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Saturday, September 19, 2009

In a land, not far away

.... is a paddock of purple. It looks like a crop but alas its not. Its a farmer's curse but a beautiful photography backdrop. So of course I trotted the kids out today with the promise of ice cream afterwards. My kids are so patient with me and they will nearly do anything for ice cream....

Sean had a bit of a tumble at Playgroup yesterday and scraped a bit of skin off around his eye. While I had the camera out, I took a pic of that too. After all, good comes with the bad and this will no doubt be in his scrapbook down the track. I did change it to BW just to tone it down a bit as its still a bit raw. He's such a brave chap. As an adult I would bawled for ages. After 5 mins of cuddles he was back in the sandpit.


maryanne r said...

all okay now.

love the salvation jane, it really is beautiful.
Was hoping youd be posting these tonight, was keen to see the results.theyre really lovely

Jane said...

youre so lucky to have patient and willing models. luv the salvo jane always looks pretty eventho it is a weed
hope seans eye is OK. always feel like people think youve done something to them. i had a few funny looks when taking N to hospital for xrays on his black eye but he got hit with a cricket ball

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Hope your little man's eye heals really fast!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that purple is stunning Tiff, lovely photos !!
Ouch ... poor Sean !

Diane H said...

Thanks for poping into my blog Tiff.
I loooove these photos...nothing like this in sydney where we live sadly.

Kris said...

Beautiful photos, big Ouch for young Sean :( You are right, as grown ups, we'd be crying for hours hurting ourselves like that lol

sandra said...

lovely photos Tiff.. I know it's a curse but I have always loved seeing Salvation Jane especially when it is in a field like this one (feel sorry for the poor cocky though!)
and 'ouch' for poor Sean's eye!

SueP said...

Love the salvation jane for a photo backdrop! Lovely photos!!