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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

arno bay - sunday.

Denise, Margaret and I got up at the much more respectable time of 6am (still too damn early for a night owl lol) and with Anne, we hit the beach for sunrise. I had a vague idea in mind with the jetty, but I sort of had to adapt as I went as I wasn't sure exactly where the sun came up in context with the jetty.

The following are all in order of the sun coming up.

After the dramatic skies of the last 72 hours a clear sky is just empty of excitement, but I do like the last one the best out of this set.

Breakfast with the girls, Tim, Jeff, Garry, Jo and then we headed back to the Yacht club for more face to face, questions and answers with Tim.

Most people left by lunchtime and a few of us hung for lunch before heading back home.

I sure was weary when I walked in the front door.......

What a huge, educational and exhilarating weekend.

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