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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

do you ever have one of those days...

.... when you are so darn proud of your kids that you could just burst with pride.

the back story.... Teagan stayed over last night to give the kids some company. Lets face it, being stuck at home with a gammy legged Mum is so not fun. So Teagan came to stay. And thank goodness she did.

I had a crappy day yesterday with my knee, that ended up needing xrays today. But during the night I was crook. After about 3am I managed to get some sleep. I woke up about 8am, helped the kids with their breakfasts and asked Miss T if she would very much mind if I went back to bed for a quick nap. I was really feeling like a washed out dishrag. After talking with her Mum about today's plans and getting the ok for Teagan watching the kids, I had a little snooze.

I woke up human. I felt so much better. At least the tummy had settled. The kids made me a get well message made from daises on the front lawn. I damn near cried.

So after profuse thank yous to Teagan when we dropped her off, we made our way to Lincoln.

the story... Annie and Sean were wonderful. They carried this, they carted that. They both asked what could they do to help... all day. Pleases and thank yous were aplenty. There were no arguments or getting upset at each other. They just knew to be kind to each other, and to me.

To top off my day, I lost my mobile. It fell out of my handbag somewhere while lurching around on crutches. After making a number of calls to my phone and where we had been from Leonie's business (Scrapworkz- thanks so much Leonie), without luck, I started to backtrack where we had walked. While in Toyworld the lady there rang my phone again and a fella answered it. He had found it in Macca's carpark and was waiting for someone to ring it to claim it. My faith in good kind souls has been reassured. When I caught up with him I found out that he is only a young bloke and am so grateful to him for being honest.

The phone is stuffed. The screen has shattered and it doesn't ring in or out. So at 4.50pm I ran into the insurance office in Lincoln to start that paperwork. They also rang on my behalf to Retravision to let them know I was on my way and not shut their door for the day to get a replacement phone.

Today has been humbling. My children have been so wonderful and I am SO proud to be their Mum. People who I don't even know have gone out of their way to be helpful. People I do know, and I call them my dear friends, have been supportive and caring.

Just to reassure, the xrays are precautionary. I had a fall while on the crutches a few days ago. There doesn't seem to be any major problems and my knee doesn't feel anywhere near as awful as yesterday.

And Sue, lol, I never thought to ask Grandpa to take me up on his bike and sidecar. Wouldn't that be a sight and a giggle. te he. Maryanne, thanks for all the comments (are you sure you don't have a trigger finger on that enter button lol). Thanks Kylie for your kind thoughts.

I might even to get to scrap a bit tonight and tomorrow. We'll see!!


Anonymous said...

aww...Its the nice ppl in the world that make life so damn wonderful hey. :) Love ya stacks and stacks. Hope ur better really soon. Sending love and cuddles. Paige. xo

maryanne r said...

oh tiff sounds like youve had a crap couple of days.was in lincoln today with some free time on my hands while kids at the movies, could have given you a hand.have heard of a few with the tummy bug, fingers crossed it bypasses the kids.glad youre feeling better, and that the knee is okay.

:) Tiff said...

hiya Paige. am so hanging out to see you. And for the big squeezy hug!!!!

lol Maryanne. If only we'd both known. not to worry. I think the but has missed the kids. They are so robust. thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff, sorry to hear that you are unwell,hope you and your knee are better soon.Thanks for all your help the other day.
Thanks Alison.

Anonymous said...

Aaww, that was lovely of Miss T and the kids to make you a message on the lawn !
What a day you had in Lincoln Tiff ya' poor thing. But a nice outcome with your phone and X-ray!
Good luck tmrw in Whyalla.
I'm off to Cleve shortly ... better finish packing !
Kylie x