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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Its amazing what you can reuse for scrapping.

Annie finally went thru the knees of her old pyjamas. I took off all the buttons for my stash and tossed the pj's in a bag for Kym to take down the shed for rags.

During the night a thought must have made its way into my mind while I was asleep. I retrieved the bag before it left the backdoor and saved some pieces of the material.

Annie's birthday's coming up and I wanted to make a photo frame with her pjs. I found the frame last week and made this last night.

Coincidentally it happens to fit with the current E2C colour challenge of pink and red. Annie has a red jacket in the photo of which you can see the collar. I have never minded pink and red together even tho its a fashion no no. Not that I take any notice of fashion at all. LOL.

So with the red collar and the pink material it fits. I used a red towel for a backdrop to take the pics.

Viola. One of Annie's pressies done and a colour challenge done. How cool is that.

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maryanne r said...

this is quite funky and pretty tiff.love that photo too,so gorgeous.sorry for being slack and not commenting and blogging myself, still check out the blogs everyday, but guilty of being a lazyass blogger and not commenting![sorry].