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Friday, September 25, 2009

tumby bay summer holidays jan 08

So what do you do when you have a gammy leg that needs to be elevated all the time.

Scrap of course.
Cant hold this chick back for long.

So with a leg stuck out at 90 degrees on another chair, the heater going and music in the background I came up with this one last night. Yes, the same night I came home from hospital. I just cant sit and do nothing. I get really bored really quick.... but I would think that most of you would have gathered that by now lol.

Not much embellishing other than shells and my trusty Sharpie black pen as there is other 'collectibles' on there too.


Jane said...

lovin the sepia? photos, they look stunning..arent you meant to be resting? if this is your resting, i hate to see your flat out he he

Kirsty said...

Love this!!!!