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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


can now reveal after publication in Scrapbook Trends UK


I have a night free from any commitments what so ever so I could scrap.

And I've done 2. This one and a double which I'll photography tomorrow. {Keep ya in suspense ;o) }

Just LOVIN the Prima blooms atm. I have had a small spend up with some (blush) but aren't they divine.

My men are back home tomorrow night. They've been away for a week and I missed them sooo much. I was a bit of a dribbly mess last Wednesday morning. Not having my little shadow called Sean around has been awful on one hand and fantastic on the other. I've looked at this past week apart as a trial for me to see how I go when Sean starts Kindy first term next year. Guaranteed I'll be one the Mums bawling out in the car.
Until then he's my right hand man.


Kirsty said...

Gorgeous LO...and I feel the same way about losing ym wingman next year...we can sob together!

maryanne r said...

you surely must be confused.....really hes way too little for kindy....isnt he??

Cassandra said...

Know the feeling Tiff be thinking of you when that day comes. I know Meridith time flys.xxx

Cassandra said...

I meant Maryanne sorry dizzy day LOL.Tried deleting and couldnt.xxx