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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a bit worried...

***edited to add*** my Grandfather is my shining knight to my resuce.

I need to drive to Whyalla this Friday for a follow up on my knee.

I had a quick trip Green Patch late this arvo and I'm really not sure if I'll manage a 5 hour round trip by Friday. By the time we got back tonight (only gone for an hour or so) I had Annie run inside to get the crutches as I was totally locked up.

Kym is working flat out to catch up from taking a couple of days off last week to be with me then, so I'm looking for anyone who would like to share the drive in my bus and come shopping for the day.

My appt is at 2pm.

Let me know......


Anonymous said...

Would love to help out Tiff, but sorry I won't be able to this time. We're off to a Funeral at Cleve on Thursday and I may end up staying up there with Mum and Dad for the night.
I hope Annie enjoyed the camp, she was in my group and was great at joining in with all the activities !
I hope you have some luck with a taxi driver !

maryanne r said...

any luck yet?
sorry cant help out.

for photos on my blog both PW actions, 70s on top one, heartland on the other.

good luck friday.

Anonymous said...

Great ! Glad you have a ride sorted ! Kylie

SueP said...

Woulda loved a trip to whyalla Tiff, but we're going away for fri/ sat night. Glad to see though that grandpa is helping you out....is he taking you on his motor-bike 'n sidecar?? LOL, can just imagine you with leg propped out ey???

Good luck with appoint.

maryanne r said...

yay for gramps!!!!!!!!!!!!

maryanne r said...
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maryanne r said...
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maryanne r said...

oops comp had hissy, left comment 3 times.