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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Pheww. What a week. Busy as a bee. 3 photo shoots, processing those shoots, Father's day, family leaving for a week, funeral, sick DD, DD Birthday party, Horse Ride, Sports windup. ( I think I've got it all)

My Internet was on snail pace for this last week too, so that makes thinks soooo much slower and wasting my precious time. It'll be back to normal later tonight. Thank goodness.

So to recap.
Fathers Day.
Sean stamped his hand with red paint on his card to Dad. awww.

Helping himself to Dad's annual snake stash. And there was licorice too.

Annie made Dad blue jelly for breakfast. So not Kym's favourite thing but he got it all down.

And amazingly I got a wild poppy from Kym for Father's Day. Now that just blew me away.

Annie's Birthday.
She was whispering in my ear at 6.10am on her day letting me know that she's now 7 years old. she was told veerrryyyy noicely to go back to bed until 7.15a seeing it was a school morning.

so she waited quietly until I had the camera ready for her and out she bounced.
She had a Birthday party at the Bakery with 10 of her friends after school. I would love to have a group shot here but I haven't asked Mum's permission so I wont.
Annie loved her tiara for the party.
Annie had a sleep over at a friend's home and I had to go to a dinner. Its a rare thing to see me in a dress and with full war paint on, so I thought a pic of us girls wouldn't go amiss.
Rambler windup. Junior presentations today. Annie was presented with her medallion, and she spoke on the mike on behalf of the team to give thanks to their coaches. And gave them their gifts. (proud Mum moment) Again I would like to show a pic of this but there are others in the photo that I haven't asked.

This week is a little bit more sedate and I hope to get on top of it all by tomorrow arvo.

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