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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

do you ever have one of those days...

.... when you are so darn proud of your kids that you could just burst with pride.

the back story.... Teagan stayed over last night to give the kids some company. Lets face it, being stuck at home with a gammy legged Mum is so not fun. So Teagan came to stay. And thank goodness she did.

I had a crappy day yesterday with my knee, that ended up needing xrays today. But during the night I was crook. After about 3am I managed to get some sleep. I woke up about 8am, helped the kids with their breakfasts and asked Miss T if she would very much mind if I went back to bed for a quick nap. I was really feeling like a washed out dishrag. After talking with her Mum about today's plans and getting the ok for Teagan watching the kids, I had a little snooze.

I woke up human. I felt so much better. At least the tummy had settled. The kids made me a get well message made from daises on the front lawn. I damn near cried.

So after profuse thank yous to Teagan when we dropped her off, we made our way to Lincoln.

the story... Annie and Sean were wonderful. They carried this, they carted that. They both asked what could they do to help... all day. Pleases and thank yous were aplenty. There were no arguments or getting upset at each other. They just knew to be kind to each other, and to me.

To top off my day, I lost my mobile. It fell out of my handbag somewhere while lurching around on crutches. After making a number of calls to my phone and where we had been from Leonie's business (Scrapworkz- thanks so much Leonie), without luck, I started to backtrack where we had walked. While in Toyworld the lady there rang my phone again and a fella answered it. He had found it in Macca's carpark and was waiting for someone to ring it to claim it. My faith in good kind souls has been reassured. When I caught up with him I found out that he is only a young bloke and am so grateful to him for being honest.

The phone is stuffed. The screen has shattered and it doesn't ring in or out. So at 4.50pm I ran into the insurance office in Lincoln to start that paperwork. They also rang on my behalf to Retravision to let them know I was on my way and not shut their door for the day to get a replacement phone.

Today has been humbling. My children have been so wonderful and I am SO proud to be their Mum. People who I don't even know have gone out of their way to be helpful. People I do know, and I call them my dear friends, have been supportive and caring.

Just to reassure, the xrays are precautionary. I had a fall while on the crutches a few days ago. There doesn't seem to be any major problems and my knee doesn't feel anywhere near as awful as yesterday.

And Sue, lol, I never thought to ask Grandpa to take me up on his bike and sidecar. Wouldn't that be a sight and a giggle. te he. Maryanne, thanks for all the comments (are you sure you don't have a trigger finger on that enter button lol). Thanks Kylie for your kind thoughts.

I might even to get to scrap a bit tonight and tomorrow. We'll see!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a bit worried...

***edited to add*** my Grandfather is my shining knight to my resuce.

I need to drive to Whyalla this Friday for a follow up on my knee.

I had a quick trip Green Patch late this arvo and I'm really not sure if I'll manage a 5 hour round trip by Friday. By the time we got back tonight (only gone for an hour or so) I had Annie run inside to get the crutches as I was totally locked up.

Kym is working flat out to catch up from taking a couple of days off last week to be with me then, so I'm looking for anyone who would like to share the drive in my bus and come shopping for the day.

My appt is at 2pm.

Let me know......


Whenever we have a large implement on the farm for whatever purpose, it begs to be explored by a small boy and his Dad.

Journaling says 'as soon as you discovered that this lever made that bucket move, you were in boy heaven'

I had a bit of Kym influence with this one. After all he's in it too, (and it keeps him happy about my scrapping our family).


Sunday, September 27, 2009

the fairies

When the Fairies visited Tunarama a couple of years ago we just had to go. So I was asked (!!!!??) by Annie. So we went. She knew all the dance moves (still does if truth be told).

The Fairy pics are from January 2008.
Have been going a bit nutty on blooms lately. And I lurve pearl glimmermist. Just so beautifully subtle. The cream and purple roses are foam ones I first heard of in Nat's blog, and can be found at Spotlight. They soak up purple paint really well.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tumby Bay Holidays 2008 - Sean's

can now reveal after publication in Creating Keepsakes

*****edited to reshoot the LO's. I was a bit disappointed with it so when a blast of sunlight shone thru the clouds I ripped outside to reshoot them*****Another double. And guess what?? The next one I have started on is a double too lol!!

This one is for Sean's album.

The shells are wallies by Anna Griffin that I found on special a while ago in Spotlight. Perfect accent and colour for this LO.

Friday, September 25, 2009

shmee knee

this is me at 8am this morning.

At least the Mercurochrome was a hot pink so it matched my sock. lol

tumby bay summer holidays jan 08

So what do you do when you have a gammy leg that needs to be elevated all the time.

Scrap of course.
Cant hold this chick back for long.

So with a leg stuck out at 90 degrees on another chair, the heater going and music in the background I came up with this one last night. Yes, the same night I came home from hospital. I just cant sit and do nothing. I get really bored really quick.... but I would think that most of you would have gathered that by now lol.

Not much embellishing other than shells and my trusty Sharpie black pen as there is other 'collectibles' on there too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

love's abloomin

For our 8th Anniversary I bought him some flowers. He bought me some flowers. We have a large riot of colour on our kitchen table.

I lit candles just before he walked in from a cold day out in the elements. I had the fire roaring to warm his hands on.
We all went out for tea and when we pulled up in the car shed back at home it was really dark. He and I squeaky kissed and the kids had a loud 'ewwwwwww' reaction. It was gold!!

all's good.

Lots of thanks for the well wishes via phone, irl, FaceBook, blog and any other way for today.

I had a small knee op done in Whyalla and will be on crutches for a few days, no driving for a few days either. sigh. you might as well cut off my wings...

Visitors will be more than welcome... Feel Good ice coffee please lol..... (it would pay to ring me first so I can make myself a bit presentable, otherwise I might still be in my jimjams.)

te he.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miss E, the pocket rocket

This little lady has so much life. She has personality to burn, and she certainly wont ever be shy. And the most cutest raspy voice I think I've heard in a child. Thanks guys and enjoy your sneak peek


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 years ago....

I rode my horse around the Yallunda Flat oval to marry this fella.

Happy Anniversary darl.

Monday, September 21, 2009


.... going to Lincoln in the next few days?? I have an order at Rabbit that needs to be picked up if possible. All paid for. To make it easy you probably could leave it here at the Post Office for me to pick up if its tricky to catch me later. I'm away Wed and Thurs and pretty much housebound for a few days after (recovering from a minor knee op).

***edited to add*** all sorted. post this on my FB wall and had a reply within a minute. That is a super quick response. Love you FB. wink

Cheers and thanks

Sunday, September 20, 2009


One for Sean's album.
I used some imitation Baby's Breath behind the Prima bloom and used some leaves that came from an imitation climbing rose. All from the $2 shop.

Sean's just having the rottenest luck. He developed a cold late Friday and it has just developed into asthma. He's on the nebs and he'll be right soon!!


YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

In a land, not far away

.... is a paddock of purple. It looks like a crop but alas its not. Its a farmer's curse but a beautiful photography backdrop. So of course I trotted the kids out today with the promise of ice cream afterwards. My kids are so patient with me and they will nearly do anything for ice cream....

Sean had a bit of a tumble at Playgroup yesterday and scraped a bit of skin off around his eye. While I had the camera out, I took a pic of that too. After all, good comes with the bad and this will no doubt be in his scrapbook down the track. I did change it to BW just to tone it down a bit as its still a bit raw. He's such a brave chap. As an adult I would bawled for ages. After 5 mins of cuddles he was back in the sandpit.

sharing IS caring.

Journaling says 'heaven is a strawberry milkshake'.
Slapped on some Gesso with Texture Paste over gold glimmermist on the right corner. Sprayed that with a bit of candy red glimmermist. Still looks like a seagull trademark lol. So lovin the the new Prima blooms. This is one of the Juliette range. very noice.

tweet feet.

Scrapnite in Lock at Shabby Chic Shack last night. Amy met me and off we went.

I have fallen in love with a new cheese. Thanks Jane. I have some in the fridge now and I'll be sure to bring it up next time.

Finished off 2 and half LOs before I ran out of puff. Amy was on a roll too. Brigette and Karen are always good for a laugh and Cassandra is a giggle. Jane is the nibble hostess with the mostess!!

Thanks Girls. You all make the trip up and back worth while. Esp for Amy. She travels twice as far as I do.

I'll post the other LO later tonight and a photo shoot of the kids in a huge purple patch of Salvation Jane that we played in today.

have a great weekend.

Friday, September 18, 2009

you are so beautiful to me

one from tonight.

I keep looking at it and wanting to add a flower or something to not have the LO flat. I'm a bit unsure still.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

coffin bay christmas

as promised.

the other LO from last night and photographed this morning. Not a lot of embellishing (lol, not much room after putting 12 poloroid pics on there.
Journaling on the right red ledger says : Christmas at Sir Isacc's Shack at Coffin Bay was a blast. We had Great Grandma Smart, Great Aunty Christine, your cousins Jess and Bonnie, Grandpa Smart and Grandma Jane were having there holidays from Tiwi Islands. Jane's two boys Ben and Mark were there with their families and us. We all made a full house. It really was a family Christmas. 2007

My men folk are home. At last.

just a quickie....

.....photo to pop here that I've done the E2C half photo challenge.

half bw, half colour

have a great day.

will post the other LO tonight


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


can now reveal after publication in Scrapbook Trends UK


I have a night free from any commitments what so ever so I could scrap.

And I've done 2. This one and a double which I'll photography tomorrow. {Keep ya in suspense ;o) }

Just LOVIN the Prima blooms atm. I have had a small spend up with some (blush) but aren't they divine.

My men are back home tomorrow night. They've been away for a week and I missed them sooo much. I was a bit of a dribbly mess last Wednesday morning. Not having my little shadow called Sean around has been awful on one hand and fantastic on the other. I've looked at this past week apart as a trial for me to see how I go when Sean starts Kindy first term next year. Guaranteed I'll be one the Mums bawling out in the car.
Until then he's my right hand man.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sand, surf and the F's

I loved this photo shoot. My first one on a beach with a good friend who knew what she was after. I asked her to make a list of ideas for me to capture and I add libbed from there.

Thanks A and enjoy your sneak peek

A bit of a story of this one with A in the water. The sun was all but gone from the beach when she asked me to get one of her with the water coming up from behind and surrounding her, and with the reflection of the sand. There was a small patch of sunlight left on the far end of the beach some 100m away. So we ran. Literally. And snapped it just as the sun disappeared totally for the day. Pheww.

In the far distance in this shot is a pod of whales frolicking out there. There is a flipper out of the water. ( I doubt you can see it in this pic) These guys see whales all the time out there so its kind of cool that a whale should be in one of their photos.

Lots more over at Tiff Firth Photography on FaceBook

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Pheww. What a week. Busy as a bee. 3 photo shoots, processing those shoots, Father's day, family leaving for a week, funeral, sick DD, DD Birthday party, Horse Ride, Sports windup. ( I think I've got it all)

My Internet was on snail pace for this last week too, so that makes thinks soooo much slower and wasting my precious time. It'll be back to normal later tonight. Thank goodness.

So to recap.
Fathers Day.
Sean stamped his hand with red paint on his card to Dad. awww.

Helping himself to Dad's annual snake stash. And there was licorice too.

Annie made Dad blue jelly for breakfast. So not Kym's favourite thing but he got it all down.

And amazingly I got a wild poppy from Kym for Father's Day. Now that just blew me away.

Annie's Birthday.
She was whispering in my ear at 6.10am on her day letting me know that she's now 7 years old. she was told veerrryyyy noicely to go back to bed until 7.15a seeing it was a school morning.

so she waited quietly until I had the camera ready for her and out she bounced.
She had a Birthday party at the Bakery with 10 of her friends after school. I would love to have a group shot here but I haven't asked Mum's permission so I wont.
Annie loved her tiara for the party.
Annie had a sleep over at a friend's home and I had to go to a dinner. Its a rare thing to see me in a dress and with full war paint on, so I thought a pic of us girls wouldn't go amiss.
Rambler windup. Junior presentations today. Annie was presented with her medallion, and she spoke on the mike on behalf of the team to give thanks to their coaches. And gave them their gifts. (proud Mum moment) Again I would like to show a pic of this but there are others in the photo that I haven't asked.

This week is a little bit more sedate and I hope to get on top of it all by tomorrow arvo.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Happy Birthday Annie. My goodness. You're 7 already. Where did that time go. Love you as big as the world and I am so very proud of you.

xXx Mum xXx

Pics and 'report' later.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


These three happy ladies came and saw me yesterday. What a great shoot we had. Miss G is such a good girl and Miss J is just happy by nature. Lots of gurgling when she had her skin shots done. I think she may be a free spirit lol.

Enjoy your sneak peek and thank you very much.

cheers T