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Saturday, September 3, 2011

come fly with me, come fly away....

Sometimes my DH just blows me away. We've a friend who has a pilot's licence and had hired the Flying Club's aircraft for a few days. DH had tee'd up with the pilot to take me on trip to photograph the country side from a bird's point of view.

How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I took a quick browse around the www and found wonderful aerial inspo from here. (scroll down to aerial abstracts). While I was up I was looking for strong lines, shapes,landmarks and anything that took my fancy.

These are just some of what I've worked on so far.  Bear in mind that I was shooting thru a perspex window and reflections was an issue, I think I've not done too bad. ;-)

 just after take off . Nth and Sth Blocks with the Marble Range peeping thru the valley

Southern edge of Lake Malata and Mt Drummond Rd 

 Long Beach to the south of Point Drummond.

 Pt Drummond. Boat Ramp and the Beach to the right. (that's where I photographed one of the 'Trash the Dress' or here.:O)  You can see The Pool as well. 

 Strong lines in the canola crop. I wondered if the Farmer had his calibrations not quite right on the air seeder.

 Sand dunes north of Mt Greenly

The back view to what I normally see of Nth and Sth Blocks. Gap Rd.

 A more frontal view of Sth and Nth Blocks with the Marble Ranges thru the valley. Gap Rd between the  two hills.

 My fave 'arty' shot of the day.  Dredged salt pan. Sheep in shot.

 Canola crop near the local Air Strip.


SueP said...

Very nice Tiff, love the canola shots and the beach ones too! Would be fantastic to have the birds eye view!!

amyf said...

great shots Tiff! i wouldnt have gotten in a light airplane after all the crashes lately!