed' hair)


Anonymous said...

How good is this?????

maryanne r said...

what the??????LOL tiff...what a crack up.
got my SC in the mail today, browsed briefly tonight, congrats on your pages![did I see 2?].and wowee how many did meredith have??you both seem to be popular with that mag.well done.

Kirsty said...

Looks beautiful:) Hopefully we get to see a little more!

Anonymous said...

Tiff OMG, thankyou for the most beautiful words, you have seriously MADE my day. And the fact that they come from someone of your calibre means even more, love and friendship always, Tiff :o)