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Friday, September 30, 2011

e res netty

LO 3 from the Retreat. Scrapped for Scrap Therapy's -  'SHOOT IT, SCRAP IT' b&w challenge for October which went live tonight on the forum. I'll link it as soon as it's been put into the correct spot on the forum (small technical error lol)

I've taken a bit of artistic license with the B/W and reintroduced a hint of colour on Annie, and a lot more colour on the trophy to give it significance in the shot.

new season wheat

'tis a sight that gladdens a farmer's heart


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sunset over wheat crop

We had unusual light on Monday evening so much so that I popped the camera and tripod into the ute on my way down to Camera Club in Lincoln. Unbeknown to me, SA Water had burned off around Uley Basin, and that created the most spectacular colours for sunset.

bovine and caprine fisheye fun

I borrowed a fisheye with a project in mind. I wanted to get those shots of 'bighead' cattle. It was more difficult than I thought. Special thank you to my neighbour for escorting me with his bulls. Capturing the goat at another neighbour's farm was a bonus (not so intimidating lol)


 f4 ewwwwwww.

 caprine 1

caprine 2

trinity haven/redcliff

While I was on the Scrapbooking Retreat I made it my mission to get up before dawn on both days to head onto the beaches to capture the new day. Denise came with me and we were blessed with an awesome sunrise on the second day.

So these are some of what Denise and I saw while the others (except Sandra) were sleeping!! The rest are on Tiff Firth Photography on Facebook.

It was so worth getting up at 5.50am.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

salvation jane photoshoot

These are some of the other shots from that Salvation Jane photoshoot. I really wish I could have used more than just one shot of them both on the calendar, but I might just need to scrap a little book about it.






blackberry thorn

little lady

old hollywood

oldy worldy

little ray of sunshine

look, what's up there?


run little man, run

I'm so very proud of my two kids and how the indulge me and the camera. **insert big love hearts and a proud mumma icon** I know very well it won't last so I am getting moments captured while I can.

A couple more on Tiff Firth Photography on Facebook

all 40 toes of us.

 2nd LO completed at the Retreat. Scrapped for Scrap Therapy's MAN(ufacturer) of the Month Mr Tim Holtz, with my Pink Paislee twist.

Products used are Pink Paislee House of 3 Daily Junque Numbers,

photo credit - Tanya Chandler.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the world

What a fabulous weekend spent with like minded scrappy souls. 37 ladies gathered at Trinity Haven for a scrappy weekend organised by the e2c team. This retreat was an unstructured, laid back, scrap your own projects and be very well fed by the team kind of weekend. We are very spoilt that this happens locally and it's envied by many scrappers from further afield.

I managed to get 9 LO's done and shot 2 sunrises and a few seascapes in the middle of the day when the cloud looked promising. I'll post them later. ;-)  I had the lovely Denise come out with me to learn a few tricks with her camera and capturing seascapes.

I'm only able to reveal only a few of the completed LO's as some of them are committed projects for next month's MAN(ufacturer) of the Month for Scrap Therapy, and the 'Shoot it, Scrap It' challenge that I post each month. That one goes live THIS Friday night (hint hint ;op )

This month's MAN of the Month at Scrap Therapy is Tim Holtz with a Pink Paislee twist. Products used here are Pink Paislee - House of 3 - Daily Junque - Maps.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 years ago.....

.... Kym and I married under a tree with all our friends around us. Casual clothes was the general idea, as we didn't care what people wore, just as long as they were there. Board shorts and thongs were aplenty. I rode my horse 'up the alter' and my brother gave me away.

It was truly a day that reflected Kym and I for who we are. Pomp, frills and general all round fakeness is not us at all. We are much more grass roots.

We have achieved so much together, and we both have more ongoing goals that we are working towards!!

I scrapped a LO some time ago about our day and keeping it real. I feel it's worth reposting it again, to celebrate our 10 years.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

milk it for all its worth

Our neighbour's 2 milking cows (yes they are milked by hand every day!) had calves last weekend and the kids were so keen to visit the 5 day old babies.

While we there the kids had a go at milking. As we don't carry any stock on our farm (we continuous crop) the livestock experiences for the kids is fairly minimal. Any chance we get, we have the kids get in amongst it.

gotta love how Sean's holds his tongue. This is how he concentrates!!  lol/

Monday, September 19, 2011

salvation jane/2012 calendar shoot

Each year our Kindy has a calendar fund raising drive, and each year I have a photoshoot with this purpose in mind.

Our 2012 calendar will have this on the top part (A4 size). (without the watermark of course)

Each year, each member of Kym's and my families recieve this calendar. It's become expected that everyone gets a calendar with the kids on it. I didn't do it one year, and boy, did I get a copping for that.

So when you think about it, Christmas pressies for the families is easy. Really easy. And it's already done.

The Calendars are sourced from Crazy Camel. I have dealt with them for years and have never been disappointed.

edited to add another shot.   :O)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

mini minis and e reserves netty windup

Today was the footy and netty windup for the 2011 season.

Annie received her E Reserves trophy

and Sean was pretty excited getting his Mars Bar for participating in the Mini Minis.

He even happy danced in front of the crowd  (that's my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0

The Homestead Canola

I'm catching up on a few images that have been sitting on the 'puter, waiting for me to delve into. I've had to clear other commitments first before I could play ;O)

love the warm sunrays in this one and the rocks to anchor the shot.

spring kissed late afternoon

spring is certainly here. Warm days, t shirts, thongs and shaving my legs.

Not to mention the swarms of bees, snakes and the damn blowflies are as a big as B52 Bombers.

I've been eyeballing this spot for the last little while and I took this shot to see how it looked in camera. Now I'm hoping it's in crop next year.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


This shoot with these boys was just a bunch of fun from beginning to end. I'm really impressed with their confidence in themselves and for throwing ideas my way. Bring it on!!  I really love photography with families being  a two way thing.

I'm told that the boys were reluctant before I arrived, and Mum was amazed at how enthused each one of them became. So much so that they pretty much directed the ideas for the locations. At the end of the shoot I was high fived by all of them and was told that I was cool. Man, I am chuffed. That's the best compliment they could give (and two of them were teenagers)

This last shot is a typical example of the fun factor of this shoot.  (They weren't really peeing off the cliff  :OD  )