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Friday, April 24, 2009


Thankyou to those of you who took the trouble to leave a comment asking about Sean. We are over the hump and on the mend.

He was having an hourly phlegm chuck up till about 3am last night, followed by his nebuliser, and then a quick sleep till his coughing alerted me his next chuck was nearly due.

So in between running for the bucket for him (Sean is an expert with the bucket now) I scrapped till the wee hours.
So this is what was achieved last night.

PS Kym picked out this PP (Webster's Pages) As the LO is about him, I asked for his input. Makes him feel special ;)


Kirsty said...

Poor little kidlet!
Love the LO:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, glad Sean is on the mend, I had the bucket thing a few months back with Billy - eek!!! Makes us feel like we can achive anything when it's all over though. Love your layouts, always so meaningful and love how Kym picked the paper, very special. I saw your LO in this months SM mag too. Now that was special!!! Wish I knew how to edit photos like that, what a talent you have and that song is a real tear jerker, Tiff :o)