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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sand, surf and the F's

I loved this photo shoot. My first one on a beach with a good friend who knew what she was after. I asked her to make a list of ideas for me to capture and I add libbed from there.

Thanks A and enjoy your sneak peek

A bit of a story of this one with A in the water. The sun was all but gone from the beach when she asked me to get one of her with the water coming up from behind and surrounding her, and with the reflection of the sand. There was a small patch of sunlight left on the far end of the beach some 100m away. So we ran. Literally. And snapped it just as the sun disappeared totally for the day. Pheww.

In the far distance in this shot is a pod of whales frolicking out there. There is a flipper out of the water. ( I doubt you can see it in this pic) These guys see whales all the time out there so its kind of cool that a whale should be in one of their photos.

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SueP said...

love these beach ones Tiff, the reflection one is really lovely!!

can't wait for summer!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Tiff, I agree with Sue, the reflection one looks really good !