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Sunday, September 27, 2009

the fairies

When the Fairies visited Tunarama a couple of years ago we just had to go. So I was asked (!!!!??) by Annie. So we went. She knew all the dance moves (still does if truth be told).

The Fairy pics are from January 2008.
Have been going a bit nutty on blooms lately. And I lurve pearl glimmermist. Just so beautifully subtle. The cream and purple roses are foam ones I first heard of in Nat's blog, and can be found at Spotlight. They soak up purple paint really well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, no worries about the mention :o) My baby is still sitting in the box unopened. I have been suffering the most terrible virus all week and haven't gotten around to looking at her yet. No doubt when I do I will have some questions for ya, till then stay cool LOL, Tiff :o) PS love your banner shot, absolutely captivating :o)

maryanne r said...

very very girly.

SueP said...

Loving the yellow thickers, looks great....and all your blooms!!

Have noticed you using them lots lately.....have you seen ALL the new ones at Leonies's....you will go crazy for them!!!